To sign up for a game of Riftlords, please fill out the following form:
(Please fill out all the spaces, and seriously, we would like to have your real name for our records and so we can postally mail you the map and other information. We realize that people on the web like to use "screen names" but then we get a check with your real name on it, and we don't know who it's for. Or you move and the post office doesn't forward your mail because they don't know who "Dark Shadow" is. We don't give or sell this information to anyone else. )
If your browser is unable to use the form, please email the following information to: Riftlords@flyingbuffalo.com

(Remember, the first three turns are free, after which we expect you to send us a check or a credit card number.)

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Note: I send an email to each list approximately once a month. I do NOT sell or loan my list to anyone else.

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