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NOTE: If something comes back in print, I update the webpage on the same day (if I remember!). If it is listed here as "Out of print" or "Out of Stock" then it still is. If you would like to be on my email mailing list, and get an email the same day an item is available again, send an email to rick at flying buffalo dot com and ask to be on the "printed materials email list".

You can get a pdf version of many of our out of print adventures from DriveThruRPG or from or from E23.

The following items are back in print again and available now:
#8206 Double solo Amulet of the Salkti/Arena of Khazan was announced as out of print, but I found another box, so it is available. $5.95
#8114 Sea of Mystery solo for T&T was announced as out of print, but we just found another box of them in the warehouse, so it is available. $8.95
WMD is out of stock until perhaps Feb 2019.

#208 Weather Dice $1.50 each
#210 Trap Dice $1.50 each
#211 Monster Reaction Dice $1.50 each
#212 Adventure Dice set
#214 Monster Dice Set $7.50
#703 Raid on Rajallapor $4.95 (MSPE adventure)
#5015 Eilee the Sprite $7.50
#5021 Gildersleve the dwarf $7.50
#1011 Halfling with Sword & Shield $7.50
#1005 Woman in Scale with Sword & Shield $7.50
#1401 Samurai with Katana $7.50
#1402 Ninja with Ninjato $7.50
#6001 Classic Nuclear War is available again for $29.95 #6003 Nuclear Escalation is available again for $29.95 $6004 Nuclear Proliferation is available again for $29.95 #8101 Buffalo Castle is available again for $8.95
#8102 Deathtrap Equalizer is available again for $8.95
#8104 Naked Doom is available again for $8.95
#8300 Dungeon of the Bear is available again for $8.95
#8501 Grimtooth's Traps $14.95
#8502 Grimtooth's Traps Too $14.95
#8504 Grimtooth's Traps Fore $14.95
#8508 Grimtooth's Traps Ate $14.95
#8505 Grimtooth's Traps Bazaar $14.95
#8530 Grimtooth's Dungeon of Doom $14.95

Nuclear Misfunction Dice from Escalation and Proliferation - were "Glow in the Dark" but it is getting harder and harder to get the "glow" plastic for them. Currently we have them in "gem" red.
Also available in "smoke" now.
And now we have some in "glow" - for a slight extra charge.

The following items are currently TEMPORARILY out of stock, but we do plan to print them again as soon as we can. If there is a date listed after an item, that's when we plan to have it available again.
#206 Door Dice
#256 Hit Location Dice
#6005 Weapons of Mass Destruction
#8509 Grimtooth's Traps Lite
#8512 Citybook II
#8516 Citybook VI: Uptown (to be reprinted)
#8562 Maps I: A Book of Cities
#9101 T&T v5.5 Rules (8 1/2 x 11 size book)

Lost Worlds Books OOS
#5007 Felina the Tiger Lady $7.50
#5022 Oowell the Ghoul
#60101 Man in Chainmail
#60104 Giant Goblin
#60107 Barbarian w/2 handed sword
#60116 Winged (blue) Gargoyle

The following items are "Out of Print" and no longer available from Flying Buffalo Inc. These are items which we do not plan to reprint at present:
However, you may be able to buy an official pdf version of some of them from DriveThruRPG
or from E23

Tunnels & Trolls 30th Anniversary Edition 7.0
#16 Pentantastar
#255 Dice of Wrath
#5003 Dien Bien Phu (wargame)
#6005 Nuclear War 40th Anniversary Limited Edition
#6201 Tunnels & Trolls Box Set
#6202 T&T Summer Special #1 (includes boxed set above)
#6203 T&T Summer Special #2
#7000 Mercenaries, Spies & Private Eyes Boxed Set (everything is available except the box and Jade Jaguar! Buy the parts ala carte, or get the MSPE special.)
#8103 Labyrinth (T&T solo adventure)
#8105 Dargon's Dungeon (T&T solo adventure)
#8106 Weirdworld (T&T solo adventure)
#8107 Overkill (T&T solo adventure)
#8110 Sorcerer's Solitaire (T&T solo adventure) (but a revised version is included in #8124 When the Cat's Away)
#8111 Sword for Hire (T&T solo adventure)(but it is available as part of #8208 one of the double adventure books)
#8112 Arena of Khazan (T&T Solo adventure)
#8113 Sewers of Oblivion (T&T Solo adventure) (but you can get a pdf at DriveThru RPG)
#8114 Sea of Mystery (we will probably reprint it eventually as part of another book)
#8115 Blue Frog Tavern (T&T solo adventure)(also available as part of #8208)
#8116 Mistywood (T&T solo adventure)(available as part of double adventure #8209
#8118 Beyond the Wall of Tears (T&T solo adventure)
#8122 Caravan to Tiern (T&T solo adventure) shortly to be available as a pdf document.
#8200 T&T Pocket Sized rulebook. This was printed in the UK by our then licensee, and they sold us a bunch of copies. But we are sold out now, and do not intend to reprint it in this format.
#8205 Pocket sized COT (but there are two versions available in full size.)
#8203 Circle of Ice (Mini solo adventure)
The Elven Lords signed & numbered T&T solo adventure
#8321 Isle of Darksmoke (a gamemaster adventure for T&T)
#8520 Treasure Vault (A Catalyst book for all role playing systems)
#8561 Wilderness Encounters Book #4010 The T&T Computer game Clue Book (but we hope to have a revised version someday.)
The SHADOWHAWK, WARHAMMER, WASP, and GRIFFIN Battle Tech Lost Worlds books
All four of the "One Per Cent Inspiration Games" Lost World Books are out of print and we can't get any more

If you want any of the above items, we suggest you try a specialty game store that sells used games, or try the game auctions at many game conventions. With new print-on-demand technology, we are reprinting some of the older items, and also making them available as ebooks for Kindle or Nook.

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