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The newest expansion for the award-winning Nuclear War Card Game is called Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and is available again. (Note to collectors: you can tell whether your set is in the first printing by the small typographical error on the "Advanced Miniaturization" card. There were only 2000 copies of the 1st edition printed. Also note that in the second edition, the "Sudden Wind Change" card has been changed!) (Product #6005, $19.95 suggested retail). This game is two 55-card decks in a tuck box, and is playable by itself or can be combined with Nuclear War or any of the expansions to make one massive Armageddon. This game is in a smaller box than the other expansions, to make it easier to carry around when you go gamin'.

Update as of January 2012 - the second printing is all sold out, and it will be several months before we can afford a third printing (the difficulties of being a small game company!) You can pre-order a copy if you must, or you can wait until we announce the third printing. Note that it may be 6 or 8 months or even more!

Or to order it from our online store using your credit card, go here.

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NOTE: When we got the games back from the printer, I sent a few sample copies to selected people. Here is a nice letter I got back from one.

At the Origins game convention in 2004, where WMD was released, it won two awards from the CRITICS CHOICE AWARDS: the "Bill Mahr" Award for political incorrectness and the "Hey if I Didn't Do It, Someone Else Would" award for gross opportunism.

Here is the cardlist:
WMD: Weapons of Mass Destruction
The WMD game has two decks. One deck is 40 population cards, and 15 50/50 cards. The population cards are the standard mix of population, but on full sized cards. The 50/50 cards can be EITHER a missile or a warhead, whichever you need at the time they are revealed. The 50/50 cards are:
1 Saturn missile/100 megatons
2 Coyote missile/40 megatons
2 Atlas missile/20 megatons
4 Trident missile/15 megatons
6 Polaris missile/10 megatons

The second deck:
3 15 million propaganda
3 10 million propaganda
6 5 million propaganda
1 Laser ABM defense (stops any missile or bomber)
1 EKV anti missile defense (stops any missile except Saturn)
4 B58 Hustler Bombers
2 Coyote Missiles
2 Atlas Missiles
1 Trident Missile
2 Polaris Missiles
3 60 megaton warheads
3 40 megaton warheads
4 20 megaton warheads
4 15 megaton warheads
4 10 megaton warheads
THREE special cards:
Miniaturization, allows you to put one any sized warhead on any missile.
Sudden wind change(I plan to change this card slightly in the second printing
Droid of Death (Doug has been working on a REAL Unmanned Morphing Aerial Attack Vehicle, so we had to put one on a WMD card!)
One Top Secret, the WMD card
and eight secret cards:
Popular war
Spider hole
Voting machine malfunction
Aunt Raxie's Donuts
Chemical warfare
Illegal Immigration
and of course
Suicide bombers.
(Yes, of course it's tacky, we're trying to get some publicity here!)

Here are some of the cards:


When you draw the "You must find WMD" top secret card, you draw one card at random from each opponent's hand, to see whether it is a warhead or not. (A cruise missile counts as a "warhead"). That card is revealed to everyone, and put back in your opponent's hand.

If you have the "jobs outsourced" card during the initial "secret" round, you MAY give another secret to the other player. (And he may give you back a different secret).

When a player loses three cards from the Voting Machine Malfunction, he doesn't get to replace them until his next turn. If it happens during the "secret" round, he doesn't get to replace them until his first turn where he draws cards.

Yes, if you have the 50/50 card that is the Saturn/100 megaton card, you can't use the 100 megaton bomb unless you are combining this game with one of the other games, or you have the "miniaturization" card. Otherwise you just have a missile that will carry any of the warheads.


First of course, when you fire a missile, you can't "turn over the next card" to see how many additional people are killed from fallout or whatever, since most of the cards won't have numbers. Use the spinner from Nuclear War if you have it, or use the "Nuclear Misfunction Die" from NE or NP, following the rules from those games. If using the spinner, and you play the Suicide Bomber card, double yield means your enemy loses 2 million, triple yield he loses 3 million, and bomb shelters, dud warhead, or runs out of fuel means your enemy loses none. If you are using just the Misfunction die with no spinner, a "one" means your enemy didn't lose any people. Two through six, add one and that's how many he loses. If you play the "Sudden Wind Change" card with the spinner, dud warhead or bomber runs out of fuel means no losses, but "bomb shelters" means he loses 2 million. If you are using the die, whatever number you roll is how many he loses, but if you roll a 1, add one and roll again, with a maximum loss of 10.


The Anti Missile Lasers shoot down any missile or bomber. This includes Stealth Bombers, Cruise missiles, Space shuttles being used as bombers, and Delta Clippers.

The EKV Anti Missile shoots down any missile except the Saturn. This includes cruise missiles and MX missiles. It does not shoot down bombers or the space shuttle or delta clipper.

Anti missile A shoots down a Trident.
Anti Missile B shoots down the Trident, Coyote, and B58.
Anti Missile S shoots down anything at all except a Stealth Bomber or a Cruise Missile.


If you are combining two or more games, it may be difficult for anyone to survive the carnage. So we recommend that you use at least two population decks, and deal out the following numbers of population cards:
2 players=20. 3 players=15. 4 players=12. 5 players=10. 6 players=9. 7 players=8. 8 or more players=7. (I have played a game with 48 players. If anyone participates in a game bigger than that, please let me know!)
You can buy an extra population deck here: (Note, this is the population deck that comes in the WMD game)

Also: you can buy a BLANK DECK of Nuclear War cards. This is a deck of 56 cards, with the backs the same as all the other Nuclear War cards, but the faces completely blank. Make up your own secrets. Add odd-sized warheads. Replace missing cards. Confuse your friends. Only $10 per deck.

The NUCLEAR WAR CARD GAME won the Origins Awards HALL OF FAME on July 4, 1998, as one of the best games of all time! (You can read about the Origins Awards and all of the 1998 winners at The Origins Site

NUCLEAR WAR Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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