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Note: This is the page Flying Buffalo set up for Steve years ago. He now has his own webpage at www.stevecrompton.com.

Updated July 4, 2000 Steven S. Crompton has been doing graphics & illustration for Flying Buffalo since 1981. His most notable work for Flying Buffalo has been the Grimtooth's Traps books (all seven) and the card artwork for all of the Nuclear War sequel card games. He also has art in MAPS, Lejentia Campaigns, 3 T&T solos and many other books, cards, games and items from Flying Buffalo. Most recently he did 35 maps & illustrations for Citybook 7. He also finished a Lost Worlds book, Praxides the female gargoyle. Undoubtedly he will be working on some other new books for Flying Buffalo in the near future, including some more Lost Worlds books and another Catalyst book.

Besides Flying Buffalo, Steven has spent a lot of his time working in the comic book field. His main accomplishments in this field include Elves of Lejentia, Demi the Demoness and Pantheon series. He has also inked or drawn numerous other comics for a variety of publishers. Here now is some updated info on Demi the Demoness and Pantheon. . .

Steven continues work on the Demi the Demoness adult comic series. The fourth issue is due out any day, and work on issue 5 has begun. Demi is going to co-star in three new crossovers. Each one takes place in a different era. The present day story with Cassiopeia the Witch will be out in Sept. The Sci-fi crossover with Capt. Fortune & crew may be out later in the year and sometime next year look for the Mystic Past crossover with Shaundra the barbarian babe. If you want more information about the Demi series click on the Rip Off Press link below and it will take you to the official Demi Website. If you are over 18 and would like to get the Official Demi Newsletter, send a self addressed stamped envelope to: Demi/Steven S. Crompton, P.O. Box 2068, Scottsdale, AZ 85252. You must include a true statement that you are indeed over 18 years old.

PANTHEON issue #1 is out. This comic by Steven S. Crompton & former Flying Buffalo person Debora Kerr uses new computer-texturing techniques that Steven have been perfecting over the last couple of years. UPDATE! Issue #2 is available in July! Here's what the Pantheon series is about:


In Pantheon, a vast dimension of ethereal planes, the gods of all human cultures have endured for millennia. After eons of calm, the deities are stunned when Valhalla, along with its gods and heroes is wiped from existence by an unknown force. Yet even in the face of such a threat, most of the immortals are unconcerned. After all, the ultimate destruction of Valhalla was always part of the Nordic struggle. However, five beings begin to discover the truth. . .

PANTHEON is for any reader, you do NOT need to be 18 to order. Each issue costs $2.95 + $1.50 for postage & handling. You can have it signed by Steven for no additional charge. Make check or money order payable to: Opus Graphics. P.O. Box 2068, Scottsdale, AZ 85252.

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To go to the new official Demi site, if you are over 18, (this is an adult site) click HERE.


Printed by agreement with Enigma writer and editor R. J. DePaepe

Q. #1: What were some of the first comics you ever read?

A. The first comics I remember reading are mid-60s Superboys, Action, Adventure & Superman. I read these when I was about 6-7 years old. I had an older friend (9) who collected them and we used to sit in his room and read them for hours.

Q. #2: Who are some of your favorite comic book artists? Which ones inspired you?

A. Neal Adams, Jack Kirby, Murphy Anderson, & Will Elder. You can see touches of them (and many others) in my work.

Q. #3: How hard was it to "break" into the comic art genre?

A. How hard? My first attempts involved mailing out tons of samples to various publishers which either got no answer at all or a "sorry, we're not interested" letter. Then I published my own comic Lejentia and went to some conventions that lead to my showing Demi the Demoness to someone and getting it published.

Q. #4: Any suggestions for others who want to follow in your footsteps?

A. Create your own characters and world, and practice, practice, practice. Try to do something original -- don't just do more X-Men rip-offs.

Q. #5: What were some of your other projects before Demi?

A. I did a three-issue series called Lejentia (which also had some role-playing books), an adventure comic strip called John Hawk, and a strip called Winston's Computer History. I did lots of role-playing and games (Traps, Nuclear War, Citybooks), some of which won awards.

Q. #6: You seem to put a lot of work into Demi the comic, plus the Demizine, also. Are you satisfied with what you have accomplished so far?

A. I am satisfied with what I have accomplished in that (for the most part) I'm pleased with how the Demi art and story have grown. I feel that it continues to improve.

