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We are going to use this page to post messages from people who want to play T&T online. I know there is software that will do this automatically, but for now, if you want to post a message send me an Email Message to rick at flying buffalo dot com
Tell me the message and mention that you want it posted on "T&T Online".

This will only be for T&T related postings, and we are not responsible for whatever may happen between you and whoever else posts on this board. If you are aware of the URL of a site where T&T is being played, or where online T&T is being discussed, please send me an email and let me know.

Also, Madhouse UK a play by mail company in England, is planning to run online Tunnels & Trolls games at some point in the near future. If you would be interested, contact them about it.

Here are the postings, in the order received: (latest on top)

July 28, 2004
I live in Sacramento CA and am looking for individuals interested in starting (or allowing me to join an ongoing) T&T gaming group. I would be interested in a weekly game, starting after 6 p.m. I am willing to act as Game Master or run a Player Character. Been playing T&T since 1976 either in groups or solo. Truely enjoy the game.
Doug (Alydar the Warrior)

March 14, 2002
Ernest Rodriguez lives in the San Jose area, and is looking for ftf T&T players. His email is jimcasy@earthlink.net

Sept 1, 1999
Young Paladin trapped in solo adventures.
Needs A way out.
Contact LordNocturne@xoommail.com if you can help get me out

You should also be sure to check out #tunnels&trolls on DALnet. David Lawrance has made a great bot that does a heck of a lot. It is the perfect place to play online. All the best, Mike Demetro, President, The Guildhall Press www.guildhallpress.com ICQ #11060280

Apr 28, 1998
I will be running a Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes PBEM campaign soon. Interested parties should pick up a copy of the rules for $9.95 from Flying Buffalo and contact me at carlperkins@msn.com .
Mike Demetro

From: Mike Demetro Date: February 27, 1998 6:31 AM Subject: Re: T&T Online
I believe T&T would be good online, and would be interested in playing as soon as I get my feet a little more wet on the web. Mike Demetro

I am running a Tunnels and Trolls play by email game and would like to post it on your site. My game is located at: here

Geoffrey C. Sears
AccessOne Technical Support
425 814 6300
425 814 9100

Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 03:02:24 EST
I am deeply interested in T&T online. Looking for some great times. Name is Robert and I am here (obviously) in Phx. Good to see FBI is still flying high and true. Let me know and keep me utd on any games that might be coming up. Thanks!

For people who are playing the T& T Computer game, we will post here any clues or comments that players want to send in. Send them to me at rick at flying buffalo dot com and say "this is for the cluebook page".

>From: Thomas_Ally@freenet.richland.oh.us (Thomas Ally) Date: 10 Apr 1998 21:05:05 GMT

To clear the island of "Thorn" at E-1, get a boat in Gull and sail north west up to the top of the map. Keep exploring until the lookout on the ship finds someone floating in the ocean, ignore the captains warnings but be sure to save your game, and the person you rescue will be a sea goddess who tells you a clue. Once this is done sail to E-1, the island called Thorn and you will have to fight a few demon apes that plagued the town. Once you have dispatched the demon apes, and talked to everyone, go to the alter and ask the sea goddess to lift the curse. If you have not seen the sea goddess like described above ,the demon apes will keep regenerating. Watch out ,since the demon apes are quite tough for low level parties. If your just starting out a new party, I would stick to exploring the sewers under Gull, but beware of the demon on the second level, because a lot of times he will kill one of your party unless you win the contest with him. Also my characters kept getting killed trying to swim back to gull from the sewers.

