Regarding availability of the tax stamps shown below: If it doesn't have an "add to cart" button under it, I don't have any left, sorry. As I write this, I have only the Arizona NEW version. If YOU have any of these stamps and want to sell them, let me know. I have a customer looking for the Wisconsin, Nevada, and Maine stamps. I am constantly being asked if I have any more (especially the Texas and Oklahoma ones.) Email me at rick at flying buffalo dot com

NOTE:I am thinking of selling my personal collection of these stamps. I've seen them - they are interesting. But I don't really need them. I will send out an email blast when I decide on prices - if you'd like a chance to buy them, email me at rick at flying buffalo dot com and ask to be put on the "unusual stamps" mailing list!

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The State of Arizona has repealed the drug tax law. Presumably they didn't want to have to worry about whether a judge would finally make it impossible for them to prosecute drug dealers who had purchased the tax stamps. At any rate, you can no longer buy the stamps from the state for 35 cents each if you paid a $100 license fee. Now they are only available from other collectors, like me, who bought them while they were available. I still have the new reprinted version (after the big rush on the MJ stamps because of the court case described below), but I am out of the old original version. My price is $15 each. Click here to see the letter I got about the law being repealed and my "license" cancelled.

Genuine Revenue Stamps (Tax Stamps) for Illegal Substances

July 1, 1983, Arizona was the first state to pass a "Cannabis & Controlled Substances" tax in order to increase the penalties applied against illegal drug dealers and users, and to print up a stamp to show that the tax has been paid. Having this stamp does NOT make it legal for you to possess, use, or sell these items. However, if you are caught in the state of Arizona with Marijuana or other controlled substances and do not have the proper revenue stamp applied to your product, you are subject to fines and forfeitures for tax evasion, in addition to the usual penalties for possessing illegal items.

In order to purchase the stamps from the state, you have to apply for an official illegal drug dealers license (which costs $100 by the way). (Click here to see a copy of my license.) The assumption of course is that anyone dealing in illegal drugs will not bother to purchase the license. Although the law requires that the name & address of anyone purchasing the license and the stamps be kept confidential, you do have to supply the state with your name, address, phone number, and social security number. (Click here to see the order form.) One doubts that a criminal would be willing to provide that information. Since the law was passed over ten years ago,only 18 people have purchased the license (all presumably stamp collectors and stamp dealers). This includes Flying Buffalo's license. (For the record, Flying Buffalo Inc does not deal in illegal substances or condone the use of same. However we have always been fascinated with revenue stamps of all kinds.) [See the PS below]

After Arizona came up with this brilliant revenue-raising idea, over twenty other states have passed various Marijuana and drug taxes. There are tax stamps for Marijuana, Controlled substances, LSD, psychedelic mushrooms, and others. Unfortunately some of the stamps are quite expensive. (They range in price from 35 cents to $4000.00). Some of the expensive ones (according to the State Revenue Department) have never been purchased by anyone. For the first ten years, of the Arizona stamps, 83 sheets of the 1 gram Cannabis stamp were sold, and 3 sheets of the Cannabis 1 ounce stamp were sold. ($10) No one has ever bought any of the Cannabis one kilo, ($352.74) or any of the three controlled substances (1 gram, $8.80; 1 ounce, $250; and 1 kilo, $4000). Remember that you have to buy an entire sheet of 50 stamps.

Please note that the stamps themselves are perfectly legal, and it is legal for me to sell them to you. (With the exception of Wisconsin. Supposedly it is illegal to resell the Wisconsin stamps in the state of Wisconsin. I'm not sure this is constitutional, but I haven't got the time to fight it, so if you live in Wisconsin I don't care to sell you the Wisconsin stamps. ) They merely indicate that I have voluntarily paid the tax in order to get one of the stamps. These are genuine tax stamps issued by various state governments, and quite a collectible item.

North Dakota has "Demonitized" it's MJ tax stamps. They say they have only collected about $1000 on their MJ tax, so they've discontinued it. They sold 1000 sets of their three stamps to collectors (it took one week to sell them all). I was able to purchase a very limited number of them. I am planning to sell these to collectors for $90 for a set of 3. When you order it, let me know if you want a photocopy of the letter from the state tax commissioner to the fellow who purchased the stamps for me. The letter mostly says the above, in a lot more words.

