Here are some testimonials from satisfied customers. (We'll be happy to add yours, just send it by email and mention that you are willing to have it published). This page last updated January 2, 2011

I just finished my first SW game and wanted to complain because I didn't win.

No, actually, I just wanted to say that I had fun, that the game was run very professionally, that I got quick responses to questions that I emailed in -- your operation looks like a well-oiled machine (at least to those of us on the outside). I appreciate the high class service FBI provides!
Geoff Bridges

"I have been using the Grimtooth's traps series for years now, and have been simultaneously loved and hated by my players for all of that time. I even created my own "Dungeon of Doom" with help from his Trollish majesty, but after I ran this adventure, I think that my players found it and burned it... You have helped me give my players hundreds of hours of fun, and so I thank you."
BalrogBasher@netscape.net aka Frank N. Huminski

From: Alan MacDonald, Waterford, Ireland
BTW, just got delivery of Nuclear War, Nuclear Escalation and Nuclear Proliferation. My friends and I would like to send you a resounding cheer because we are having so much fun with them!
btw, have you any idea how much I wanted to say that we're having a blast with the games? Lucky I didn't. That would have been a terrible pun!

From: Joe Taormina : You people are diabolical fiends for having invented a game [Starweb] that can still be addicting after 19 years of play!

From: Brian_Wagner@medstat.com (Brian Wagner) I've been playing Riftlords for about a year now and this is just a quick note to let you know what a great job your staff continues to do with customer service. I've never felt very comfortable conducting business with PBM companies in the past because the service was so poor. If I can't trust them to behave courteously on the phone, how can I trust them with my money? When calling FBI, I've never been less than satisfied; I've never even been put on hold or transfered! Any questions have been answered quickly and politely. My phone company could learn a lesson from you. Thanks a lot for doing a great job.

...You guys are usually very good at responding to inquiries.
Thanks for updating the BP Rules. ... I like having all the game rules available on-line. I also noticed that you updated and corrected the Riftlords star index. Like I have said many times, and to many other players, Flying Buffalos Customer Support is unequaled. Eric Scholwin

I am finally taking the time to write you some items that have been on my mind for some time. I have played some of your games for several years (6-7, not nearly an old-timer). I have been entirely satisfied with how I have been handled. In fact, I don't see how you have time to give each "dinky" little order the close attention you obviously do. I have had many of my "obvious" errors corrected when it wouldn't affect another player. This indicates a knowledgeable person is looking at the orders and not just typing transfer information. Over that period of time, I have only thought that FBI made an error on 2 or 3 occasions. Since I don't keep a photostat of my orders (and I'm not error free), I couldn't even be sure of that. One I questioned for clarification, not asking for a refund, and got a refund anyway. Again, I have been completely satisfied with my experience with FBI and congratulate you for your sincerety, integrity, and compassion.
James W Holmes
(Response from Flying Buffalo: Actually I have to admit that we don't really look at each "dinky little order". Clever programming allows us to notice when you give an order that is illegal, and we do look at each "illegal" order to see if we can tell what you intended. If we are certain we know what you meant to write, we fix it for you. Unfortunately, if your error is an entirely inappropriate, but legal order, we don't notice it. Rick.)

I have been playing games of Starweb, Heroic Fantasy, and Rift Lords since 1977. Flying Buffalo is a great company with fine people!
James W (The Lord Jim) Milburn
1100 East College Ave
Batesville Arkansas 72501

Thank you for such wonderful service. A package you sent to me surface mail [to the UK] reached me in five days! Keep up the good work and I shall be checking the special of the week every week. (steven.ward@brunel.ac.uk)

I FINALLY got to actually play a few Lost Worlds games... WOW! I am impressed, although I am not much of a role-player, preferring minatures, instead.. Keep up the good work...and yes, I would be willing to let others know of my good experiences with the Lost Worlds system. May I recommend a Three Musketeer one? Chris von Fahnestock, OUTLAND GAMES (outland@erinet.com)

I just wanted to thank you all for the speedy reply to my inquiry. I've been playing Riftlords now for about 30+ turns, so I really enjoy the game. Anyway, just as I am getting my ships up in rank, and closing in on the top 10, I see an obvious error on my turnsheet. Well, I sent back the turn plus a copy of my orders, and within a day or so, I find it's been corrected. That's excellent, especially considering it's a weekend.
This is the first time I've ever had a PBM company straighten something out so promptly, and I appreciate it. And this is not an isolated incident. Once, about 6 months ago, a rulesbook I ordered from Flying Buffalo was lost in the mail, and a 2nd copy was quickly sent out to replace it, with no fuss or hassle. So, I'm quite pleased with both the Flying Buffalo games and the customer service behind them. Danny Semmel

..and thank you very much for all the pleasure you've given me last year and all the years before, and, by the way, I really appreciate your reliability. Michael Hammerschmitt

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