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We are not a software company. Most of our games are card games, boardgames, or roleplaying game books, and the programs that run our play by mail games are not available. However, if you are only looking for software, here are the programs we do have available:


We created a bunch of 1 Gig flashdrives with our logo printed on them, and a bunch of T&T pdfs already loaded onto it. It includes the new Deluxe T&T rules, Buffalo Castle, City of Terrors, Deathtrap Equalizer, Dungeon of the Bear, Saving Fang, and the First Edition reprint; plus a short edition of the rules (what we gave away on free RPG day), a printable GM Screen, a poster of the COT cover, and the old T&T computer game (Crusaders of Khazan), the Nuclear War computer game, and a homebrew Bard's Tale we call "The Buftale" (these last three, you will need to be able to run DOS on your computer to use them. They are that old.)
All of the above on a single flashdrive, only $30.

Note that all the computer games are really old. You have to have a DOS emulator on your computer, such as DOSBOX. If you don't know what DOS is, you probably should not buy any of these.

TUNNELS & TROLLS: New World Computing did a computer version of our T&T roleplaying game some years ago. It is no longer available in the usual computer channels, but we can burn you a copy on a CD. (Requires DOS emulator 640K, mouse optional. EGA or CGA - this is an old game) Unfortunately the cluebook is no longer in print, but if we get any demand for it, we are seriously considering reprinting it. The graphics on this program are of course somewhat outdated. You are looking down from an overhead view in both the movement screen and the combat (tactical) screen. But there is a LOT of stuff in this program. (Those of you who have played a lot of our solo adventure books will recognize some of it, but be careful that you aren't led astray by your extra knowledge!)

Just the T&T Continent printed color map

T&T Computer game on CD

NUCLEAR WAR: New World Computing also did a computer version of our popular Nuclear War card game. It is also no longer available anywhere but from us. This computer game is for one player, competing against 4 computeropponents. (You get to select your opponents from about a dozen fictional versions of real world leaders such as "Jimmy Farmer", "Ronald Raygun", "Maggie Satcher", etc.). It's $14.95. It also comes in a zip lock baggie instead of a box, and is available in 3" or 5" format, and also not available in the usual computer channels anymore. (If you purchased this program for your 386 computer, and find now that it doesn't work on your 486, there is a fixed version available. Send us your old disks and $5 and we'll send you the corrected version. I realize it's annoying to pay extra for a fixed version, but WE weren't the ones who put out a version that won't run on a 486, and New World Computing no longer supports the program. I'm not sure $5 even covers our cost. We'll send it to you on a 3" disk unless you specify 5". If you don't know what a 386 or a 486 computer is, ignore this paragraph. This is a DOS program and should run on any computer that lets you run DOS programs. ) This is a fun little program that you can play in about an hour, and can play over and over. I've personally played it about 20 times and only won twice.
Requirements for the Nuclear War game: keyboard or mouse play, 512K CGA/EGA, 640K MCGA/VGA, recommended 8+ MHz (in other words, it's an oldie. It does run on a Pentium or 486). Unfortunately, since we did not program this game, we do not have the source code, and have no plans to make it available for Mac. (We would if we could, but it is not possible for us.)

Nuclear War computer game on CD

THE BUFFALO TALE: I purchased the "Bards Tale Construction Kit" and made up a "Bards Tale" adventure using the Flying Buffalo offices and employees. Meet Lee and Chuck and Lisa (and me, Rick). See my boojum tree. Exterminate the termites and evil "dust bunnies" in our offices. Explore the notorious Flying Buffalo "basement" that doesn't really exist (a very old "in" joke). See the controversial "pots" on the Phoenix freeway. Rescue my ex-girlfriend from "program bugs" and "hardware problems". Drink Mountain Dew. And be the first person to finish the game, get the password, and win a prize from Flying Buffalo. (Yes, after all this time, still no one has done it! First one who does gets a free tshirt. But even if you're the second or third, we'll give you a bumper sticker for your effort.) The game is actually fairly difficult at first, until you build up to 3rd level so you can cast spells that destroy a bunch of monsters at once. (The termites are especially difficult if you can't kill a bunch all at once). Then it's easy for a long time, until the very last monster. You really have to build up before you can tackle the final monster. Anyway, send $10 for this one and ask for "The Buftale".
For some reason this hasn't attracted much attention. If you are an FBI fan or a Bards Tale fan, you ought to pick this up just for grins. As of Nov 2004 I am still willing to give away prizes to anyone who tells me the "password" from winning this game.

CD or 3 inch

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