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We like to recognize the winners of our tournaments at various conventions so here is a list of all that I can find:

Winner of the Gencon Imaginary Stock Market Game at Gencon 2003, see for details. was Dan Stockelman of Plano TX. Dino Liapis wins a special prize for being the only player to collect at least one share of "stock" from every participating company.

Winner of the very first sealed deck tournament of TOM: The Origins Metagame (played at SMOGcon 2002) was John Wick!

Nuclear War winners:

This is the giant spinner we use at the Origins Convention in Columbus Ohio. Photo by Roger Bechtel.

Note: If I don't post the winners right after I get home from a convention, I tend to lose my notes! I'll post the 2009 and 2010 Gencon winners as soon as I find my notes.

Date Location First Place Second Place Third Place Referee
Nov 4, 2017 Midwest Gamefest, 2017 Doug Evans Rick Loomis
June 17, 2017 Origins Game Fair, 2017 Michael Hamann of Columbus, OH (tie) William Davies of Auburn, NY and William Emery of Columbus, OH Andrew Johnson of Euclid, OH and Joseph Krull of St Clair, PA and Anna Maltbie of Westchester, OH and Ryan Moore of Clarkson, MI Rick Loomis
August 6, 2016 Gencon, 2016 Brian Beal, White City, KS Rick Loomis
June 18, 2016 Origins Game Fair, 2016 Dave Leuck, Culver City, CA (tie) Richard Lawson, Hinckley, OH and Michael Hamann, Columbus, OH Bill Davies, Auburn, NY; Bill Emery, Sylvania, OH; David Gentzel, Pittsburgh, PA; Jennifer Gentzel, Wexford, PA; Andrew Johnson, Euclid, OH Rick Loomis
June 14, 2014 Origins Game Fair, 2014 (tie) Rachel Penn, Dublin, OH and Matt Shapiro, Columbus, OH (tie) Richard Lawson, Hinckley, OH and David Leuck, Culver City, CA - Rick Loomis
August 18, 2013 Gencon, 2013 William Griffiths, Roswell, GA - - Rick Loomis
June 15, 2013 Origins Game Fair, 2013 Patrick Hillier, Kettering OH Brian Zahn, Dublin, OH David Leuck, Culver City, CA Rick Loomis
September 1, 2012 Strategicon Gateway, 2012 in Los Angeles Rocco Garcia, Costa Mesa, CA Blaed Deuel, San Louis Obispo, CA Breanna Campanile, Mission Viejo, CA Rick Loomis
August 18, 2012 Gencon, 2012 Brian Strassman, St Paul, MN David M Niecikcwski, Tucson, AZ Joe Ahlf, Oak Creek, WI; Alan R Arnold, Des Plaines, IL; Michael Hamann, Columbus, OH; Eddie Niecikcwski, Tucson, AZ; Michael Roedelbronn, Champaign, IL; Trevor Sprague, Peoria, IL; Simon Tomko-Watterworth, Ada, MI Rick Loomis
June 2, 2012 Origins Game Fair, 2012 Richard Lawson, Hinckley, OH Rachel King of Quincey IL, Shane Tilton ?, Roger Bechtel London, OH, Bob Sprague Peoria IL, Dina Pierce London, OH, Scott Rueter Decatur IL - Rick Loomis
August 6, 2011 Gencon, 2011 Michael Roedelbronn, Champaign, IL Brian Mackoway, Peoria, IL Ryan Cline, Dubuque, IA and Cindy Gettle, Lebanon, PA and Erin Passmore, Burlington, Ontario and Greg Porter, Basset, VA and Michael Smith, Selma, IN and Greg Stopelli, Burlington, Ontario Rick Loomis
June 25, 2011 Origins Game Fair, 2011 Robert Zahn, Dublin, OH Rebecca Jennison, Dublin, OH and Bill Davies, Auburn, NY - Rick Loomis
September, 2010 Strategicon Gateway, 2010 in Los Angeles Walter Wichowski, Visalia, CA Andrew Cohen, Simi Valley, CA Venter Laird, Fullerton, CA Rick Loomis
August 2010 Gencon 2010 Scott A Rueter, Decatur, IL Michael Smith, Selma, IN - Rick Loomis
August 2009 Gencon 2009 Michael Smith, Selma, IN if you were one of the 2nd place winners, email me and remind me - Rick Loomis
June 27, 2009 Origins Game Fair, 2009 Robert Zahn, Dublin, OH Bill Davies, Auburn, NY; Jim Fortino, Pittsburg, PA Sydney Engelstein, Bridgewater, NJ; Rich Lawson, Hinckley, OH; Larry Zoet, Grand Rapids, MI; Brian Zahn, Dublin, OH Rick Loomis
Aug 15, 2008 Gencon 2008 Mike Rueter of Madison, WI Larry Hull, Anderson IN Robert Sprague of Peoria, IL (fourth place: Rachel King of Quincy, IL; Elizabeth Smith of Selma, IN; Brian Beal of White City, KS; David Crowley of Cary, NC; Holger Kern of New Haven CT; Jarred Wallace of Coconut Creek, FL; and Steve Labun of Piscataway NJ. ) Rick Loomis
Aug 9, 2008 World Boardgame Championships 2008, Lancaster, PA Blair Morgan of Burlington, NJ Scott Beal of Portland, OR Bill Peeck of Rochester, NY Rick Loomis
July 19, 2008 Dexcon 2008, East Brunswick, NJ Joey Caliguari from Hillsborough, NJ Brandon Schuller and Jared Schuller also of Hillsborough, NJ Rick Loomis
June 27, 2008 Origins Game Fair, 2008 Matthew Karafa, Strongsville, OH Steve Smith, Newark, OH Michael Schnebly, Lawrence, KS; Scott Smith, Newark, OH; Eric Zahn, Dublin, OH; and Scott Huss, Cincinnati, OH Rick Loomis
May 24, 2008 Kubla Con, San Francisco, CA Ted Marshall, San Jose, CA Travis Shaw Vancouver, BC CANADA Tim Chadwick, Matt Myers, Joseph Millward, Scott Millward, Felix Fujishiro Rick Loomis
Feb 15-18, 2008 Genghis Con, Denver, CO Mitri Hajj, Thornton, CO Derek Patterson Nathan Hajj Thomas Vilfroy
Sept 1, 2007 Strategicon: Gateway 2007, Los Angeles, CA Sean Thompson, McKinney TX -- -- Rick Loomis
Labor Day weekend, 2007 Tacticon 2007, Denver, CO Nathan Hajj, Thornton, CO Ryan Patterson Ted Webster Thomas Vilfroy
August 2007 Gencon 2007, Indianapolis, IN Ron Whittle, Lafayette, IN Scott Halvorson, Schneider, IN Derek Daniels, Crown Point, IN Rick Loomis
July 21, 2007 Dexcon 2007, East Brunswick, NJ Sydney Engelstein, Bridgewater, NJ (11 yrs old!) Click here for a pic Lynn Short, Carlisle, PA Commander Weazel, Mastic, NY Rick Loomis
