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All on your lonesome and you want to play T&T? Well, how about a couple of T&T Solitaire Adventures? The book is the gamemaster, and each can be played many times. The solo adventures listed here are coded for difficulty, number & type of characters permitted within. "War" means warrior; "Wiz" means magic-user; "any" means any character class allowed (warrior, wizard, or rogue). "L1-3" means it is for 1st through 3rd level characters. "MM" means Magic Matrix is included.

(To see black & white gifs of the solo adventure covers, and a color picture of the box set, click here.

Note: some of the solitaire adventures and other adventures are currently unavailable in hardcopy. You can buy many of them on DrivethruRPG. If you buy one or more of them using a link from here, Flying Buffalo gets a commission. So take a look!

Sadly, errors seem to be inevitable when writing and publishing a solo adventure. Click here for our page of errata.

Note that Naked Doom by Ken St Andre is available again.

Trollhammer: This is a solo adventure for T&T created by Ken St Andre just for our friends at Texicon in Dallas, Karl & Kevin Pajak. They printed up 1500 copies (and numbered them all) and gave one to every attendee at Texicon in 2013. Recently they gave me a stack of leftover copies. I could sell them, but it seems only fair that since they were given to me for free, I should give them away more or less for free also. So.... if you buy anything else from Flying Buffalo, you can have a copy of Trollhammer for 99 cents. IMPORTANT NOTE: If you buy Trollhammer for 99 cents, you are supposed to buy something else at the same time. Anything else! Here is a link to purchase Trollhammer for 99 cents:

Our biggest solo adventure yet. 64 pages. 350 paragraphs. Originally published as a shorter version. Something is stealing the magic of Trollworld and Lerotra'hh Empress of Khazan has chosen you to track down the cause and save the realms. Only $11.95

Ken has rewritten the short "Goblin Lake" adventure to make it more compatible with Deluxe T&T, and to make it a little longer. 36 pages, Includes "A History of Goblins" by Bill Kerr. Only $8.95

We recently did a successful kickstarter to create a new, Deluxe version of T&T. As part of the kickstarter, Ken announced that if anyone purchased his original first edition rules for an outrageous price, he would write a new solo adventure intended for the first edition (it is playable with any version of the rules). We are giving a free pdf of this to each of the backers of our kickstarter, but we have printed up a few hard copies. Note: this has a black & white cover, and is printed on individual sheets of paper which are stapled together. It was intended as a free pdf giveaway. But we printed up a few hard copies, and if you'd like one, it is $10. Yeah, that's a lot, compared to all the fancy ones with the color covers. But when we print them ten at a time, our cost increases greatly!
48 pages. Also includes info on making it into a GM adventure. Only $10

The latest addition to our collection of solo adventures is actually 9 solo adventures and 3 GM adventures taken from the T&T Archives. These adventures were first printed in the pages of Sorcerer's Apprentice magazine and haven't been seen for over 30 years! This 88 page collection will take you on swashbuckling. mystical mayhem through the streets of Khazan the seaside docks of Gull and the frozen realm of the Circle of Ice. Then descend into the hidden depths of Trollworld in search for gold and glory. Written by Michael Stackpole, Ken St Andre, Liz Danforth and others. This book also includes a cover gallery, a new GM Treasure Generator some Troll teasers and other goodies for the T&T archives, all usable for Deluxe or classic Tunnels & Trolls. 88 pages - $14.95

You can get a pdf version of "Adventurers Compendium" from DriveThruRPG

#1 Buffalo Castle by Rick Loomis.
The one that started it all. This is a "new and improved" Buffalo Castle, with new material written by Rick Loomis and new artwork by Liz Danforth!
Revealed at last - why are you visiting this weird castle? What is the reason all these crazy traps and unrelated rooms exist in this one mysterious place?
Buffalo Castle is the very first solitaire adventure for any role playing game. It even came before all those "Choose your own Adventure" books.
1 War, L1. - $8.95.

