FINALLYMy internet provider changed his format and my "sign up forms" quit working. But I figured it out, so you can use these forms. When you hit "send" you should get a note that an email was successfully sent. If not, email me and let me know.

Before you sign up for a game, please be sure you have ordered or downloaded a copy of the rules. And for some of the games you will need to make choices upon signup, so you should read or at least skim the rules before you sign up.

Please understand a few things:
(1) These games are not free (although there are some where you can try a "demo game" for free). Our full-time job is running these games (and answering questions) for people.
(2) These games are not instant online games. You may email your instructions, and your results can be emailed to you. But a "turn" is generally once every two weeks (you can join a weekly game, or a monthly game).
(3) There may be a wait before the game can start. Most of the games (other than Riftlords or Heroic Fantasy) can't start until we have enough players to fill the game. (You can always check the online waiting list to see how many people are waiting for the next game.)

Click below to join:
Nuclear Destruction or Galactic Conflict or Mobius or Feudal Lords
Heroic Fantasy or Battle Plan or WW Battle Plan or 1939 Battle Plan

You don't have to use this form or any form to sign up for a game. Just send an email to "games at flying buffalo dot com" and tell us what game you want and the details. The first game you sign up for, you will be assigned an account number. You'll use the same account for all the games you play with us. After the first, all we'll need is your name and account number when you sign up for more games.

If you don't hear from us about your game within a couple days, please email me at rick at flyingbuffalo dot com.