July 7, 2007 Origins 2007, Columbus, Ohio Robert Zahn of Dublin, Ohio Steve Smith of Newark, Ohio Roger Bechtel of London, Ohio; Dina Pierce of London, Ohio; Gary Schaeffers of Freeport, PA; and Brian Zahn of Dublin, Ohio Rick Loomis
Feb 18, 2007 Dundracon, San Ramon, CA Badger Mcinnes, Alameda, CA (I forgot to get the names of the other players) -- Rick Loomis
Nov 19, 2006 Gencon Socal, Anaheim Eric Shehorn, Bakersfield, CA I forgot to record the names of the other players, probably because I was busy flirting with the lady in the Anime booth across from our booth. I did get her phone number! Rick Loomis
August 12, 2006 Gencon Indianapolis Geoff Ward, Indianapolis Danielle Guagliardo of South Milwaukee, WI and Greg Porter of Martinsville, VA Bruce Baskir, Eli Baskir, and Rubin Baskir of St Louis, MO; Eric Berman of Indianapolis; and Derek Daniels of Crown Point, IN. Rick Loomis
July, 2006 Origins 2006, Columbus, Ohio Dina Pierce of London, Ohio Carl Gregg Roger Bechtel of London, Ohio Rick Loomis
November 19, 2005 Gencon SoCal, Anaheim, CA Steve Ames, Boulder Creek, CA Jerry Emery, Huntington Beach, CA and Clinton Gibson, Corona, CA and Jacob Thomson, Corona, CA -- Rick Loomis
August 20, 2005 Gencon, Indianapolis, IN Mariya Markina, Chicago, IL Scott Halvorson, Lake Geneva, WI and Jarred Wallace, Coral Springs, FL Lisa Hayhurst, Indianapolis, IN and Doug Beebe, Columbus, OH Rick Loomis
July 17, 2005 Dexcon, East Brunswick, NJ Carl Olson, Marlboro, CT -- -- Rick Loomis
July 3, 2005 Origins, Columbus, OH Rusty Johnson, Huber Hts, OH Tom Belcher, Huntsville, AL; Dan Bostwick, Liverpool, NY; James Fortuna, Pittsburg, PA; David Hansen, Lowell, IN; Robby Johnson, Huber Hts, OH; Jan Port, Atlanta, GA; Andy Mericle, Oakland, NJ; Robert Zahn, Dublin, OH. -- Rick Loomis
March 27, 2005 Game Storm 7, Portland, OR Marcy Fuller, Portland, OR Tim W Brown, Shoreline, WA and Patrick Rothwell, Aloha OR (tie) -- Rick Loomis
August, 2004 Gencon Indianapolis Dale Nielsen, Cortland, NY Lisa Hayhurst, Indianapolis and Mariya Markina, Chicago and Barbara Kiss Wyandotte, MI -- Rick Loomis
July 17, 2004 DexCon 7, New Brunswick, NJ Nick Costanza, Barnegat, NJ (Fantasci the Game Shop) -- -- Rick Loomis
June 25, 2004 Origins 2004 Robert Zahn, Dublin, OH -- -- Rick Loomis
Aug 31, 2003 Dragoncon 2003 in Atlanta, GA Jackson Patkus from Orlando, FL and Jeff Yearick--Atlanta, GA -- -- RoamDog
July 26,2003 Gencon 2003 in Indianapolis, IN Wes Michael from Green Bay, WI Greg Porter from Blacksburg Tactical Research Center (game company) -- Rick Loomis
July 26, 2003 Hexacon in Phoenix AZ Some guy named Adam whose last name I can't read from Santa Maria, CA -- -- Lisa Walker
June 24, 2003 Origins 2003 in Columbus OH Paige Wickmann from Herndon, VA (only 15 yrs old) Craig Wickmann from Herndon, VA (her father) John Noble from Cleveland, OH; Dina Pierce from London, OH; Michael Schnebly from Lawrence KS; John Woehler from Atlanta, GA; and Robert Zahn from Columbus, OH (last year's winner). Rick Loomis
July 6,2002 Origins 2002 in Columbus OH Rob Zahn from Columbus, OH John Delany from Kaukauna, WI and David Nowell from Livonia, MI Steve Smith from Newark, OH Rick Loomis (other finalists were Jeff Pfeiffer from Columbus and Gail Brown from Pittsburg)
Feb 16, 2002 DunDraCon in San Ramon, CA Chris Stark from Folsom, CA Mark Linnenburger from Antelope, CA and Siobhan Granvold from Sunnyvale, CA ? Rick Loomis
May 25, 2001 MarCon in Columbus, OH Doug Beebe from Dublin, OH ? ?
February, 2001 DunDraCon in San Ramon, CA Tim Wong from San Francisco ? ?
July 15, 2000 Origins in Columbus, OH Dan Vujovic
Naperville, IL
Michael Green (Akron OH)
Dale Nielsen (Cortland, NY)
Marie Verheyen (Novi, MI)
Other prize winners: Robert Zahn (Columbus, OH)
Uwe Eickert (Helena OH) John Gill (Emmaus, PA)
Steve Smith (Hebron, OH)
there were 48 players
Aug 6, 1999 Gencon in Milwaukee, WI Rick Cripe
Brooklyn, NY
- - Rick Loomis
July 3, 1999 Origins in Columbus, OH Matt Karafa
Cleveland, OH
Chris Shefler
Pittsburgh, PA
Mike Bolce (Lakewood, OH)
Jim Fortino (Glenshaw, PA)
Michael Green (Akron OH)
& Rick Young (Columbus, OH)
Rick Loomis
Aug 8, 1998 Gencon in Milwaukee, WI Rick Cripe
Brooklyn, NY
Tony Hall
Racine, WI
Daron Steuck, Jeff Florey (Rolling Meadows, IL), Jay Elliott (Carol Stream, IL) Michael Sorensen (Clarkville TN), & Fred Straus (Madison WI) Rick Loomis
July 3-5, 1998 Origins in Columbus, OH Lee Scott
Colorado Springs, CO
John Pachin
Sacramento, CA
Tony Ricciuti
Pittsburg, PA
Michael Green
Akron, OH (tie)
Rick Loomis
Aug 7-10, 1997 Gencon in Milwaukee Keith Duncan
Shorewood, WI
Jay Elliott
Carol Stream, IL
multiple players tied for 3rd Rick Loomis
July 17-20,1997 Origins in Columbus OH Tom Mertz James Denes & Rob Gilligan tied for 2nd -- Rick Loomis
October 1996 Nuke-Con in Omaha, NE Sarah Williams - - ?
Aug 7-12, 1996 Gencon in Milwaukee David Nadolny
Columbus, OH
Lin elliott of Mt Prospect IL and Stephen Zelonis of Warminster, PA tied for 2nd - Rick Loomis
July 13-14, 1996 Hexacon 6 in Tempe, AZ Michael Sorensen
Chandler, AZ
- - Jimmie Walker
July 4-6,1996 Origins '96 in Columbus OH Arion Hypes
Burke, VA
Jay M Davis
Colorado Springs, CO
Doug Beebe
Rick Loomis
January, 1996 WinterFest '96 in Milwaukee Elizabeth Hartsig
Elmhurst, IL
- - Rick Loomis
1995 Manafest, 1995 ?? David Stevens, San Francisco, CA ??
Aug , 1994 Gencon Darrell Hartsig
Elmhurst, IL
- - Rick Loomis