Treasure of the hydra's location -
You can get a map to the cave of the hydra from a goblin named Rumbble that is a fisherman. I would suggest bargaining with Rumbble since I bought the map for 35. I noticed when I bought it for 50 that it would not show me the directions on the map. The map is not needed to get the treasure I found out. Basically the map is a safe way thru "Blackwater Swamp" at location E-4. To get thru the swamp follow these directions - J2,J3,J4,J5,J6,K6,K7,J8. To see these locations, press the A button to bring up the map. The map that the A button brings up has a grid on it with all the surrounding area that I did not know about earlier, which made me miss a few things, so make sure you remember to use the map when you help a sorcerer & his apprentice and they tell you to go to J2 or some other location like that. Make sure before you use the map directions above to the hydra's cave that you have a torch or you will never be able to kill the hydra since its heads keep growing back. By the way you get 82 gold pieces besides the experiance points for killing the hydra. Don't forget to use the A key to bring up a map of the local area when someone tells you about an object or a quest. I did not know about this feature & lost a couple of important things since I was using the overhead map instead of the local map when they told me about a wand at J2,etc. I looked all over the overhead map for the location of J2 and kicked myself later when they meant use the local map instead of the overhead map :)

Finding & getting the Bag of Winds-
Go to location E-2 on the overhead map, the "Knor Coast" region. Then press the A key to bring up the local map. Walk to location N15 on the local map and you will find a double set of doors. If you possess the 'Fly-me' spell, your spellcaster will cast it and learn the secret of how to open the doors. The secret of opening the doors is to open them simultaneously or both at the same time. I used character 1 to open the north door & character 4 to open the south door at the same time. when you open both doors at the same time, 2 elementals will come out & kill each other in a duel. After the elementals kill each other, you will be able to find 'Bag of Winds'. I'm unsure what it's used for since I have not had it identified yet.

For Rogues only-
got a rogue who doesn't know many spells? Go to Ashgard, F-3, on the overhead map. Then use the A key to see the local map for that area, and walk to I4 on the local map. At I4 you will see a human mage & a monster mage doing battle. Choose Help Human, then choose use weapon, not use magic. You'll kill the monster mage and the human mage will tell you he will teach your rogue up to 9 spells even if your rogue is strawbrained. But first before he will teach you , you must go to the city of Khost and donate money in his name to the money gods temple. So leave the human mage and trek up to Khost at map location E-3, local map area D9 and find the money gods temple. Now answer "Yes" when the head priest asks you if you want to donate in someones name. When it ask's you a name to type in, type the human mages name which is "Radamanthis". After this, go back to Ashgard,F-3, on the overhead map, press A key and goto I4 on that map and you will find Radamanthis. He only does business with rogues though, but you can bring all your party with you when you see him. He teaches level 1,2,4,5,7 spells. I got 3 spells my rogue didnt know, "Too-bad toxin","Twine time", & "Invisible wall". Make sure you bring lots of money, because he does charge for teaching spells to other rogues I believe.

Tunnels and Trolls [Solution]
***Don't read to the end of this if you don't want to know the solution to the game***

Courtesy of Dirty Little Helper (Thomas Ally)



You will need at least one female character, probably your mage. A Dwarwen Warrior, a Hobb Rogue and an Eleven Mage are highly recommended. The remaining character should probably be another Warrior, definitely Human. Stats should be rerolled until they are very high. Hobb Dexterity can approach or surpass 30, Elven Intelligence should top 25 and Dwarven Strength should be over 30. All characters need high Cons and Speeds, and Mages need particularly high Strength. When going up levels, keep track of the minimum stats needed to cast any spell you will be buying.


Keep in mind that you cannot win without certain spells. Early on, get Take That You Fiend, Oh There It Is, Poor Baby, Hidey Hole and Will o' Wisp. Keep track of your Rouge's spells, as he will probably move before your Mage in combat and can clear the way tactically with Light, Dark or Invisibility spells. Later, Blasting Power, Curses Foiled, Too Bad Toxin, Fly Me and maybe Protective Pentagram spells are invaluable.


Archers Gull (L12), Khost (M11) Crafts Gull (F4), Kasar (in ruins) Gems Gull (C14), Knor (O13), Khost (B14) Horses Gull (D2), Valdem (J3), Kasar (in ruins) Iron Gull (C4), Khost (J10), Kasar (in ruins) Languages Gull (O9), Khost (E13) Mages Gull (J10), Knor (J7), Khost (D6), Valdem (J8), Tallymark (N13), Khazan (M13) Kasar (M11) Rogues Gull (E4), Knor (D8), Valdem (in ruins), Tallymark (in ruins), Kasar (in ruins) Stores Gull (D8) Knor (M10), Khost (D8), Valdem (O3) Taverns Gull (L13), Knor (J14), Khost (J7), Valdem (M15), Tallymark (F15), Khazan (N4), Kasar (L4)


Explore the city, but don't bother with the sewers. The big scores of gold are the Netmaster (every week), the Orc Hunt (B13 in the Miracles district: answer "Human" in common and run away from the fights), and the Sheik's Party (outside, just northeast of the city; when you feel the pickpocket, attack him and explain to the Sheik, then accept the duel).

