We hope someday to come up with a nice online form you can use by "filling in the blanks", but until we've figured out the programming for that, please send us your game turns as email. We prefer that you send the turns to "turns at flying buffalo dot com" but you can use "postmaster at flying buffalo dot com" or "games at flying buffalo dot com". All of these end up at the same place. Please do not send turns or specific questions about an upcoming turn to "rick at flying buffalo dot com". That is Rick's private mailbox and he only checks it once a day. All of the other mailboxes are checked multiple times a day, just before games are processed. If you send your turn to Rick's personal mailbox and you are too late because of it, you are out of luck. Also if Rick is out of town at a game convention, your email might not be read for a day or two.

In order to get an immediate email reply with a description of the format we would prefer that you use in sending in your game turns, send an email addressed to "formats at flying buffalo dot com". You should get an automatic answer within minutes.
PS Added July 2, 1997: If you are on AOL, or possibly even one of the other services, it may take several hours for your message to get to our "robot" and maybe even more hours for our automatic reply to get back to you. If you are directly on the internet, it should be 'instant'. Several of the online services seem to be having problems with email going between them and the internet. It seems the "spammers" have clogged up the system with hundreds of thousands of emails that no one wants to receive, and everyone "replies" to with "take me off your mailing list".

We send back a "receipt" when we receive any game turns by email, and we check all the mailboxes at least once a day. If you have not received a "receipt" within 24 hours of sending your turn, please ask us about it. (Or better yet, send us another copy of your turn, and mark it "copy".) Each of the mail systems has had some problems recently, and if your turn never gets here, we have no way of knowing that you sent it, and you can not go back and do your turn again retroactively. (People miss turns every day - that's part of pbm game playing.)
IMPORTANT! SAVE THIS RECEIPT! Occasionally someone misses a turn, and swears that not only did they send in the turn on time, but they got a receipt. When we ask them for a copy of the receipt, invariably they "didn't keep it". If that happens, we don't know whether you really got a receipt, or are just remembering a receipt you got for another turn. If a turn really did get lost, we need to know as much as possible about what happened so we can prevent it from happening again. Keep the receipt until you get your next turn and know that you did not miss the turn. We code the receipts so we can tell who sent it and when. Thus we can tell who the culprit was who messed up your turn!

Email to formats at flying buffalo dot com to get an automatic description of the game turn formats.

Or mail your game turn to turns at flying buffalo dot com.

Our address:

Flying Buffalo Inc.
P.O. 8467
Scottsdale, AZ 85252

Phone: 480-945-6917

24 hour fax machine: 480-994-1170

If you are sending your turn in at the very last minute, you might want to call and let us know it is on email.

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