Q. #7: In the introduction of your first Demi comic you explain that . . . "The depiction of sex in Demi is very graphic; I don't pull any punches. However I don't treat sex as cheap, disgusting or without consequences." Are such depictions common in other adult comics?

A. There are a lot of great adult comics out there, but like all endeavors: comics, film, books, etc., a large percentage of most stuff made isn't very good, and that's what I meant by that.

Q. #8: The sex in Demi's world never seems to stop. Obviously, demonic individuals have little else to do. Is drawing all that sexual activity as much fun as it seems?

A. In Demi's hell, sex plays a major part of the energy that powers hell (which is the storys' reason why most religions frown on sex just for pleasure) and, of course, I love drawing it all!

Q. #9: What universe is Demi's Hell located in? Surely it's not in the place Christians preach about.

A. Demi lives in the outer edge of my imaginary hell. The outer edge is the least dangerous -- it gets deadlier as you approach the center. (This is all explained in the intro to the graphic novel.)

Q.#10: What made you decide to choose Hell as a background scenario?

A. I created Demi first. Hell ended up being a logical place for her to live. Besides, many great fantasy epics involve escaping Hell, going to Hell. The Greeks and Romans loved Hell.

Q.#11: Many of your characters seem to be fully fleshed out (pardon the pun); what I mean to say is that they are believable as real. Are any of them based on real people?

A. All the characters in Demi are themselves, not based on anyone -- unless you want to say they are based on bits of me. Occasionally I will probably "parody" or "homage" some real or fictional characters, the way it's been done in CEREBUS.

Q.#12: Many artists "hear" a character's voice in their mind as they create them and place them in various situations. Is there a specific person's voice behind Demi? Kit-Ra? Treezh? the Master demon? Vysette? or any other characters?

A. My characters always talk to me. Sometimes I have plans for a story and the characters tell me what they're going to do -- which often doesn't fit into my planned story! Oh, well . . .

Q.#13: Has the response to Demi been favorable?

A. Well, the worst review I ever got said it was a "standard sex comic". Most people interested in adult comics really seem to like it. The tough part is giving them the opportunity to see it.

Q.#14: In the introduction to Demi you state that you welcome comments, suggestions and diatribes and will answer any letter you get. Any regrets about that?

A. No regrets! I love getting letters. I've gotten letters from doctors, military officers, prison inmates, other comic creators, authors, engineers, and a wiccan priestess -- lots of fun

Q.#15: Have you heard from any psychotic individuals? I'd imagine that the Bible thumpers or religious zealots would like to crucify you as a corrupting influence. Any problems there?

A. I haven't had any bad letters . . . yet. (Guess I've been lucky.)

Q.#16: What kind of people write to you? Has anyone sent you an idea that you used in a Demi episode?

A. Everyone from prison convicts to lawyers (hmm . . . maybe that's not so different!) Someone gave me the idea for Demi grooming her calves -- I used it in issue #4. People send me suggestions all the time. Most of them are personal preferences about who they want to see more (or less) of in the stories. There's a small contingent of people who don't like Demi's furry calves, but that's the way she is - sorry!

Q.#17: Tell me a little about some of your crossover projects.

A. In September (1997) look for the Demi/Cassie crossover (preview in this issue). In December (also 1997) hopefully, the Demi/Captain Fortune should come out. Early in 1998 should be the Demi/Tales of Shaundra crossover. It's been really great working with these other creators and I hope I get the chance to do more crossovers in the future. I already have some ideas about that.

Q.#18: What are your plans for the future?

A. To become the supreme ruler of all humanity. Really, my plans are to show that you can tell a great erotic story without having to sacrifice plot, action or interesting characters. I want to see how far I can go with Demi. How many issues, how many crossovers, how many people can I reach out to with Demi. I guess time will tell. . .


The books, games, and comics in the following list contain major contributions from S. S. Crompton, including character creation, illustration, inks, and graphics/layout design. Each listing is coded to indicate specific areas of participation by the artist. Usually many other people also worked on of these books, so I am not the only contributor.

