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This page last changed November 13, 2017

NEW! some of the payment options below mention paypal adding $5 for "postage and shipping" to your order. I finally figured out how to have paypal add more than $5 if you are in another country. But this means, if you are in Canada, for instance, and you try to pay the $30 for your account, the program will charge you $25 plus $19 postage, for a total of $44. Sorry about that. But don't worry, whatever it charges you, if you are paying for game turns, that is how much I will add to your account.

SPECIAL OFFER FOR RULES: most of the rules are downloadable from this site. But if you would like a CD with all the rules on it in PDF format, just send us $5.

To pay $30 to your account with paypal - mention your account number (if you have one) in "comments". (If you are a new customer, just say "new" - I'll sort it out.) (Paypal will tack on $5 for "shipping", so I've listed the amount as $25)
Note: this is intended to be used one at a time. If you change the "number wanted" to two or more, the additional payments will be for $25 each. They will be added to your account as $25. This is not intended to be a $5 discount. HOWEVER, if you buy something from us at the same time, such as a Nuclear War Card Game, the postage charge of $5 will be added to your account, so in effect, you will get "free shipping" on your order.

SAVE $5: When you make payments to your game account, if you send us $100 at a time, we credit your account with $105. This is only if you spend all $105 on Flying Buffalo services and products. (Note: paypal will add $5 "shipping" to your cost, so I've listed the price as $95).

The $25 for 25 DEAL: If you send us $500 and ask for the 25/25 deal, we will add $25 a month to your game account for 25 months. This is $625 game credit for only $500, but again it must all be spent on Flying Buffalo services and products. (Note: paypal will automatically add $5 shipping, so I listed the "price" as $495.)

Note: the $105 for $100 deal and the $25/25 deal are NOT part of the Sweepstakes at contest.htm.

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