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Important note: we don't start many private games. All private game fees (and rules) are negotiable. Tell me what you want, and I'll let you know whether we can accomodate you.

Most of the below information doesn't apply to Covert Operations. Since it is an entirely email game, and we're going to charge you a flat fee for the entire game, we don't even have to have the addresses of the players, or assign them "account numbers". You just tell us the speed of the game ( daily, or processed on a specified day or days of the week.), the number of players, and the map you want to use. We'll negotiate a price for the game, which will be less than the $25 per player per game that we charge for a regular game. You can use our map, or any map you want. All you have to do is give us a list of the "connections" and the abbreviations for the spaces (we'll explain that to you). Also if you send us a "gif" or "jpg" of the map, we can post the map for you on our webpage (unless it is copyrighted by someone else, such as the "Risk" map for instance. You can USE the Risk map for your game, but we can't post it online. ) There will be a one time fee the first time, for creating your map. After that you can use it again for no additional charge. Once we get the map set up, and you pay the fee, you can give us a list of the names, code names, and email addresses of the players.

Other pbm private games:
In a SINGLE ENVELOPE send us a list of the names & addresses (and account numbers, if they have them already) of all the players in your private game. Each player will have his own account, and be responsible for his own game fees. There should be a check in this letter to cover setup fees and starting accounts for any player who does not already have an account with us. Players should ALREADY have the rules. If any of the players are using "coupons" for setup fees, they should be sent to the person starting the game, and included in this envelope.

Please note that private games are never included in the official ratings. Also note that you cannot turn your account number over to another player. It is how we identify YOU. You can provide us with a "standby player" for any position in your private game, and we will assign this person a new account number if necessary. You can also transfer money from your account to his. But do not ask us to "Change my account to Wally Blunder".

You may pick any kind of due dates you like, but once you pick them, we won't change them unless "the person responsible for the game" informs us that all the players have agreed to the change. Please have one person (usually the one who sends in the original request) designated as the person "responsible" for the private game, so we can write him or her if there are any problems about the game. This person can be in the game, or not, as you like.

Sometimes it is possible to provide variant games, but please write and ask first, as some variations requested are simply not possible due to the way the games are programmed. At present, all of the games can be sent to you by internet email (Mobius I and Lizards, with some difficulty).

We reserve the right to drop players if their accounts go negative, or if they miss too many turns. We also reserve the right to change the turn fees of a game in progress if conditions necessitate it (we seldom do this). Orders of 5 or more copies of any of the rulebooks will be sent in bulk at a 40% discount if all sent to the same address, & you ask for this discount.

STARWEB: Minimum number of players = 10. Maximum = 15. For a private game, the setup fee is $3 per player instead of $5. Rest of the fees are the same. You may set up a private "multi" game where players play two or three positions each, and the turn fee is $8 and the minimum number of players is 5. You can play to a specific score (up to 30,000 points) or a specific turn, or until one player controls more than half the worlds.

BATTLE PLAN: $4.50 setup fee and $3.50 per turn. Minimum # of players = 4. Maximum = 29 for the European map, 31 for the South American map. (You can use either. We usually put 6-10 players in a game).

WORLD WIDE BATTLE PLAN: $4.50 setup fee and turn fee of $5 for "equal forces" game. (If you want a "real forces" game call me and we'll negotiate). Minimum number of players = 12, Maximum = 31. 1939WWBP: if you can fill all 13 positions, we will charge $3 per turn for the minor positions, and $7 per turn for the majors, plus $5 per PLAYER setup fee. Each player can play more than one position. Each position will get a separate printout and be charged a separate fee. You can drop positions that have been wiped out, but we reserve the right to declare a winner if there are too many dropouts. If you don't fill all 13 positions, price is negotiable.

NUCLEAR DESTRUCTION: $4.50 setup fee and $2.50 per turn. Minimum # of starting players = 8. Maximum 31. (You can specify the number of minors, up to 96. We usually put in between 1 1/2 to 2 minors per player.)

HEROIC FANTASY: $4.50 setup fee and $3 per turn. Minimum # of starting players = 4. Maximum = 15.

GALACTIC CONFLICT: you are allowed to pick the number of worlds which will be in your game. This number can be from 50 to 400. The turn fee is 20 cents per turn per world, and this is divided among the number of players currently in the game. The setup fee is $4.50 per player. Maximum # of players = 15.

FEUDAL LORDS: $4.50 setup and $3.50 per turn. Minimum players = 5. Maximum = 17. You can play more than one position in this game also.

LIZARDS: Check with me for prices and details.

We don't need the addresses of your players. You tell us their names, and if you like, account numbers. We will charge all turn fees to your account, and they should be paid in advance. You can buy the rules in quantity at a 40% discount. You mail us all the turns in one envelope, at the same time. We process the game the day we receive the envelope, and mail all the printouts back to you by postal mail or email. There will be a $10 setup fee (per game, not per player) to set up the game, and if we have to make a correction to a mistake YOU made, there will be a minimum $5 charge. (Such as rerunning a game because you forgot to include one of the turn sheets, etc). Note that for most games, we can fix a mistake by rerunning the latest turn, or by making a correction to the current game data. We can also remail a specific printout or all the printouts for the latest turn, but we can't go back to past turns and recreate them. There may be a discount if you type all the orders and email them to us. There may be a further discount if we email you the results instead of printing them out here. Note that if you email us the orders and we email you back the results, you can have your results in 24 hours or less.

