These books are hardbound, and the interior art is in full color. They are printed in Japan, and each of these books is fully compatible with all the other Lost Worlds books. However the text is in Japanese - there is an English translation on this page.

Below are the "Queens Gate" series of books. The Japanese publisher also has a series called "Queen's Blade". To see the books in that series, click here. Queen's Blade
As I understand it, the "Queen's Blade" characters are characters that Hobby Japan has created. The "Queen's Gate" characters are ones from some other company that they licensed for this purpose. They are "from another Universe" and have "gated" into the Queen's Blade universe. Or something like that.

LOST WORLDS is a fantasy combat game. It takes two books to play the game. Your book is your character/fighter, and each book has it's own advantages and weaknesses. To fight a duel you trade books, so you are looking at pictures of your opponent. Each picture shows what your opponent did last move. There are more than 50 other Lost Worlds combat picture books (each fully compatible with these Queens Gate books) at the Lost Worlds page.

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Suchie-Pai from Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai

To order Suchie (available June 29) ($28.00) click here.

Pyrrha from Soul Calibur V

To order Pyrrha (available now) ($28.00) click here.

Kanu from Shinkoihimemuso

To order Kanu ($28.00) click here.

Taki from Soul Calibur

To order Taki ($28.00) click here.

Noel Vermillion from BLAZBLUE

To order Noel ($28.00) click here.

Ivy from Soul Calibur

To order Ivy ($28.00) click here.

Yukimura Sanada (from Hyakkaryoran)

To order Yukimura Sanada ($28.00) click here.

Yagyu Jubei (from Hyakkaryoran)

To order Yagyu ($28.00) click here.

Katja (from The Qwaser of Stigmata)

To order Katja ($28.00) click here.

Junko Hattori (from Demon King Daimao)

To order Junko Hattori ($28.00) click here.

Lili (from Tekken)

To order Lili ($28.00) click here.

Kasumi (from Dead or Alive)

To order Kasumi ($30.00) click here.

Cham Cham (from Samurai Shodown)

To order Cham Cham ($28.00) click here.

Mina Majikina (from Samurai Spirits)

To order Mina for $28 click here.

Dizzy from GuiltygearXXA Core
Sorry, I appear to be out of "Dizzy"

Mai Shiranui (From the King of Fighters)
Sorry, I appear to be out of Mai Shiranui.

Sorry I appear to be out of Iroha.

Ink Nijihara, Witch Girl.
Ink is a character in a popular animation “Moetan” in Japan. She teaches her opponent English vocabularies.

To purchase Ink Nijihara ($20.00) click here.

Alice, gate opener.
Alice was co-created with Nitroplus, a well-known game publisher in Japan. She has two handguns and a whip. Actually, the whip is apparently a tail. Or sometimes she carries it tucked into the back of her pants, I'm not sure. She also has an unusual move where she suddenly "grows up" (Note the second picture).

Sorry, I seem to have sold all copies of Alice.

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