You can get a pdf version of "Buffalo Castle" from DriveThruRPG

#2: Deathtrap Equalizer by Ken St Andre).
Adventure on the incredible Trip of the Lion - or for the fainthearted, the Trip of the Frog. 1 Any, L1-4 (up to 70 adds recommended.)
New version available!
Ken has revised DED for the (coming soon) Deluxe Edition of Tunnels & Trolls. This long-out-of-print adventure is once again available. Only $8.95 The revised edition even has information/suggestions for using DED as a gamemaster adventure.

You can get a pdf version of "Deathtrap Equalizer" from DriveThruRPG

#3 LABYRINTH by Lee Russell (sorry, OOP)
You can get a pdf version of "Labyrinth" from DriveThruRPG
or from E23

#4 Naked Doom by Ken St Andre).
They caught you...and now you must go on a forced march through
the Royal Khazan Gauntlet of Criminal Retribution and Rehabilitation.
1 War, L1-2. - $8.95. This is the new, revised edition. Ken has rewritten and added to it, making it compatible for Deluxe T&T.

You can get a pdf version of "Naked Doom" from DriveThruRPG

Solo #5 was Dargon's Dungeon, which has been long out of print, but you can get an official pdf version from E23

Solo #6: Weirdworld has been out of print for two decades. You can now get an official pdf version of it from DriveThruRPG

Solo #7 was Overkill, also long out of print, but you can get an official pdf version from

#8 Beyond the Silvered Pane by James and Steven Marciniak.
Step into the mirror worlds of Marcelanius the Fair -
if you’re lucky you’ll step out again!
1 War, L1-4 up to 70 adds. - $8.95.

#9 City of Terrors by Michael Stackpole.
The outdoor adventure in the city of Gull, on the sun-baked isle of Phoron.
1 Any, up to 275 adds. - $8.95.
Version for edition 5.5

You can order either the old 5.5 version, or the new Deluxe Edition version. The deluxe outdoor adventure in the city of Gull, on the sun-baked isle of Phoron, Meet strange denizens and dangerous foes in this massive solitaire adventure for Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls. Can you uncover the secret that is lurking in the shadows, as you fight for survival in in the streets and buildings of Gull? This longer Deluxe edition of City of Terrors has been updated by Ken St. Andre to be compatible with the new Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls rpg and includes additional options for players and new art, including a gorgeous new color version of the classic Liz Danforth/Rob Carver cover digitally painted by Steve Crompton. 64 pages, B&W $11.95

#12 Arena of Khazan by Ken St Andre).
Cover Art by Gene Day
Blood-lust on the gory sands of the Arena...
Fight for your freedom - or fight for your life.
1 Any, MM. - this adventure has been rewritten by Ken for Deluxe Edition and is available once more for only $11.95
Note that this adventure has been specifically written for any character of any level and any kindred. Looking for an adventure for your 21st level Were-Dragon? Here ya go!

You can get a pdf version of "Arena of Khazan" from DriveThruRPG for only $3.95

#13 Sewers of Oblivion by Michael Stackpole.
Adventure beneath the city of Gull! 1 Any, L1-7, up to 425 adds. (recommended: L3-5, 150-300 adds.) - OOP
You can now get an official pdf version of it from

or from E23

#14 Sea of Mystery by G. Arthur Rahman.
Shoulder your bag and march toward the port, to take ship on the Sea of Mystery!
1 Any, up to 45 adds, MM. $8.95

Solo #16: Mistywood has been out of print for quite awhile.
You can now get an official pdf version of it from DriveThruRPG

#17 Gamesmen of Kasar by Roy Cram.
Are you bold enough to face the challenge of the Gamesmen?
1 Any, up to 110 combat adds. - $8.95

#18 Beyond the Wall of Tears by K Martin Aul.
Lost in nightmares of terror, can you rescue your little sister
from the cruel lord of Iron Cantahf? 1 Any, no restrictions, MM.
Sorry, out of print. But we hope to make a pdf version available soon.

