This page last updated November 20, 2017

If you own a retail store, and wish to carry Flying Buffalo games, send us an email and we will send you a free copy of our catalog, and a list of our current distributors. (We prefer to sell through distibutors when possible, as they provide many useful services.) Be sure and tell us the postal mailing address of your store. email to rick at flying buffalo dot com. However, if you want to order something your distributor doesn't carry, we will sell direct. Contact me.

If you already carry our products, or plan to, and want to have your store listed on our web page, just tell us. And if you have a web page too, tell us the address and we will offer a cross connection with you. (i.e., we list your page if you list ours).

NEWEST OFFER: Would you like a cool FLOOR DECAL of this Grimtooth picture? Wouldn't it look great on the floor in front of a display of Grimtooth's Traps books? You can have one for free! Just order an assortment of at least 24 Grimtooth's Traps books, Citybooks, or the 50th Anniversary Nuclear War card game, and ask for the free floor decal. There are currently available 6 different Traps books, and 4 different Citybooks, so two of each and 4 Nuclear War would get you the decal. Or if you just want to buy one, I'll get one to you for only $30.

FREE RPG DAY: If you missed Free RPG Day, and would like to order a half dozen of the T&T sampler, you can buy it with paypal right here. We sell them on our webpage for $2 each. You can get 6 for $10 plus postage. This offer is only for retail stores.

We recently announced via press release some demo packs. These are available for a small fee for stores who want to run a tournament or a demo.

Nuclear War Tournament Pack includes a copy of Nuclear War, several bonus cards, and a Supergerm tshirt for $25 (Note: the $25 price is for stores only. If you are an individual the price is $50, or contact me if you want to run a tournament at a convention or game store).

Lost Worlds Demo/Tournament pack which includes tournament rules, and four different LW books $10 (for stores only)

If your store would like an initial "sampler" of Lost Worlds books (there are over 50 of them), you can order the Lost Worlds Sampler Pack: 2 copies each of 10 different LW books for $50 (for stores only).

The following promotional items are currently available free to bona fide retail stores. (There is a price listed, but that is for non-store fans who are reading this page. If you do not own a store, we will be happy to send you some of our promotional material but please be fair and pay us our cost. This section is really intended for store owners.)

  1. Catalogs (how many do you want)? - (Free)
  2. Lost Worlds Tournament Free Package (to include tournament rules, artwork for badges, reporting form, posters, and some fantasy cards for prizes) - ($5)
  3. T&T Fellowship "We want you" poster - ($2)
  4. Lost Worlds removeable, static-cling window sticker (Lost Worlds Sold Here) - ($3)
  5. Nuclear War poster - ($1)
  6. Nuclear Escalation poster - ($1)
  7. I (heart) Nuclear War bumper sticker - ($2)
  8. City of Terrors Color Cover poster ($2)

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