For those who have never seen our products, or tried our games, and are curious but afraid to send money, we have an introductory play by mail game. You can have a FREE set of Riftlords rules.

If you send an email addressed to rlrules1 at flyingbuffalo dot com you will get back automatically an email copy of the rules to our space trading game. (Note: this is an automatic robot. It should work 24 hours a day. If you include a comment or message to that address, we will not see it. Also note: if you are on AOL or possibly one of the other networks like Compuserve or MSN, it might take a couple of hours for the message to work it's way back to you. We know that AOL, in particular, is having a hard time dealing with SPAMMERS, and sometimes there are several hours of delay in getting email between the internet and AOL.) (And since We are having a hard time with spammers, we have coded that email address. Note that it is the numeral one at the end of the first word, and of course "at" means @ and dot means . and there are no spaces in the email address.)

If instead (or in addition) you would like a hardcopy of the rules mailed to you by snail mail, send us an email (to games at flying buffalo dot com) with your postal mailing address and tell us you want the RL rules.

You can also see an html version of the Riftlords rules that you can look at with your browser here

To further entice you to try us, we will give you the first three turns of your Riftlords game FREE!

Once you have your rules in hand, you can sign up here.

To look at the Riftlords Map click here.

You can also get a free copy of the Heroic Fantasy rules by doing an ftp to and going to pub. There is a text version and a pkzipped version there for your download.
Or you can see an html copy of the Heroic Fantasy rules by clicking HERE

More of our game rules online for your viewing pleasure:
Battle Plan
Election Year
Feudal Lords
Galactic Conflict
Nuclear Destruction
Nuclear War

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This page last updated Oct 19, 2008.