These books are hardbound, and the interior art is in full color. They are printed in Japan, and each of these books is fully compatible with all the other Lost Worlds books. However the text is in Japanese - there is an English on this page.

Below are the "Queens Blade Rebellion" series of books. The original series is "Queens Blade" and can be found here: .
There is also a series called "Queen's Gate". .

Newsflash: the Queens Blade Lost Worlds game is now available in Japan on cell phones! To see some screenshots, go to cellphonepics.pdf

LOST WORLDS is a fantasy combat game. It takes two books to play the game. Your book is your character/fighter, and each book has it's own advantages and weaknesses. To fight a duel you trade books, so you are looking at pictures of your opponent. Each picture shows what your opponent did last move. There are more than 50 other Lost Worlds combat picture books (each fully compatible with these Queens Blade books) at .

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"Queen's Blade Rebellion".
Here are the latest books: (as always, they are compatible with all the other Queen's Blade, Queen's Gate, and Lost Worlds books).

Werbellia, the Swamp Witch

Sorry I am out of Werbellia

Great Pirate Liliana = Ayaka Sayama Edition (Live Version)

To order the Ayaka Sayama live version of Liliana for $40 click here.
Only one left

IZUMI - Samurai of the War God

To order Izumi for $28 click here.

LAILA - Celestial Punisher

To order Laila for $28 click here.

Great Pirate Captain Liliana
Available now

To order Liliana for $28 click here.

Enslaved Dragon Warrior Branwen
Available now

To order Branwen for $28 click here.

Summoner Aldra
Reborn as a "Summoner" after she lost her battle.

To order Summoner Aldra for $28 click here.

Gemstone Princess Eilin and Iron Advisor Ymir

Eilin is here!. To order Eilin for $28 click here.

LunaLuna, Moon Shadow Dancer

LunaLuna is out, sorry.

Sigui: Inquisitor (sorry out of Sigui)

Twin Taimashi: Tarnyang & Sainyang

To order Twin Taimashi for $28 click here.

Huit and Vingt

To purchase Huit and Vingt for $28 click here.

Mirim Ultra Vibration Valkyrie

Sorry, I am out of Mirim

Annelotte, Princess Knight

Sorry, I am out of Annelotte.

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