We ran a free "Stock Market Game" at Gencon 2003 from our booth #928. Here is the final report. Below the results, you will find the original rules if you are interested. We will probably do this again next year at either Origins or Gencon or both.

We had 20 companies participating, and 56 individuals turned in (registered) stock. 17 of those individuals participated seriously (turning in at least ten shares). Many turned in shares from all 20 companies.

The winner was Dan Stockelman of Plano TX, with a portfolio of $200,827.
Second was Jonathan Otto from Waterville, OH with $126,362.
Third was Nick Henning with $114,092.
Dino Liapis of Lockport IL wins a special prize for being the only player who collected at least one share from every participating company.
Others were:
Kevin Rose 20,910
Rodney Jordan 17,938
Dino Liapis 8,878
Ben Bear 3,864
Brett Roark 2,503
Quentin Cambrell 2,143
John Goff 1,541
Rick Rutherford 1,503
Dan Cathen 1,130
Robert Anstett 1,114
and about 43 more.

Fourteen of the players picked up their prizes on sunday, including all the top nine. We still have about 40 prizes to give away to the others, and we will be mailing them. We may have enough prizes to give one to everyone who participated.

Stock prices: it turns out that the final price of each company's stock is irrelevant. I started everone out at a random number (50 plus a roll of two dice). I boosted it up one for each five shares turned in, and one for each share "purchased". I dropped it one for each share "sold". The top six players figured out how to manipulate our stock market. If they collected a lot of stock (thus making it go up) then sold it all at the end of each day (thus making it go down) and spent all the money on one stock, that one would go up a lot. On the final day three people sold everything and independently selected Timeline as the one to "buy all" because it happened to be the lowest priced on Sunday morning, thus making it's price go up 633 to $683. Two other people got together and both sold everything to buy Gametable Online to make it go up 150 to $213. Most others ended up lower than where they started, mostly because of these manipulations, so I won't bother to list the final prices. (Understand, in the rules of this game there was no rule against manipulating our stock market. The guy who won merely got to select his prize first. I had enough prizes for everyone who showed up sunday afternoon to see whether they won.)

For the companies, I would say the "winners" were the ones who had the most shares actually turned in. Of course I don't know how many you gave away, but you may find it interesting to see what percentage of them were actually "registered". Gametable Online had 86 shares turned in. Microsoft had 71. Z-Man Games had 69. Here is the complete list for your perusal:
Adept Press 30
Bastion Press 34
Clockworks 28
Crazy Egor 19
Dark Furies Publishing 29
Eight Foot Llama 22
Flying Buffalo 25
Gametable Online 86
Grey Ghost Press 9 (I understand she had given all her stock away by saturday afternoon - I don't know how many she started with. I assume that means a lot of people put the certificates away with their purchases and didn't look at them until they got home. Next year we should put some webpage info on the certificates!)
Hammerdog Games 25
Human Head Studios 25
Inner City Games 45
Living Imagination 18
Microsoft 71
Mystic Eye Games 37
Mystic Station Design 23
Pegasus Publishing 29
The Painters Guild 26
Timeline 33
Z-Man Games 69

Remember that everyone who turned in a share (56 different people) was given a list of all your booth numbers and company names. I know that many of the players deliberately set out to visit every company on the list. Next year I will probably add a prize for everyone who gets at least one certificate from every participating company.

Our thanks to all who participated.

PS: If you want to read "The Return from Indy Gencon: A Story of Suspense and Horror", click here

Here are the original rules:
COMPANIES:If a company exhibiting at Gencon wants to participate, all you have to do is let me know by Monday Morning July 21st, 2003, tell me your Gencon booth number, and agree to give away some prizes. I will give you a template to print your own "stock certificates" which you print up and bring with you to Gencon. Give them away when you run a demo or a tournament. Give them to customers who buy something at your booth. Bring me your prizes by sunday morning so I can give them away. The starting "price" of your stock will be a randomly selected number, probably between 50 and 60.

Players register their certificates by coming to the Flying Buffalo Booth (#928). They can keep that "stock" or sell it to buy "stock" in other companies. Prices will be adjusted daily, and the players with the most valuable portfolios on Sunday will win the prizes. Players can turn in certificates any time during exhibit hours, and can make one "transaction" per day. (A transaction consists of selling any number of shares of any number of companies and buying any number of shares of any number of companies). Final transactions and turning in of certificates must be done by 11am on Sunday. On or about 2pm on Sunday winners will be announced and winners who are present will be allowed to select their prizes. Winners who are not present will have a random prize mailed to them. There will be at least as many winners as there are companies participating.

Note that we will be providing a list of all the participating companies and their booth number to all players. Thus many of these players will be coming to your booth asking to be in demos and so forth.

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