The PBM game of Starweb requires you to have a "codename" that identifies your fleets and planets. We allow the serious fans of starweb to "reserve" a name that (once it is reserved) only they are allowed to use in a Starweb game. (Note that you don't get to pick your code name in anonymous games, so if you plan to play only the anonymous version of Starweb, it is of no use to reserve a name.) (We don't allow you to reserve the names that we often use as "house names" nor anything that is obscene, insulting, or might be confusing to the other players (such as "unowned" or "neutral" or someone else's last name). The lifetime* fee for this service is $20. Here is a list of the currently reserved names:

This page last updated August 12, 2017.

*"lifetime" means that as long as you want to keep it, you can have it. On rare occasions we may send a message to each name on the list and ask them if they still want their name. If you don't respond to such a message, we may assume you are no longer interested in keeping it, and make it available to someone else.

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