Recently (April 18-20) Ken St Andre (author of Tunnels & Trolls) went with me to the Conquest Vegas Convention held in Las Vegas right before the GAMA Trade Show at Bally's Hotel and Casino. Ken flew home Monday morning, and when I took him to the airport, I picked up my lovely lady friend Christina Dejoras, who helped me during the trade show. Some of you may know that Ken wears a trademark hat everywhere he goes. When he packed up to leave on Monday morning, he could not find his hat. When Christina arrived, she immediately found the hat hiding in a chair under a pillow. We couldn't figure out how Ken had not seen the hat, since he had looked in the chair. We decided that the hat wanted to see more of Las Vegas, so we proceeded to show it a good time. We figured The Hat had more fun that Ken ever did in Las Vegas, and decided to record the event in pictures.

Here's The Hat, hiding in the chair.

Here's Christina finding The Hat.

Here's me and Christina at our booth. (The Hat is taking the picture).

Here's The Hat helping me sell T&T.

The Hat is perusing the hotel magazine, looking for a good show to see.

We settled on the Nathan Burton show at the Flamingo.

Here's Christina at the Flamingo.

The Flamingo is well known for its flamingos, live and virtual.

Rick and The Hat are enjoying the falls at The Flamingo (waiting for our show).

The Hat used his special influence to get us VIP tickets to the Nathan Burton Show.

And after the show, The Hat introduced us to Nathan Burton.

Next we went to The Bellagio (the hat taking the picture again)

The Bellagio has some beautiful gardens.

Who would have thought we'd meet an "Ent" at the Bellagio?

The Hat got in a little gambling, of course. Here he is winning $150,
which he spent on booze and showgirls.

Here he is enjoying the booze, by the pool.

And of course there must be showgirls.

Just hanging with some friends in the vegas shops.

Ah, the Fremont Experience. I always wanted to see what that was about.

Having dessert at the famous Paris Buffet.

Gotta sweep up before the day is over.

And now for a good night's sleep!

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