Weapons of Mass Destruction(WMD) winners:

Date Location First Place Second Place Third Place Referee
Sept 2, 2007 Strategicon: Gateway 2007, Los Angeles, CA Charlotte Hoover, Whittier, CA Mathew Wilson, Whittier, CA Hilda Erb, Hollywood, CA Rick Loomis

Ace of Aces winners:

Date Location First Place Second Place Third Place Referee
June 15, 2017 Origins 2017 Columbus, OH Rick Garman, Hilliard, OH Rick Loomis
Aug 17, 2017 Gencon 50 Indianapolis, IN Norman Dean, Germantown, MD Store Harris, Indianapolis, IN, David Fromerth, Manchester, CT Rick Loomis

Lost Worlds winners:

Date Location First Place Second Place Third Place Referee
August 18, 2017 Gen Con 50 Ronald M Green, Kitchener, ON Josh Prowse, Cedar Rapids, IA Shane Wise, Columbus, IN and Jim Tetrick, Marion, IA Rick Loomis
August 17, 2012 Gencon, 2012 Thomas Mathews, Muncie, IN -- -- Rick Loomis
June 3, 2012 Origins Game Fair, 2012 Quentin Antrim, Fort Collins, CO -- -- Rick Loomis
September, 2010 Strategicon Gateway 2010, Los Angeles Carlos Hernandex, Austin, TX Art Moy, Chicago and Al Carpenter, Lakewood, CA -- Rick Loomis
August 6, 2010 Gencon 2010 Michael Bauser of Trenton, MI Chris & Matthew Eggert of Fort Worth, TX -- Rick Loomis
June 26, 2009 Origins Game Fair, 2009 Matthew Eggert of Fort Worth, TX Craig Zipse of Jasper, GA -- Rick Loomis
May 24, 2008 Kubla Con, San Francisco, CA Felix Fujishiro of Sunnyvale,CA --- --- Rick Loomis
Sept 2, 2007 Strategicon: Gateway 2007, Los Angeles, CA Chris Johnson, Duarte, CA -- -- Rick Loomis
July 21, 2007 Dexcon 2007, East Brunswick, NJ Jarrod Schuller, Hillsboro, NJ -- -- Rick Loomis
July, 2006 Origins 2006, Columbus, Ohio Christopher Laskey, Stickney, IL Rick Silva, Osterville, MA Jeff Wood, Davis, CA Rick Loomis
July 17, 2005 Dexcon, East Brunswick, NJ Rick Silva, Merrimac, NH -- -- Rick Loomis
July 3, 2005 Origins, Columbus, OH Christopher Laskey, Stickney, IL Gerald Lientz, Charlottesville, VA Karen Ryan, Lynchburg, VA Rick Loomis
Dec 31, 1998 The Complete Armored Gamer Store Event Donald Kranz II
New Windsor, NY
Matthew Brian Cook
Cornwall, NY
Frank Mandato
New Windsor, NY
John Kenneally
Dec 20, 1998 The Complete Armored Gamer Store Event Katrina Kraz
New Windsor, NY
Matthew Brian CookI
Cornwall, NY
Jessica Kraz
New Windsor, NY
John Kenneally
date?? Email Tournament Mark Bergman
New Haven, CT
Joseph Senecal
Davis, CA
Olaf Asholz
Celle, Germany
Joe Shippert
date ?? The Complete Armored Gamer Store Event Jessica Kranz
New Windsor, NY
Donald Kranz III
New Windsor, NY
Frank Mandato
New Windsor, NY
John Kenneally
Nov 22, 1998 U-Con Joseph Velez
Ann Arbor, MI
- - William Niebling
Oct 22-25, 1998 Essen Game Show Oliver Nothers
Krefeld, Germany
Albert Wolf
Wuerzburg, Germany
Carsten Huebner
Duisburg, Germany
Oliver Nothers
Oct 18, 1998 Complete Armored Gamer Store Event Donald Kranz II
New Windsor, NY
Matthew Brian Cook
Cornwall, NY
Jessica Kranz
New Windsor, NY
John Kenneally
Sept 26, 1998 The Game Gallery event Doug Corley
Rohnert Park, CA
Josh Duckett
Santa Rosa, CA
Kit Nall
Healdsburg, CA
Jose Clem
Sept 20, 1998 Compleat Armored Gamer store demo Frank Mandato
New Windsor, NY
Donald Kranz II
New Windsor, NY
Chris Sepulveda
New Windsor, NY
John Kenneally
Aug 23, 1998 DefCon4 Jeremy Kenton
Killeen TX
Michael Grady
Killeen TX
Rick Loomis
Aug 7-9, 1998 Gencon '98 Christopher Laskey
Stickney IL
Noah Buntain
Evanston, IL
John M Davis
Omaha NE
Alfred Leonardi & Dennis Greci
Aug 8, 1998 Game Gallery store tournament Gary Arkoff
Santa Rosa, CA
Josh Ducket
Santa Rosa, CA
Hope Douglas
Santa Rosa, CA
Josh Clem
July 2-5, 1998 Origins '98 Bill Niebling
Ann Arbor, MI
Ken St Andre
Phoenix, AZ
(tie)Douglas Hirt
High Bridge NJ
and Sean Curran
Smyrna GA
Rick Loomis
June 1998 The Game Gallery store event Hope Douglas
Santa Rosa, CA