STARWEB: Minimum 10 players, (5 for a "multi" game where players play two or three positions) maximum 15. $3.50 per player per turn if we use postal mail both directions. $3 per player per turn if we can email the results to you. $2.50 per player per turn if you send us the orders by email, already typed in our format, and we email them back to you. For Multi games $7 per player per turn if we use postal mail, $6 per player per turn if we email the results to you, $5 per player per turn if we use email both ways.

BATTLE PLAN: Minimum 4 players, maximum 29 for the European map, 31 for the South American map. $3.50 per player per turn if we use postal mail both directions. $3 if we email the results to you $2.50 if we use email both ways as above. No "multi" games for BP.

WORLD WIDE BATTLE PLAN: for an "equal forces" game, $4 per turn if we use postal mail. $3.50 if we email the results to you, $3 if we use email both ways. Minimum 12 players, maximum 31. For a "real forces" game, we'll charge you a flat fee for each turn, regardless of the number of players and you decide how to charge them. It will be $50 per turn if we use snailmail both ways, $45 per turn if we can email you the results, $40 per turn if we email both ways. If you want us to create a customized setup, there will be an additional $50 setup fee (but once we have it set up, you can use it multiple times). For 1939 WWBP $3.50 per turn for minor countries, $5.50 for major powers if all positions are filled.

NUCLEAR DESTRUCTION: $1.50 per player per turn if we send you the turns by postal mail; $1 per player per turn if we email them to you. No particular discount for you to email the turns to us.

HEROIC FANTASY: $2 per player per turn if we postal mail the turns. $1.50 per player per turn if we email the results to you. No discount for sending the turns in by email.

FEUDAL LORDS: $2.50 per player per turn if we postal mail the turns; $2 per player per turn if we email them to you. No discount for sending the turns in by email.

LIZARDS: Contact me and we'll discuss what might be possible.

RIFTLORDS: To set up your own private universe there is a $10 setup fee. Then turns are $10 per game per turn, plus $1 per ship per turn if we postal mail the turns, or 75 cents per ship per turn if we can email the turns to you. Minimum number of players = 1. Maximum number of players = 10,000 (theoretically no limit)


Personalized Riftlords: You get to name all the stars, and if you want, place them on the map. (You can even pick the star types if you like.) And you can pick the "Game Number" (Game RL-Charlie) (Up to 8 letters and/or numbers for the game number) and the game speed. (Daily, weekly, monthly, whatever). The price to set it up for you is 50 cents per star. You can choose how many stars, from 200 to 10,000. Once the game is set up, you pick who gets to play in it. If you give us their name & address, and $8 per person, we'll let them play 5 turns for free. Then regular turn fees after that. We'll keep running it as long as anyone is playing. AND we'll post the map on our website for as long as anyone is playing it.

Personalized Starweb: You get to pick the game name as above, plus you get to rename all the artifacts, and you can (if you like) create the map (under certain guidelines which you'll get from us) and you pick the ending score. The fee to set this up is only $25. You tell us who is playing. Normal turn fees, and we'll run the game as long as anyone is still playing, or until someone wins.

Personalized Battle Plan: You pick the game name as above, and you create the map. Name all the countries and all the player positions. (You have to pick a unique 3-letter code for each space on the map- that's what actually appears on the printouts.) And if you draw the map and send us a jpg, we'll post that on the website too. You can have up to 255 spaces (land or sea) for $2 per space (minimum of 30). You tell us who is playing. We'll run it as long as there are at least two players still playing. Normal turn fees.

Personalized Heroic Fantasy: Again you name the game. You get to name the monsters, the rooms, and the wandering NPCs. $200 to set up your own 13 room by 13 room 1st level HF game with personalized monsters. We'll run it as long as there is one person playing. (And yes, you can set up a private one just for yourself, with the monsters named after your boss, your co-workers, your in-laws, etc).

Disclaimer for all the above: No objectional or obscene names or use of others' trademarks or names without permission. Each person pays his or her own turn fees, or you can pay for a fixed number in advance, or you can have them all deducted from your account. For all above fees, we are assuming all turns will be sent and received by email. If someone wishes to participate by postal mail or fax we reserve the right to charge them additional fees. Note that if all are playing by email, we can run daily turns if you like, or possibly even more than daily. If you are interested, contact me.

Private convention: I may be available to fly to YOUR hometown, and run a weekend tournament in Starweb or Heroic Fantasy or Battle Plan for you and your friends. But contact me well in advance of when you want it - as we have to plan way ahead. Price negotiable. Cheaper if it is near (in time and distance) to a convention I am going to anyway, or if it is a city I want to visit!

For info, email rick at flying buffalo dot com.

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