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Hi. I'm president and owner of Flying Buffalo Inc. You can often meet me at the game conventions Flying Buffalo attends. If you'd like to see a picture of me hard at work at Gencon 2000, click here! or at Gencon 2008 click here! Or if you want to see a picture of me at the GAMA Trade Show 2001 in Las Vegas with Kimmi from Survivor, click here!. I've been a gamer all my life, and I started Flying Buffalo Inc. over 40 years ago because there were games that I wanted to play, which weren't available. The above picture is an old one of me at church camp (I was a counselor). I've since added a newer picture at the bottom of this page, just in case someone is curious.

What I mean by "games..which weren't available", are complicated, multi-player games with hidden movement and lots of time to plan your moves. (i.e. play by mail!). When I was in high school in 1965 I designed a multi-player, hidden movement, super complicated game which required a referee (unfortunately, usually me, which meant I couldn't play). We just called this game "The Game". Later that year I saw my first computer (which took up an entire room at the local power company) and immediately thought "If I could just program that computer to referee "The Game", then I could play too!" That's my ultimate goal in this business, but unfortunately the game is so complicated we haven't programmed it yet. But we're working on it.

There is more on the history of Flying Buffalo on another page; this page is just about me. I'm a graduate of Arizona State University (accounting), and an ASU football fan. I like softball*, (If you would like to see the current batting averages of my softball team click here ) tennis, bowling, collecting stamps, reading science fiction, and of course, playing games. Some of my favorite games are Nuclear War, Empire Builder, Risk!, Naval War, Settlers of Catan, Civil War Boardgames, and poker.

I'm a veteran. During the Vietnam War I spent three years in the US Army in the Signal Corps, serving on a small island in the Pacific. (You may have heard of it. Oahu? We all serve in different ways!) That was 1969 to 1971. (Yes, I started Flying Buffalo while I was in the Army. I think it annoyed the other soldiers whose names started with "L" that the "L-M" box in the mailroom was always stuffed with mail, and it was all for me!)

I am single and live with my sister and her four cats, cockatoo, and several guppies. I travel to a lot of game conventions around the world, and if you would like me to give you advice about running a game company, try dropping by my booth at one of the shows. If it's one of the bigger shows, check the program to see if I'm giving a talk. I try to always do that at Origins and Gencon every year. And if you are the guest coordinator at a game show, I'm always willing to consider new shows, especially if you make me a guest and offer to pay some of the expenses.

Click here for a painting of the world headquarters building of Flying Buffalo (painted by Eric Samuelson, my brother-in-law). Or click here for a bigger copy of the same picture (may take awhile to download).

I enjoy odd plants, and one of the oddest is the infamous "Boojum Tree". Yes, that's really its name. And I've got one in my back yard. I bought it at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix around 1985 or so, and planted it in my back yard. It was about four inches tall at the time, and now it's about 5 feet tall. Here are some pictures. That wooden fence in the background comes to about mid-thigh on me, to give you some perspective. (Every time I meet a new lady I want to impress, I invite her to come to my house and see my Boojum Tree. I don't know why that never works....)

And now it is over ten feet tall!

*On January 22nd, 2003, at approximately 815pm, in a softball game at the Scottsdale Adult Recreation League in Scottsdale, Arizona, at the age of 55 yrs, Rick Loomis hit his first triple in an actual game, of his life. A Memorable Event! Over the center fielder's head and all the way to the fence. (I didn't even have to slide!)

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