#19 Captif d’Yvoire by Steven Estvanik
You were surprised, captured by your master’s foe, the evil Duc de Binaire.
Escape seems impossible, but you must! 1 Any, L1-4, up to 80 adds. MM. - $8.95.

#20 The Amulet of the Salkti by David Steven Moskowitz. You must find the lost amulet and save the city of Freegore from the evil demon Sxelba and his armies of orcs. 1 Any, L1-8, up to 33 adds. MM. - $8.95.

#21 Red Circle by Michael Stackpole.
with cover by Liz Danforth.
The Baron makes you an offer: eliminate the raiders and he’ll make you richer
than you can possibly imagine. 1 Any, up to 60 personal adds. $8.95
(was previously announced as "out of print" but we discovered more copies.)

You can also get a pdf copy of Red Circle from E23.

#22 Caravan to Tiern by Andrea Mills. Tiern sounds like the perfect place to travel toward, but you’ll have to pass through the Plain where the Rararadin have begun raiding. So you join a caravan for safety! 1 Humanoid, any level, up to 72 personal adds, MM. - Unfortunately OOP.
You can get a pdf version of "Caravan to Tiern" from DriveThruRPG
and from E23

#23 Dark Temple by Stefan Jones.
Are the followers of Krestock simple pilgrims, victimized by lies,
or an evil cult seeking the magical Phoenix scroll to give their foul leader
power over the land? The answer to your quest lies in the Dark Temple. - $8.95
sorry - sold out. Not sure when we will get more.

#24 When the Cat’s Away by Catherine DeMott, also includes New Sorcerer Solitaire revised by James Walker, and Solo For The Intellectually Challenged by Rick Loomis. 3 solos in one 80-page book. In 2 of them, you are a young wizard out on a quest. The 3rd solo is a hilarious parody! 1 humanoid, lower level, up to 45 adds, MM. - $8.95


Circle of Ice by Paul Creelman. (Mini-adventure.) Snatched from your homeland by the Dark Lords, you must spy out the Circle of Ice for them - and return, if you can. 1, Any, L1-4, up to 70 combat adds. (Sorry, out of print).

Pocket-book sized double solo adventures:

You can buy a copy of the pocket sized adventures printed by Corgi,
in which each has a short synopsis (quick-start) version of the rules in it.
One of these was the City of Terrors adventure by Michael Stackpole.
I thought we were out of these, but recently found some more
You can buy it for $6.95

Naked Doom & Deathtrap Equalizer
Unfortunately we are out of these, and probably won't get any more.

Amulet of the Salkti & Arena of Khazan as above $6.95
Earlier, we announced we were out of this book. Then we found some more. Then we sold all those and said we were out again. Recently, after a flood at our warehouse, as we were throwing away the waterlogged books and moving those that were not ruined to higher ground, we found another box of these!

Captif d’Yvoire & Beyond the Silvered Pane as above. $6.95.

Sword for Hire & Blue Frog Tavern by James Wilson.
Hire yourself out to explore the dark recesses of a wizard’s tower. 1, any, L1-3;
and Team up with Quartz the rock demon to recover the magic Blue Frog Amulet. 1, any, up to 15 adds. OOP
Sorry we don't have any more of this one, and are unlikely to get more.

Gamesmen of Kasar & Mistywood, Gamesmen of Kasar as above. Mistywood by Roy Cram. What horrors lurk in Mistywood? With Duke Bronzo’s men hot on your heels, you must find out! 1 Any, up to 110 adds. $6.95.

There were two kinds of "pocket sized" adventures. The ones we did (Goblin Lake, Circle of Ice, Abyss) which were completely different from any other published adventure (and which are now out of print, although you can get a photocopy of the Abyss adventure with the T&T Bonus Pack #1), and the ones done by Corgi, an English publisher, under license from us (all the double books plus city of terrors). When Corgi discontinued the line, we bought their remaining stock.