Buy five lengths of rope and go to the Temple of the Blue Beetle late Feastday night. Hide in the balcony until the worshipers come and go. Then go to the altar (kill the attackers on the way), climb down the grate, ignore the god and free the priest. He will give you a Heart of fire (have a Dwarf equip it).

You should also loot the treasure room south of the altar. The shipwreck map will prove invaluable. When the party has 30 days' food, a few levels in basic spells, and 2000 GP, buy the ship that's for sale.


A good way to get money, jewelry, wands and maybe the Watersprout spell is to take the shipwreck map to (E1,C13) and loot the wreck. Throughout E1 you will find castaways adrift in the water. Many offer good rewards for saving them.

In the area of H9 go to C1. Go down the whirlpool and acquiesce to the voices. Kill the salamander and bargain to keep the Death Wand. It will be useful later, and you will need one to kill Lerotra'hh (but there should be one in her treasure room if you cannot get this one).


Sail between Garr and the Drybones Mountains. Rescue the castaway and refuse to turn away. She will tell you to go the gap (just offscreen). Go straight N, kill the monsters and rebuild the cairn. Travel due W and fight the Dhesiri. Then go N again to the ferry (the fee is 20 GP). You will be taking damage from the heat every step along the path.

In Goloe's Temple, search the water at J8 until you find an entrance to a grotto. Enter it and head to J15. Cast Oh There It Is while facing south. Unlock the door and go W and the S and E. If anyone has died, you can raise them by standing in front of the statue in the temple. This also restores stats that were lost to curses. Your mage should always have the wand equipped, as it greatly reduces the cost of spellcasting.


Take at least 500 GP to Knorr. Pay the tax and save the game. Visit Gran Snowdrop at J3 and get card readings. Keep restoring your last game until the cards are good. Good cards include The Wheel, The Moon, The Ace of Pentacles and Strength. The Ace of Swords swaps Strength and Intelligence and makes the character a Mage; the Ace of Wands swaps the same stats, but makes the character a Fighter. If you have more money, train at C12 for Strength and Speed.


Cross the river just east of Knorr and travel due east. You will meet a party of Human's raiding a shepherd's flock. Challenge and kill them. Help the ogre shepherd. Continue E to E and bargain with the monster. Follow the path he gives you (J2 to J6,K6,K7,J8). Investigate the cave, light a torch and fight the hydra. Later, continue N and go to Knost, avoiding the swamp.


Wait in the throne room and kill the duke, the save the girl and grab the cash (in the room to the north). Fight in the bar if you wish, the go to A10 to enter the Naked Doom. After the J8 fork, go N and head for the door at C2. Follow the passage to the bridge and climb down. Take potion and Frog Ring, which will teleport you from any location back to level 2 of the Naked Doom.

On level 2, go W to the large opening and have all party members drink from the N10 pool. Go back to O2 and get the Hero Sword (or Hopeless Sword, depending on your stats). Then go to G14 and Run to F11; head to D2. Cast Oh There It Is and exit the dungeon.


Follow the Great Road N from Valdemartin. Past Castle FrostGate you will see a trail of smoke. Go help the farmer. Travel straight W to the Red Riders' Camp and accept their quest.

The Dhesiri hive (at D4,D7) can be seen only if you approach from the south. In the hive, go E to N14, N to C14, W to C3, and S to F3. In this large room, break all the good eggs, but don't touch the wrinkled ones. Then go to C3, C12, K12 and kill the queen. Leave the way you came in. Return to the Riders for your pay.