Since I wrote the above, something interesting has happened. The authorities in Arizona arrested a fellow who was selling marijuana, and he had a license and had put the tax stamps on his "product". A judge decided that if the state sold him a license, they shouldn't arrest him for selling the product so licensed. So he dismissed the charges against the fellow. The last I heard, the state had appealed and the case was still wending its way through court. Personally, I think the fellow is going to eventually end up in jail, but in the meantime, suddenly the license and the stamps are very popular. So popular, that they have sold out the original stamps and printed a new edition.

So, why am I telling you all this? Flying Buffalo is a game company. We design and sell role playing games, card games, and other fantasy and science fiction games. We don't really deal in stamps, and we definitely don't deal in illegal substances (whatever the current legal status). However I think the whole situation of selling a tax stamp for an illegal product is hilarious, and I have decided to make the stamps available to the general public. You can buy the stamps from me through Flying Buffalo. You can use the "Flying Buffalo Store" to order them with your credit card, or you can mail us a check or money order to: Flying Buffalo Inc, PO Box 8467, Scottsdale, AZ 85252. Or you can use the "paypal" buttons below to pay us through paypal with your credit card or paypal balance.

Please remember, although there is some confusion at present, these stamps do NOT make it legal for anyone to possess or sell any of these illegal substances. I'm just selling the stamps as a novelty.


The first stamp is the original one, the second is the new one. The price is $20 for the second one. I am out of the original one.

To buy the "new" stamp:

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If there is no "click here to add to shopping cart" button below a stamp picture, that means I don't have any more, sorry.


This is one of the best looking stamps available. The price is $25. Limited availability


Price $25


There are several of these. The mushroom stamp is pictured. $25 (The 1 oz MJ Wisconsin stamp is very similar)
Flash! I have been informed by the lawyer who defended the case, that the Wisconsin drug tax law has been declared unconstitutional.


I finally got a picture of this one. It is printed on a silvered paper, and I couldn't figure out a way to scan it, but I borrowed a friend's new digital camera and it seems to have worked.
This may be the very best stamp so far. It has a picture of "death" (with his scythe) and arrows pointing from the word "drugs" to "death" and "taxes" (drugs lead to death and taxes). It's silver and black, and even has a serial number. Really cool. Sorry, sold out. $35 each


I have run out of these. $19 each.


To buy the Tennessee stamps (decals): ($19 for the pair)
Sorry sold out.


The complete set $99
Sadly, I seem to have sold all of these.

Other non-pictured stamps: Idaho 1 gram - $10. Louisiana 1 gram $10. Alabama 5gram - $35.
The Illinois State Supreme Court has declared the Illinois Marijuana And Controlled Substance Act unconstitutional, so they no longer sell their stamps. Unfortunately, I have already sold all of mine. If you have an interest in this kind of stamp, you probably ought to buy them all before the rest of them are withdrawn from sale!

An anecdote from a fellow in Florida:
An interesting anecdote about the purpose of these state stamps... Back in 2004 when I first became interested in them, I drove up to Montgomery, Alabama and bought four of their stamps over the counter at the Department of Revenue. They introduced me to a man named Eddie Crumbley, a lawyer who was the Director of their Investigations Division. It was he who had drafted the Alabama marijuana tax stamp law when it first went to the state legislature. He was a heckuva nice guy with a sense of humor, but he took his job very seriously, too.

He told me that some years ago the police served a search warrant on a major-league cocaine dealer in Mobile, Alabama and seized a huge amount of drugs and cash. The criminal charge had to be dropped due to a technical legal problem with the warrant, but they nailed him on tax evasion charges because there were no stamps on the drugs! I'm a drug abuse counselor and I deal with the destruction that people like this guy bring to our country, so it made me happy that at least they were able to get him on something.

For a short period of time, the post office in association with an online stamp company, offered the opportunity to make genuine US postage stamps with the picture of your choice on them. This opportunity ended Sept 30, 2004, and as I write this, the post office is "considering" whether to continue the experiment. (Update: The post office decided this was a good idea, and you can buy stamps now with your own pictures on them.) But while it was available, I had 40 postcard stamps printed up with a painting of the International World Headquarters of Flying Buffalo Inc on them. (i.e. my house, painted by my brother-in-law). There are only 40 of these stamps in existence. If you would like one, on a postcard, mailed to you, and postally used, just pay me $20 by clicking on this button. State in the comments whether you want it postally used, or mint.

If you'd like to see the painting, click here.

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