Grimtooth's Traps 1981 AW Flying Buffalo RPG supplement
Catacombs of the Bear Cult 1981 A Flying Buffalo RPG adventure
Grimtooth's Traps Too 1982 AW Flying Buffalo RPG supplement
Citybook 1 1982 AW Flying Buffalo RPG supplement
Citybook II 1983 A Flying Buffalo RPG supplement
Nuclear Escalation 1983 AL Flying Buffalo Card game
Operation Peregrine (Space Op) 1983 A Fantasy Games Unltd RPG adventure
Agents of Rebellion (Space Op) 1983 A Fantasy Games Unltd RPG adventure
Casino Galactica (Space Op) 1983 A Fantasy Games Unltd RPG adventure
Alderson Yards Shipbook 1984 ALW Fantasy Games Unltd RPG adventure
Bicycles & Dirt Magazine 1985-6 AL American Bicycle Ass. Magazines
Lejentia Stanza #1 1987 ALWC Opus Graphics Comic book
Whole Delvers Catalog 1987 AL Task Force Games RPG supplement
Lejentia Stanza #2 1988 ALWC Opus Graphics Comic book
Lejentia Campaigns Book 1988 ALWC Task Force Games RPG supplement
Caravan to Tiern (T & T solo) 1989 AL Flying Buffalo RPG adventure
Lejentia Stanza Adventure Pack 1989 ALWC Task Force Games RPG supplement
Grimtooth's Traps Ate 1989 ALW Task Force Games RPG supplement
Lejentia Campaigns: Fort Bevits 1990 ALWC Flying Buffalo RPG supplement
Grimtooth's Traps Fore, 2nd ed. 1990 AL Flying Buffalo RPG supplement
Lejentia Stanza 3 1990 ALWC Flying Buffalo Comic book
Dark Temple (T & T solo) 1991 AL Flying Buffalo RPG adventure
Mugshots 1: Pacific Clipper 1991 AL Flying Buffalo RPG adventure
Grimtooth's Traps Lite 1991 ALW Flying Buffalo RPG supplement
Psychoman #1 1992 AL Revolutionary Comics Comic book
Demi the Demoness #1 (1st ed.) 1992 ALWC Revolutionary Comics Adult comic book
Nuclear Proliferation 1992 ALWC Flying Buffalo Card game
Mugshots 2 1992 AL Flying Buffalo RPG adventure
Star Jam #5 Luke Perry 1992 AL Revolutionary Comics Comic book
Grimtooth's Dungeon of Doom 1992 AL Flying Buffalo RPG adventure
Contemporary Bios: Ross Perot 1992 AL Revolutionary Comics Comic book
The Runedice Book 1993 AL Flying Buffalo RPG supplement
Demi #1 (2nd edition) 1993 ALWC Rip Off Press Comic book
When the Cat's Away (T&T solo) 1993 AL Flying Buffalo RPG adventure
Rock & Roll #59: Eric Clapton 1993 A Revolutionary Comics Comic book
Maps: The Book of Cities 1993 ALWC Flying Buffalo RPG supplement
Heavy Metal Monsters 3D 1993 A Ray Zone 3D Comic book
Demi the Demoness #2 1993 ALWC Rip Off Press Adult comic book
Dark Sister/Lights Sister prints 1993 ALC Opus Graphics Fine art prints
Cherry's Jubilee #4 1994 AL Kitchen Sink Adult comic book
Grimtooth's Traps Bazaar 1994 ALW Flying Buffalo RPG supplement
Immortal Rules Book (283 pg.) 1994 L Precedence Inc. RPG supplement
Maps 2: Places of Legend 1994 ALWC Flying buffalo RPG supplement
Nuclear War Trading Cards 1994 ALW Flying Buffalo Trading card/game
Dark Destiny (48 pg.) 1994 A Alpha Productions Comic book
Demi the Demoness #3 1995 ALWC Rip Off Press Adult comic book
NOIR #1 1995 A CFD Publications Comic book
Heavy Metal Monsters #3 1995 AL Scott Jackson Studios Comic book
Lost Worlds - Flaming Cherry 1995 A Flying Buffalo RPG supplement
Tracey Adams/Demi #1 1995 ALWC Revisionary Press Adult comic book
Demi Adventure Special #1 1995 ALWC Rip Off Press Adult comic book
Pantheon #1 1995 ALC Archer Books Comic book
Nightingale #4 1996 ALC Re-Visionary Press Adult Comic book
Lost Worlds - Praxides 1996 A Flying Buffalo RPG supplement
Demi Graphic Novel 1996 ALWC Rip Off Press Adult comic book
Citybook 7 1997 A Flying Buffalo RPG supplement
Demi #4 1997 ALWC Rip Off Press Adult comic book
Pantheon #2 1997 ALC Archer Books Comic book

Steven also has numerous illustrations published in magazines like: The Space Gamer, Paper Mayhem, Comic Buyers Guide, and other obscure and obtuse places.

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