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GAME LENGTH: Indefinite

Riftlords is a space trading game where you fly from world to world buying and selling eighteen different commodities in a universe of at least 1000 worlds, trying to make the most money. You can encounter pirates, buy extra engines and cargo pods, increase the skills of your crew, and try to get your ship on one of the top ten lists. After you earn more than a million credits, you can spend the money on an "advanced navigational computer" which puts you into the advanced game. In the advanced game, combat between players is allowed, plus you can colonize your own planets, name them, and decide what industry they will build.

NOTE: Riftlords was nominated by the Academy of Adventure Game Arts & Design for the Origins Award for "Best PBM Game of 2001". For more info on the Origins Awards, go to http://www.originsawards.net

VARIANTS AVAILABLE: Once a week (by email), every two weeks, or monthly games. There is NO setup fee, and the first three turns are free. This is our recommended beginners game and we are willing to give you a free look at it. After the free turns, the turn fee is $4 per turn for 3 ships. You can have a free set of rules and you can sign up here.

NOTE: This is an ongoing game. When you join you will be put in a game that is already going. Yes, this means that players who joined before you have an advantage, if the only thing you are interested in is being the player with the most money. But there are other goals you can aim for, such as "most improved", or best smuggler, or attacking the #1 player, or just having an effect on the "universe" of the game.

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