Take the road N from Khost. Follow the trail E and talk to the farm boy. Find his body, take the talisman and kill his zombie. Then proceed to Castle Overkill. Stay on the road, or you will have to fight many Death's Host patrols.

Castle Overkill is under siege. Accept Marionarsis' offer to kill Shang (at H3). When Shang is dead, Marionarsis will appear, leave and return, possessed by Lerotra'hh. Kill him, then take his robe and the Skull. Go through the mirror and E to the large room. It's full of teleports; the safe path through it is A8,B8,C9,D9,E10,F10,G10,H11,H12,G13,H14,I15. To get back out, go from D9 to E8 to F8, cast Oh There It Is and return to the trapdoor.


Enter the city and go E to I12 in the palace district. Avoid the ghetto district. Enter the throne room and take the secret door to the right of the throne. In the banquet hall, you'll find a secret door behind the mirror at F10. Cast Fly Me at level +4 and run at the mirror. You will be teleported. Find the secret door at D2.

Go down the stairs and ignore the demon. If you do talk to him, don't ask him about Kara Kang. Equip your fastest character with the death wand. Equip an Elf or a Hobb with the Horn of Lakri Muss (which casts Oh Go Away for twice the normal effect on demons). Use the secret doors at C8 and C9. Enter the room and kill Kara Kang and his evil minions. The secret door to his treasure room is at D13. Get all you can carry, and use the potions for stat gains.

Be sure to get the Bag of Winds, and read the name on the scroll ("Her name is Rosebud") or the boat to which it refers will not be there. Go back to the pentagram room. There is another secret door at J8. Got to L4, through the secret door there and fight through the critters. Get the boat by saying her name. Take her out and stow her on the coast.


Lerotra'hh is in the Digs (at B4,N14). Tell the guards that Dudley sent you. The password is Empress. Go into the meeting room and just watch. Head to J1 and go S down the stairs. Go to K6 and through the secret door. Loot and pillage. Cast Knock Knock at a high level on the other door and go through.

Head S into her bedroom. Go through the mirror on Silver and kill the giant. Go back through the mirror on Brown and fight Fisk. If you don't have winged sandals, just block for 30 rounds, then run. He will die.

Go back through the mirror again (the password is Maneater) with your fastest character, who should still have the death wand (or a vampire javelin) equipped. Kill her.

Searching the rest of the Digs may also prove useful now. There is a cache of four Funny Once Gems behind a Ulgoulus in one of the rooms around E5 on Level 1. Now check to make sure you have the Crystal Skull and the Heart of Fire.


Go up the alley by the tavern. Agree to save his daughter. Go to P2, N and ask the girl if she is Feyla. Kill the vampire. Take her to her father (back at E12) and get the keg.


Go to (D2,K9) and enter the dragon's lair. Ignore the east door. The dragon (Usurious) is at C8. If he will not to talk to you or fight you, go to N1 and kill the Queen Silverfish. Usurious will come to attack you. Kill him and take his eye and treasure. If he will talk to you, name him Nepenthes.


Get Rosebud. Go to the Uncertain Isle, find the rainbow pool, swim and enter the tomb. Keep going through doors until you find one that doesn't teleport you (this will take a while and you will be at O5-O7). Go to O5 and use the Crystal Skull. Go to the fire room, put the Heart of Fire on a female character, and cross to F15. Put the Heart of Fire in the crystalline sphere. Wait for the room to cool and go through the south door. Kill the snow ape. You will be in a garden. Tell the ghost "all dead". Pour some water on the ground, then use the Bag of Winds until the garden regrows.

You will be on level 3. Remember that the Croati lie, the Aardwolf tell the truth and the Batfox do whatever they want. When with the bison, don't kill them; their leader's name is Katomi. Then go down the path of traps to the bust. Put the eye on its forehead. Give Khazan his staff. The passwords are (in order) Sight, Sound, Heart, Feeling, Mind and Meaning.


Tower of Zamark (C4,J13) Gauntlets (D4,L8); (C4,J3) (Don't put hands in hole). Joronir's Sword (C3,M7) (Fight all three knights). Tomb of Sailor King (A4,C5)

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