Matt Attaway
Petaluma, CA
Josh Duckett
Santa Rosa, CA
Josh Clem
May 24, 1998 Ben Con 98 Mike Schaer
Denver, CO
Anna Schaer
Denver, CO
Ed Davis
Greeley, CO
Ed Davis
May 16-17, 1998 The Compleat Armored Gamer store event Steven Skutell
Monroe, New York
Michael Orts
New Windsor, New York
Chris Sepulveda
New Windsor, New York
John Kenneally
May 16, 1998 V Con 23 (British Columbia, Canada) Devon Boorman
Surrey, British Columbia
Sean Irwin
Surrey, British Columbia
Doug Holberton
Delta, British Columbia
Michael Murphy
Apr 19, 1998 Digital Dungeon (store tournament) Anthony Walter
Greeley, CO
Mark Behimann
Greeley, CO
Ed Davis
Greeley, CO
Ed Davis
April 5, 1998 Falcon Game Con in Nova Scotia, Canada Justin MacInnis
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Bill Underhill
Victoria, BC
Jason Fawcett
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Corrine Lewandowski
March 28-29, 1998 Complete Armored Gamer Chris Sepulveda
New Windsor, NY
Patrick O'Neal
New Windsor, NY
Jason Bates
Cornwall, NY
John Kenneally
March 27-29, 1998 Egyptian Campaign '98 Kelly Lund
Dix, Illinois
Bonna Smith
Dalton, GA
only two places awarded Scott Thorne
Jan 17-18, 1998 Wright State University Game Fair Jeff Linthicum
Fairborn, OH
Darin Campo
Fairborn, OH
- Philip W Rhodes
Feb 14-16, 1998 Dundracon in San Ramone, Calif Matt Ayers
Hayward, CA
Zack Neward
Concord, CA
Brandon Smart
Oakland, CA
Rick Loomis
January 1998 Erlanger Spielertage, Erlanger, Germany Martin Buntz
Buckenhof, Germany
Sefan Zenk
Hoechstadt, Germany
Achim Schwarz
Deisendorf, Germany
Antje Bornmann & Arnd Schmilgeit
January 1998 The Complete Armored Gamer game store Patrick O'Neil
New Windsor, NY
Steven Skurell
Monroe, NY
John Kenneally
Jan 2-4,1998 Georgecon in St Louis David A Szucs
Belleville IL
Rick Loomis
ended Dec 1997 Email tournament Chris Johsons
Pasadena, CA
Eric Howd
Ithaca, NY
Ezekiel Urness
Harbor City, CA
Joe Shippert
November 8, 1997 Weekend Warriors, store tournament
in British Columbia, Canada
Billy Brewer
Delta, BC
Alan Ferguson
Burnaby, BC
Nathan Holberton
Delta, BC
Michael Murphy
November 1997 Attactix game store Kyle Lewellen
Arvada, CO (8 yrs old)
Mike Massey
Aurora CO
- Kent Lewellen
ended Oct, 1997 Virtual Tournament tie between Mark Bergman of New Haven CT and Chris Johnson of Pasadena CA tie Ralf Kraheberger
Zirndorf, Germany
Tj Gi
Oct 23-16, 1997 Spiel 97 in Essen Germany Olliver Nothers
Krefeld, Germany
Jens Becker
Bonn, Germany
Mike Merten
Munich, Germany
Antje Bornmann
Oct 11, 1997 Weekend Warriors Alan Ferguson
BBY, British Columbia
Nathan Holberton
Delta, BC
Roger Dack
Delta BC
Mike Murphy
Sept 20, 1997 Dr Comics & Mr Games Mark Vargus
Campbell, CA
- - Rick Loomis
Sept 19-21, 1997 Dragon's Hoard John Evans
Lynchburg VA
Allen Lotts
Waynesboro, VA
Brandon Ryan
Lynchburg, va
Harry Shiflett
Sept 13, 1997 Weekend Warriors Mike Palmer
Surrey, BC
Nathan Holberton
Delta BC
Roger Dack
Delta BC
Mike Murphey
Sept 11, 1997 Fathers & Sons Hobby Shop Peter Axiak
Manchester, CT
Michael Delaney
South Windsor, CT
- -
August 1997 Gencon Chris Belmores
Oliver Nothers
Kiefeld, Germany
- Dennis Greci
August 9, 1997 Weekend Warriors Cory Rao
Delta, BC
Brian Bogart
Surrey, BC
Chris Hunt
Surrey, BC
Mike Murphy
August 1997 Strongbow Gaming Bill Durfy
Welland, Ontario
Nathan Smith
St Catharines, Ontario
- Tim Fowler
July 1997 Origins, Columbus OH William Niebling
Ann Arbor, MI
Shawn Goldman
Novi MI
Ken St Andre
Phoenix AZ
Alfred Leonardi
June 1997 Weekend Warriors Nathan Holberton
Delta, BC
Phil Hack
Delta, BC
Patrick Naayer
Victoria, BC
Michael Murphy
- BenCon 97 in Denver, CO Kent Lewellen
Arvada, CO
Ed Davis
Greely, CO
David Jacobs
Phoenix AZ
Ed Davis
April, 1997 4.Nuernberger Game-Fan-Meeting in Nuernberg, Germany Christoph Hajjar
Peter Loos
