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Although Tunnels & Trolls is uniquely suited to playing solitaire, you can also use it to play a role playing game with your friends. The following books are intended for a gamemaster to use.

THE VAULT OF K'HORROR our new kickstarter product is available as a printed product.
It is brand new and can be purchased now for $17.95. 88 pages. Includes a 13 page short version of the T&T rules and a new 17 page solo adventure by Ken St Andre.

UNCLE UGLY'S UNDERGROUND is available once again as a printed product. We have completely redone it after 40 years.
It can be purchased now for $7.00

For a limited time only, you can get BOTH of the above two GM adventures (a $24.95 value) for only $21.95

THE COMPLETE DUNGEON OF THE BEAR is available once again as a printed product.
It has been updated by Jim "Bear" Peters for the new Deluxe version of T&T, and can be purchased now for $8.95.

You can also get a pdf of The Complete Dungeon of the Bear (see below)

Wealth, power, dancing girls - all these are yours for the winning if you can master the seven challenges of Kartejan. In order to do so, you will have to dare the dunnels and defeat a troll. Compete or cooperate, there is only one true winner to the Seven Challenges.
By Ken St Andre, art by David Ullery. 18 pages. $4.95 Product number FBI 0091

You can also get a pdf version of "Seven Challenges" from DriveThruRPG and from E23

A solitaire adventure for characters level 4 or higher. It is for any humanoid kindred - men, elves, dwarves, goblins, uruks, hobs, skeleton-men, etc. It is NOT for trolls, ogres, giants, centaurs or any of the beast kindreds. It is also not for wizards, although rogues with the ever useful "Take That You Fiend" spell are permitted.
By Ken St Andre, art by David Ullery and Miika Spray. 32 pages. $8.95 Product number FBI 0088
Although this is a solitaire adventure, it also includes information in the back that allows you to use it as a gamemaster adventure for your friends, once you are through playing it solo.

You can also get a pdf version of "Dragon's Blood" from DriveThruRPG and from E23

DWARF WORLD by Ken St Andre with art by David Ullery. This is a gamemaster adventure for Level One to Ten characters (and it might be a good idea to include at least one dwarf in the party). You may use any edition of the T&T rules, but it is designed for version 7.5. (Actually you can probably use it with any fantasy role playing rule set, not just T&T). Although there is wealth and knowledge to be won in this scenario, the real challenge will be to get your characters back out alive. Good luck with that! Available January 15th, 2012. $4.95

You can get a pdf version of "Dwarf World" from DriveThruRPG
or from E23

The Isle of Darksmoke: by Larry DiTillio. Part 1, The Nameless Village and the Dome Level. Journey to the fabled land of Zind, to the enchanted Isle of the mighty warrior-wizard Darksmoke, and ancient and subtle master of arcane arts and fell toxins. Only the clever, the stout of heart, and the strong-willed ones pass the Swirling Forest to reach the Dome of Darksmoke - and fewer yet return...! 14 Cardboard Heroes (tm) included. Sorry, OOP

(Above is a picture of the infamous (or is that "notorious") Jim "Bear" Peters at the 2012 Flying Buffalo Convention banquet with his wife, Felicia.)
Catacombs of the Bear Cult: by Jim "Bear" Peters. The Cult of the Great Bear has become a deadly menace, and a special reward has been promised for the person who captures Bjorni oso-Medved, the Cult leader. Your group of characters has entered Cult territory. Their fame and fortune - and their lives - depend upon how well they deal with the shape-shifting highwaymen of the Great Road! - $3.95

The Complete Dungeon of the Bear, The oldest dungeon designed for Tunnels & Trolls anywhere, is now available for use by any T&T Game Master. Previously published in three separate booklets, this one book contains all the traditions, traps, tricks, and monsters found in the original, plus Michael Stackpole's Castle Ward, the ruined edifice that stood over the entrance to the Dungeon of the Bear. The complex becomes increasingly dangerous the deeper it is delved, and characters of some experience should be able to find their own level of challenge within.
You can get a pdf version of "The Complete Dungeon of the Bear" from DriveThruRPG
or from E23

Uncle Ugly's Underground "Ugly John" Carver wrote a gm adventure for T&T many years ago, and it has long been out of print. But you can now buy a copy from E23:
Uncle Ugly's Underground


Map of the T&T Continent: the color map from the T&T computer game (see below). The Dragon Continent: shows the location of the City of Gull on the Isle of Phoron, the cities of Khosht and Knor, Castle Frostgate, the town of Kasar, the city of Khazan, etc. $5.

T&T Computer Generated Character Sheets: an envelope with 25 computer generated characters for T&T with weapons, items & languages. Each package unique. $2

The T&T Bonus Pack. This package contains a reprint of the long out of print solo adventure ABYSS by Paul Creelman (a solo adventure that will let you get a dead character back to life), plus the "Survival Kit" from the old (also long out of print) T&T Gamemasters screen (charts for the gamemaster), plus a NEW short gamemaster adventure by James Walker "Tomb of the Mummy King", plus an expanded treasure generator chart, a random monster encounter chart AND a pack of T&T character sheets. All this for only $9.95
This product is intended for direct sales to consumers at conventions and through the internet, so it is packaged in a zip lock bag with black & white artwork. However, we will make it available to distributors and retailers at their normal discounts. Product #8406

For a T&T character card that you can print out for your use, click here.

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Free RPG Day
Flying Buffalo participated in both "Free RPG Days" in 2007, 2008, and 2011
You could have visited any one of the more than 300 gamestores on that day, and picked up a FREE copy (short version) of the Tunnels & Trolls rules, plus a solo adventure that will allow you to play the game by yourself, or with friends. You can still get a copy by visiting our booth at ORIGINS or GENCON, or by agreeing to run a T&T event for us at your local convention or gamestore. Email rick at flying buffalo dot com. Or you can just purchase one for $2.

To get a copy of whatever version we have on hand:

Here is a link to the cover for the 2007 Free RPG Day book

The 2008 version:
It contained a short version of the rules, a GM adventure by Ken St Andre and a (very short) solo by Rick Loomis
Unfortunately we have given away or sold all copies of the 2008 version.

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