If we still have a solo in stock with the same name as one of the corgi solos, it's really the same adventure. They used completely different artwork, and they included a short synopsis of the rules in the front. (So you could just buy one or more of the Corgi solos and not bother to buy the rules). Also the pocket sized version of the rules have the names of the spells changed, since the Corgi editor thought the "silly spell names" was a turn-off.

The Corgi books are "paperback book sized" books, and our books and rulebook are all 8 1/2" x 11" in size. Which you prefer is mostly a matter of convenience.

We also did a special solo adventure ELVEN LORDS by Michael Stackpole, with art by Elizabeth Danforth. This was a limited edition book, and all copies are signed and numbered. (Sorry, sold out)

New Solo adventures by Ken St Andre:

Do you have what it takes to be an Agent of the Death Goddess? Khara Khang's Random Rainbow Maze is a simple test for warriors who want to serve their Empress. Show that you have what it takes by getting through it alive. Two simple strategies will serve you well -- Fight! and Flight! This introductory solo adventure by Ken St Andre will introduce you to some of the stranger fauna of Trollworld and teach you the basics of playing Tunnels & Trolls.

Temporarily unavailable as hard copy. I am reformatting it. Watch this space.

You can also get a pdf version of "Khara Khang's Random Rainbow Maze" from DriveThruRPG and from E23

This is a short solitaire adventure for trolls. It takes place more than a mile beneath the surface of Trollworld, and it is a part of the secret war between Trolls and Dwarves that is completely unknown to dwellers of the surface world. Your character must be a rock troll and it should be a powerful one. Make a character using the T&T 7.5 rules, or choose one of the sample trolls included in the appendix. $8.95

You can also get a pdf version of "Deep Delving" from DriveThruRPG and from E23

Would you rather fight dire wolves in a blizzard or spend the evening drinking with a one-eyed dwarf in a cozy tavern? That's a no-brainer, right? You might want to reconsider, because you'll actually be safer with the wolves. This adventure is for 1st to 3rd level characters with less than 100 adds, intended for use with the T&T 7.5 rules. $8.95

You can also get a pdf version of "A Traveler's Tale" from DriveThruRPG and from E23

Just another day in the city of Khazan -- get your sword fixed, deal with a pickpocket, battle some uruks and face hordes of undead. This is a T&T mini-adventure for a human warrior with 50 combat adds or less, intended for use with the T&T 7.5 rules. Can you survive it? $8.95

You can also get a pdf version of "A Sworded Adventure" from DriveThruRPG and from E23

So, you think of yourself as a warrior and a proven adventurer? But do you have what it takes to serve as an agent of the Death Goddess? Find out as The Wizard's Test challenges your wit and prowess in some very sticky situations indeed. Solo adventure for one level 3 or lower human or humanoid warrior or rogue. $8.95 Product number FBI 0085

You can also get a pdf version of "The Wizard's Test" from DriveThruRPG and from E23

You've wandered into the only tavern in the rogue-filled town of Frrarrg. So far, so good, but it's a rough place. Will you be able to get out alive? For any humanoid fighter (no magic) 3rd level or lower. By Ken St Andre and Andy Holmes, art by David Ullery. $8.95 Product number FBI 0086

You can also get a pdf version of "Tavern by the Sea" from DriveThruRPG and from E23

The DewDrop Inn is the most famous hotel on Trollworld. It's run by a retired adventurer, an old wizard who wants to try his hand at being Dungeon Master. You have nothing to fear in this hotel, unless you're an adventurer. In that case, you might be sorry you dropped in to the DewDrop Inn. For any humanoid character no more than 10 feet tall. By Ken St Andre, art by David Ullery. $11.95 Product number FBI 0087