Lauf, Germany
Achim Schwartz
Erlangen, Germany
Jan Kraheberger
April, 1997 Techcon V in Chicago IL Jason Thomas
Palika Goldstein
Lance Larsen
DeKalb, IL.
Robert Reichel
April, 1997 V-Con in Vancouver BC Nathan Holberton
Delta, BC.
David MacDonald
Seattle, WA.
Jeremy Osborn
Langley BC.
Michael Murphy
April, 1997 Plymouth, New Hampshire Justin Thibeault
Eric Williams
- Alfred Leonardi
March, 1997 Burg-Con VI
Berlin, Germany
Rene Jung of Berlin - - Frank Stephan
Feb 15-17,1997 Genghis Con, in Denver, CO Keith Langley
Longmont, CO
Jason Burke
Greeley, CO
Ed Davis
Greeley CO
Ed Davis
Feb 15-17,1997 Dundracon, San Ramon, CA Zack Neward of Concord, CA Paul Cerefice of Oakland, CA Jon Zimmerman of Reno, NV Rick Loomis
Jan 25, 1997 10 Erlanger Spielertage in Erlanger, Germany Sebastian Herzog
Jens Lienenbecker
Jan Krakeberger
Antje Bornmann
Jan, 1997 Rusty Con 14 in Tacoma, WA Robert Pease
Mill Creek, WA
James Platt
Silverdale, WA
Jeff Albertson
Seattle, WA
Joe Shippert
Dec 13, 1996 The Armory in Sparks, NV Peter Rice
Reno, NV
Charles Ennis
Sun Valley, NV
Cory Sober
Rick Loomis
Dec 7, 1996 Paperback Paradise in Phoenix Jason Sato
Tempe, AZ
Bill Kerr
Tempe, AZ
Dereck Tumacder
James Walker
For pictures of this event, click here
Nov 1996 Ellis Tech James Soler
Danielson, CT
- - -
Nov 1996 Sahucon Kent Lewellen
Des Moines, IA
Chuck Russell
Altoona, IA
- Scott Thorne
Nov 22-24,1996 SaC-II in Saarbruecken Germany Patrick Jungbluth
Armin Michel
Hans Decker
V. Ralf Hagen
Sept 19, 1996 Kettering Ohio Game Convention Jason Brookbank
Bob Von Grunigen
Kettering, OH
- Scott Thorne
Oct 11, 1996 Fathers & Sons Hobby Shop in Manchester CT Peter Axiak
- - -
Sept 12, 1996 Tranmwelt Germany Claudia Loroff
Andreas Reimer Armin Kubrak
Nils Meissner
Sept 5, 1996 GRUMPF! in Germany Claudia Loroff
Johannes Neumann
Paul Neumann
Nils Meissner
Aug 31-Sept 2n Mateo CA David Nelson
San Jose, CA
- - Rick Loomis
Aug 24, 1996 At Paperback Paradise in Phoenix, AZ Jason Sato
Tempe, AZ
Derek Tomarder
Phoeniz, AZ
Dominick Tomarder
Jim Walker
August, 1996, At Gencon Chris Lasky
Stickney, IL
Bill Fortin
Vernon, CT
-Brooks Groves
Des Moines IA
Dennis Greci
- Bencon 96 in Denver Donal von Griffyn
Boulder CO
Mike Schaer
Anthony Benassi
Louisville, CO
Weldon of Chessex
July 13-14, 1996 Hexcon 6 in Tempe, AZ Don Gates of Tucson, AZ Chris Piekarski of Scottsdale, AZ Ro Watts of Glendale and David Lely of Tucson, AZ Jimmie Walker
July 1996 At Origins 1996 in Columbus, OH Cavebear Stroud of Toronto Ontario Bill Niebling of Lake Geneva, WI tie between Jeramy Poulin
Nelsonville OH and Kevin Davis
Morristown, IN
Alfred Leonardi
June, 1996 Michicon Steven Smith
Columbus, Ohio
- - Rick Loomis
May 9, 1996 "Grumpf!" in Berlin, Germany Claudia Loroff Johannes Neumann Vincent Gast Nils Meissuer
April, 1996 Techcon IV in Illinois Jason Thomas Pailka Goldstein Lance Larson Bob Reichel
April of 1996 At the Games Spectacular convention in Eindhoven Netherlands Jos Weijmer
Maastricht, Netherlands
- - Rick Loomis
March 29-31,1996 Egyptian Campaign in Illinois Jacquelyne Swanson
St Louis, MO
- - Scott Thorne
February, 1996 At Dundracon in Northern California Anthony Court Sean Runyon Tom Johnson -
Jan 27, 1996 Erlanger Spielertage, in Erlangen, Germany Sebastian Herzog Thomas Reitelbach Karl-Heinz Herrman -
January, 1996 Winterfest in Milwaukee, WI Mike Huss Ian C Kindel - Rick Loomis
November, 1995 Father & Sons Hobby Shop game demo, in Manchester, CT Edward Simonds - - Gary J Stagliano
October 1995 All About Books & Comics demo in Tempe, Arizona, Jason Sato - - -
October, 1995 At the Essen, Germany game show Lars Hellwig Jurgen Kiedaisch Oliver Nothers Alfred Leonardi
August 1995 Gencon 1995 Cooper Matlock Chris Laskey
Stickney IL
Laurel Mimmick
Council Bluffs IA
Dennis Greci

