UPDATE: the security certificate cost me $100 every year, and I didn't see that it was making any real difference. So we didn't renew it after 2008. If you click on my secure order form, you'll get a warning. Just ignore that and click "ok". Or call me on the phone instead. We're here 7 days a week (although not 24 hours a day!) and will be happy to take your order and your cc number over the phone. Or if no one answers, put your order on the non-secure certificate, and include your phone number and when to call, so we can call you and get the card number.

We have a "security certificate" with "Thawte Communications" which doesn't expire until February of 2008. However, apparently each BROWSER also has a certificate which can expire. If you have version 3 of Netscape, for instance, anytime you try to go to a secure page that uses "Thawte" for its security, you will be told that the security certificate has expired. If you want to fix this little annoyance, you need to go to It takes a couple minutes, and as near as I can tell, doesn't affect anything else.

In case you are wondering what this is all about, in order to get a "security certificate" from Thawte, I had to prove to them that I have a real address, and that I'm a real business, and give some references. It doesn't guarantee that I won't cheat you, or that I won't go out of business, but it does give you some assurance that I'm not a total fly-by-night flake. So it might be worth your while to get that certificate "renewed" or upgrade to Netscape 4.0.

Questions, email rick at flying buffalo dot com.

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