You can also get a pdf version of "Dewdrop Inn" from DriveThruRPG and from E23

A solitaire adventure for characters level 4 or higher. It is for any humanoid kindred - men, elves, dwarves, goblins, uruks, hobs, skeleton-men, etc. It is NOT for trolls, ogres, giants, centaurs or any of the beast kindreds. It is also not for wizards, although rogues with the ever useful "Take That You Fiend" spell are permitted.
The journey has taken months and it has stripped you down to the bare essentials of your life - your weapons, your clothing, and some indispensable tools that you can carry in a pack. There have been wrong turns and dead ends, but you are finally here at the village of Vvvarrr's Qiip, on the slower slopes of an immense mountain in the Khargish Range, far northeast of the city of Khazan. You have seen the dragon herself. You have seen the mighty Vvvarrr flying through the snow-laden clouds, scarcely more than a dark speck far above you. It hasn't been easy to reach this remote location, but the quest for eternal life is never easy.
By Ken St Andre, art by David Ullery and Miika Spray. 32 pages. $8.95 Product number FBI 0088
Although this is a solitaire adventure, it also includes information in the back that allows you to use it as a gamemaster adventure for your friends, once you are through playing it solo.

You can also get a pdf version of "Dragon's Blood" from DriveThruRPG and from E23

A solitaire adventure for low level humanoid characters.
Do you know how to fight? Or could a goblin girl with a trident take you down? Find out when you visit the Shadowhand Battle School on Trollworld in this solo adventure.
By Ken St Andre, art by David Ullery. 16 pages. $5.95 Product number FBI 0090

You can also get a pdf version of "Battle School" from DriveThruRPG and from E23

A solitaire adventure for first through third level humanoid characters.
As an agent of the Death Goddess, your mission is simple. Just befriend a tribe of savage Uruks and outwit an island full of ruthless sea raiders. Try not to get eaten by dire wolves or hungry sharks, and don't let the pirate wizards catch you either!
By Ken St Andre, art by David Ullery. 16 pages. $5.95 Product number FBI 0092

You can also get a pdf version of "Rescue Mission" from DriveThruRPG and from E23

A solitaire adventure for any warrior or citizen level 1-3.
Four jars of mead is enough for a small party. Your job is to go out and get the booze for Korkorum, an important man in the Court of the Death Goddess. It's a simple task, but even simple jobs can be hard to accomplish in Khazan on a stormy day.
By Ken St Andre, art by David Ullery. 16 pages. $4.95 Product number FBI 0093

You can also get a pdf version of "Four Jars of Mead" from DriveThruRPG and from E23


T&T Computer Generated Character Sheets: an envelope with 25 computer generated characters for T&T with weapons, items & languages. Each package unique. $5

For a T&T character card that you can print out for your use, click here.

Here are some T&T solo adventures that you can play online:

The first T&T solo adventure was Buffalo Castleby Rick Loomis.

Also Ken St Andre (the designer of T&T) has put a T&T solo the "Old Dwarf Mine" online. Click here to visit the Mine

Plan to come to the T&T Convention in Arizona. Click here for information about the convention, and a link to sign up.

Free RPG Day
Flying Buffalo participated in both "Free RPG Days" in 2007 and 2008
You could have visited any one of the more than 300 gamestores on that day, and picked up a FREE copy (short version) of the Tunnels & Trolls rules, plus a solo adventure that will allow you to play the game by yourself, or with friends. You can still get a copy by visiting our booth at ORIGINS or GENCON, or by agreeing to run a T&T event for us at your local convention or gamestore. Email rick at flying buffalo dot com. Or you can just purchase one for $2.

To get whichever version we still have copies of, for $2:

Here is a link to the cover for the 2007 Free RPG Day book

The 2008 version contained a short version of the rules, a GM adventure by Ken St Andre and a (very short) solo by Rick Loomis
Unfortunately we have given away or sold all copies of the 2008 version.

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