The winners of the Virtual Convention that started May 15, 1998:
STARWEB:Dave Chamberlain
FEUDAL LORDS: Jamie Glaser
NUCLEAR WAR: Ron "Dutch" Blake

Winners of the Virtual Convention that started Jan 15, 1998:
STARWEB: Daniel Blum
HEROIC FANTASY: Garret Leffler

STARWEB: Robert Whiting
BATTLE PLAN: Joe Paduch & Carleton LeDoux playing one position

******************************************************************************** Play by Mail winners:


Here is a complete list of all the winners from our conventions. If you would like your name immortalized here, come to sunny Scottsdale, AZ next July for our annual event. [a few names have been lost over the years. If anyone can fill in any of the blanks, please let us know.]

Nuclear Destruction
1973 = Mike Swanson
1974 = John Vavrus
1975 = Dave Gibson
1976 = David Koreski
1977 = John Clarke
1978 = ???
1979 = Lin Goldstein
1980 = Gary Gendron
1981 = Pat Wyatt
1982 = Jay Dunkleberger
1983 = Mike Putch
1984 = Mike Lawson
1985 = Joe Paduch
1986 = Mike Lawson
1987 = Paul Phipps
1988 = Larry Rodin
1989 = Mike Lawson
1990 = Paul Balsamo
1991 = Brian Martz
1992 = Al Lemberg
1993 = Eric Knight
1994 = no tournament
1995 = Vince Brungardt
1996 = Martin Land
1997 = Dave Noel
1998 = John Galt
1999 = Vince Brungardt
2003 = no tournament

1973 = Dave Gibson
1974 = Dave Schulte
1975 = John M Long
1976 = John M Long
1977 = John Beavers
1978 = Charles Dorner
1979 = Lin Goldstein
1980 = Don Scherbinski
1981 = John Muiji
1982 = Curtis Kelly
1983 = Kim Harnagle
1984 = Jeff Martis
1985 = Scott Keller
1986 = no tournament
1987 = Larry Rodin
1988 = Paul Meyerholtz
1989 = Karen Claypool
1990 = Tom Molloy
1991 = Jeff Gargrave
1992 = Paul Balsamo
1993 = Paul Balsamo
1994 = no tournament
1995 = no tournament
1996 = K C Hennum
1997 = Eric Knight
1998 = No BP tournament
1999 = No BP tournament
2003 = No BP tournament
Eastcon BP
1988 = Frank McIlvaine
1991 = Paul Balsamo
1992 = Liz Stelling

1977 = Tim Flaherty (Merchant)
1978 = ???
1979 = ???
1980 = Wally Raisanen (Merchant)
1981 = Jack Fulmer (Berserker)
1982 = Donald Herold (Merchant)
1983 = David Rice (Merchant)
1984 = Larry Lippert (Apostle)
1985 = Paul Balsamo (Collector)
1986 = Karen Claypool (Berserker)
1987 = Roy Hamilton (Merchant)
1988 = John Byrne (Berserker)
1989 = Charles Kraver (Merchant)
1990 = Rich Van Ollefen (Berserker)
1991 = Rich Van Ollefen (Berserker)
1992 = John Serabian (Berserker)
1993 = Frank Lowther (Empire Builder)-no berserkers or merchants were allowed
1994 = Eric Knight (Berseker/Empire Builder)
1995 = Michael Noriega (Merchant/Berserker)
1996 = Chris Worrell (Berserker)
XCON 1996 = The players at the 1996 Con had such a good time,
they started a private game together. Robert Whiting won the private game
1997 = Barry Williams(Artifact collector and Empire Builder) - multi-game
1998 = Elliot Hudes (Berserker)
1999 = Chris Worrell (Empire Builder) -no berserkers or merchants were allowed
2000 = Elliot Hudes (Berserker)
2001 = Michael Noriega (Pirate) (This game had two merchants but no berserkers)
2002 = Jack Fulmer (Pirate)- all players were pirates, played on a small map
2003 = Chip Welch (Apostle)(email tournament)
Eastcon SW
(Most of the Eastcon Events were held at Cabrini College in Pennsylvania
1986 = Sally Paduch (Empire Builder)
1987 = John Serabian (Merchant)
1988 = Paul Balsamo (Berserker)
1989 = John Serabian (Berserker)
1990 = Ted Miller (Pirate)
1991 = John Ferguson (?)
1992 = Ted Miller (Merchant)
1993 = John Ferguson (Empire Builder)
1994 = John Ferguson (Merchant/Empire Builder)
Hexcon SW [in Texas]
1987 = Rembert Parker (Empire Builder)

