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(If you check here, and the special that is displayed here has "expired" you can still order it from us. Sometimes I don't get around to changing the special right at the end of the week, and my procrastination is your gain!)

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We sell eight new Nuclear War cards that are not in any of the games, for $3 each:
You can buy each of them for $3 each, or you can get ALL EIGHT cards for a total of $17 (plus shipping).
To buy all eight:

To purchase Fold in Space click here.

the mad scientist.
To purchase Mad Scientist click here.

To purchase 250 Megaton Warhead click here.

To purchase Damping Field click here.

You can get the 200 megaton card, and the UFO Technology (that doubles the carrying capacity of one missile) for $3 each.

To purchase the 200 megaton card:

To purchase the UFO Technology card:

Flying Buffalo's largest game distributor is Alliance and last fall they had their annual open house. To honor it and them, we produced a new Nuclear War card, the "Forced Alliance" card.
To purchase the Alliance card:

The new Trade Show card. I GAVE AWAY copies to any retail store who dropped by my booth at the GAMA Trade Show in Las Vegas in March 2017 If your favorite local game store attended that show, ask them for this card. Otherwise, you can buy one from me for $3.
To buy the "trade show" card:

Other specials still available:


This special offer is good until I change this webpage!

The following special will be available until I remove this post. In 1970 I started moderating/refereeing the first commercial play by mail game: Nuclear Destruction. I charged ten cents per turn (this was when postage was 8 cents!). In celebration of our 40th Anniversary, I am going to offer everyone ONE game of Nuclear Destruction for the 1970 price of ten cents per turn. Likewise when we first offered Starweb in 1975, it was one dollar per turn, so I am also offering one game of Starweb for one dollar per turn. (Note: this is if we can send your results to you via email. If you want them sent postally, there will be an additional 50 cents per turn charge to pay for the postage and the envelope. Also you still pay the $5 'setup fee' at the beginning.) You can find the rules to Nuclear Destruction and the rules to Starweb here on our website. Be sure and mention that you are signing up for the anniversary special. You can play one of each at the special rates.

Other Specials still available:
LOST WORLDS: Once again we have ALL FOUR of the Chessex Lost Worlds books available, including CIMEREE the Elf Maiden. (Plus Othere the Genie, Sir Percival the Knight and Brimstone the Fire Giant). They are $5.95 each. To celebrate, I am offering a SPECIAL DEAL for all four of the Chessex books for only $14. (Regular price $23.80) Just ask for the CHESSEX SPECIAL DEAL.

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