Heroic Fantasy
1982 = Jay Dunkleberger
1983 = Mark O'Green
1984 = Rusty Watrous
1985 = John Muije
1986 = Chuck Lancaster
1987 = Paul Balsamo
1988 = Martin Land
1989 = Chris Johnson
1990 = Eric Knight
1991 = Doug Knight
1992 = Chris Worrell
1993 = Chris Worrell
1994 = Frank McKenzie
1995 = Frank Lowther
1996 = Chris Worrell
1997 = Chris Worrell
1998 = Frank Lowther
1999 = Mike Lam
2000 = Chris Worrell
2001 = Doug Knight
2002 = Chris Worrell
2003 = Chris Worrell
2004 = Chris Worrell
2005 = Chris Worrell
2006 = Chris Worrell
2007 = Chris Worrell
2008 = Chris Worrell
2009 = Doug Knight
2010 = Chris Worrell
2011 = Chris Worrell
2012 = Frank Lowther

More Detailed Results

2012	94 turns (3 days) (unlimited characters)
		Victory: experience,
			but only got the 20,000 points if linked up with the Princess		
		Rescue the Princess (Fairy Fighter with 500 gold, and 20,000 point item)
			(only allowed 99 points, but players allowed newbie Paul to have 100)
			character counts include Princess or a replacement
		Single Entrance.
		Separate area for each player, with obvious named Paths.
			each area had identical (rotated/reflected) layout,
			although the door sizes varied, and were often half-hidden
			(no crumbly walls were found)
		4 interconnected stores. 2 jails found interconnected to these.
			(room count suggests there were no other "Jail" rooms) 
		3 modified mmonsters per area.
			Bear at entry to player's Path (1 probably natural)
			pre-damaged Pet Rock with Princess (only 1 was killed)
			"Guardian Dragon" outside Princess' room (but all killed by NPCs)
		No special NPCs
		All parties got their Princess or prize. At least 4 Princesses left their towers. 
			one was killed along the way, but it's prize was recovered.
			another was killed, but Phoenixed.
			at least 2 traveled a number of rooms and found their party
	Paul Haynie	 54,568		4 chars
	Martin Land 	120,767		9 chars (planned to play T&T, but may not have)
	Chris Worrell	144,006		10 chars
	Doug Knight	165,079		13 chars
(win)	Frank Lowther	172,907		9 chars (played some T&T)

2011	95 turns (4 days) (unknown character limit)
		Victory: most Secret Word rooms seen. ties broken by experience
		Player designed quarters of dungeon
		Find the (4) Secret Words, 1 per area.
		No modified monsters or NPCs.
		No actual special prizes, but the first player to kill a monster
			in each Secret Word room earned a bonus prize.
			(all believed to be race specific +10 protection items)
	Bill Washburn			unofficial player	5 chars (dropped)
	Kris Miller	(6351)		unofficial player	? 8 chars (killed down to 3)
	Rick Loomis	(1 SW+	18,478)	unofficial player	3 chars
	Martin Land	1 SW+	37,206				3 chars (planned to play T&T, but may not have)
	Doug Knight	2 SW+	88,593				8 chars
	Frank Lowther	4 SW+	56,229	+2 monsters		8 chars (played some T&T)
(win)	Chris Worrell	4 SW+	90,528	+2 monsters		8 chars

2010	130 turns (4 days) (? unlimited characterts)
		Victory: experience
		Modified L1 layout with 2 active entrances on 1st tier. (jails presumed normal)
			rooms around entrances were named to warn about Giants.
		1st Tier - 8 rows with a single no floor room to 2nd Tier
		2nd Tier - 5 rows: "The Land of the Monsters"
		Some special Giants (2nd tier only ?) were pre-grudged against characters
			(but this also accidently grudged Swords)
		1 special monster. killed by Martin.
		special prizes rumored to be
			Ring of Giant Strength=7500 (any Race Power. Adds 15 to Strength)
			...(Sword)...=1000 (Any Race, +100)
		Martin continued in extended play
	Martin Land	113,786		? 8 chars (played T&T)
	Doug Knight	208,992		? 9 chars
	Frank Lowther	214,317		10 chars (played T&T)
(win)	Chris Worrell	255,170		10 chars

2009	71 turns. (unknown character limit)
Victory: experience
Modified L1 layout with 2 active entrances on 1st Tier.
Intial monsters hand edited based on tier.
1st Tier - 4 rows, Invisible monsters
2nd Tier - 4 rows, double strength monsters
3rd tier - 4 rows, triple stringth monsters
4th tier - 1 row, quadruple strength monsters, and Special at end
Winner Doug Knight with 85,264.
2nd was Chris Worrell with 72,920
3rd was Martin Land with 25,668

2008 we awarded bonus points for collecting twelve items worth 10,000 points each. Chris Worrell gathered up all 12, and ended up with 210,578 points.
2nd was Doug Knight with 125,054 points
3rd Frank Lowther with 94,804
4th Martin Land with 27,196
(Martin was also playing in the T&T event)

2007 Winner Chris Worrell with 180,981
2nd Doug Knight with 135,849
3rd Frank Lowther with 105,305
4th Martin Land with 38,544

2005 Winner (Most Experience)
Chris Worrell with 108,382
2nd Frank Lowther with 105,857
3rd Martin Land with 72,505
4th Doug Knight with 68,998

2004 Winner (Most Experience)
Chris Worrell with 123,586
2nd Martin Land with 96,619

2003 Winner (Most Experience)
Chris Worrell with 85,305
2nd Martin Land with 39,909

2002 Winner (Most Experience)
Chris with 86,414
2nd Frank Lowther with 82,511
3rd Mike Lam with 71,313
4th Charles Blair with 26,148
5th Jack Fulmer with 21,984
6th Martin Land with 20,785

2001 Winner (Find the most jewels)
Doug Knight - 4 - 29,000
2nd Martin Land - 4 - 21,794
3rd Vince Brungardt - 4 - 6,881
4th-6th David Anna, John Galt, Marc Gibbs 2 each.
7th-8th Eric Knight, Chris Worrell 0.

2000 Winner (Most Exp)
Chris Worrell 78,203
2nd Vince Brungardt 68,342
3rd Martin Land 61,570
4th Eric Lane 57,991
5th Mike Lam 54,462
6th John Muije 38,459
7th Doug Knight 33,390
8th Al Schwartz 25,460

1999 Winner (Most Experience)
Mike Lam 41,852
2nd Chris Worrell 38,521
3rd Frank Lowther 36,451
4th Doug Knight 28,048
5th David Anna 13,847
6th Martin Land 13,472
7th Vince Brungardt 12,167

1998 Winner (Most Experience)
Frank Lowther 63,929
2nd Chris Worrell 62,190
3rd Mike Lam 60,...
4th Eric Knight 58,...
5th Doug Knight 40,...
6th John Muije 33...
7th David Anna 17,...
8th Vince Brungardt 15,...
9th Martin Land 14,...

1997 Winner (Most Exp)
Chris Worrell 70,980
2nd Doug Knight 65,705
3rd Mike Lam 45,559
4th Eric Knight 43,003
5th Vince Brungardt 40,704
6th Jim ?? 40,703
7th Martin Land 24,562
8th Ed ?? 16,348

1996 Winner (Most Exp)
Chris Worrell 88,088
2nd Doug Knight 86,540
3rd Frank Lowther 75,850
4th Mike Lam 53,733
5th Vince Brungardt 44,483
6th Martin Land 19,329

1995 Winner (Most Exp)
Frank Lowther 185,...
2nd Chris Worrell 181,...
3rd Vince Brungardt 104,...
4th Doug Knight 102,...
5th Donna Gibson 64,...
6th Mike Lam 58,...
7th David Anna 36,...
8th Martin Land 24,...

1993 Winner (Most Exp)
Chris Worrell 69,345
2nd Frank Lowther 57,475
3rd Eric Knight 55,475
4th Paul Balsamo 53,798
5th Jeff Gargrave 51,171
6th Charles Lancaster 41,419
7th David Deuvall 37,112
8th Brian Martz 29,254
9th Mike Lam 28,160
10th Rusty Watrous 17,294
11th Martin Land 16,362
12th Vince Brungardt 12,133

Eastcon HF
1986 = Paul Balsamo
1986 = Paul Balsamo (2 tourneys)
1987 = Andrew Phillips
1988 = Kevin Laux
1989 = Paul Balsamo
1990 = Kevin Laux
1991 = Paul Balsamo
1992 = Patrick Rodgers
1993 = Paul Balsamo
1994 = Harry Mummer
Andcon HF
1993 = Bob Ackerman

Feudal Lords
1984 = Bob Edgeworth
1985 = John Muije
1986 = Ken Damon
1987 = Mike Lawson
1988 = Virgil Noriega
1989 = Gerry thompson
1990 = no FL tournament
1991 = no FL tournament
1992 = Dave Rohrbacker
1993 = Charles Lancaster
1994 = Gary Attarian
1995 = no FL tournament
1996 = Robert Whiting
1997 = Vince Brungardt
1998 = Michael Noriega
2003 = no FL tournament

1987 - Andy Davidson
1988 = Rich Van Ollefen
1989 = Paul Balsamo
1990 = Joe Dews
1991 = Paul Balsamo
1992 = Rich Van Ollefen
Eastcon IL
1990 = Joe Paduch
1991 = Joe Paduch

1994 = Rick Gardner 1995 = Chris Worrell
1996 = Roman Noriega

Galactic Conflict
1983 = Douglas Donaldson
1984 = Larry Lippert

1984 = John Muije

1974 = Tony Watson

1995 = Steve York
1996 = Frank Lowther
1997 = Michael Noriega
1998 = Chris Worrell
1999 = Chris Worrell
2000 = Chris Worrell
2001 = Chris Worrell
2002 = Chris Worrell
2003-2005 = No RL tournament

Election Year
1993 = Joe Zimmerman

Covert Operations
1999 = Elliot Hudes
At the PBM Con in Chicago June, 1996 the winner of the Heroic Fantasy Tournament was Dale Pennington with 12,967 points. 2nd place was Peter Lambeck with 12, 282 points.

If you won a tournament of ours, and I forgot to mention it, send me an email at rick at flying buffalo dot com.

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