This used to be the home page of Flying Buffalo Inc, award winning makers of the Tunnels & Trolls RPG, Nuclear War card game, Death Dice, and founders of the play by mail (PBM) industry. "Games for the Intensive Gamer" (tm)but now it is the "about us" page.

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NOTE: If you are looking for the company that is developing and selling software about airports, you want Flying Buffalo Enterprises, not Flying Buffalo Inc. Their webpage is (instead of .com)

Flying Buffalo Inc. is a game company that was started in 1970 by Rick Loomis and Steve MacGregor. Our primary business is play by mail . That is, we act as the referee for multi-player, hidden-movement games that are played by the players sending their moves to Flying Buffalo every two weeks by postal mail, email, fax, or what ever. . Our most popular play by mail game is the award-winning Starweb.

We also publish role playing game books, such as Tunnels & Trolls, Mercenaries, Spies and PrivateEyes, and the Catalyst generic role playing books, such as the Citybooks and Grim tooth's Traps. And we publish the popular card game Nuclear War, along with 2 expansion sets and booster packs. We also are one of the publishers of ""combat picture books. Plus we produce many kinds of weird dice and some other stuff. Note: if you are looking for Mike Stackpole's Fiddleback Trilogy, click here..

If you would like us to mail you some printed information, or if you would like to order something now, go to the Flying Buffalo Store.

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Feel free to send comments to us: Click Here for Address.
(I have removed all references to email addresses from this index page as I am tired of getting so much spam. If you click on the above, you will go to the page where all our postal and email addresses are located.) Please come back often, as this page is under constant construction. We will be adding updates of new releases, game openings, and we even hope to improve our online version of Buffalo Castle (or add more solo adventures). Plus we are always changing the current list of game conventions we will be attending or where tournaments in our games will be run.

Check here for the address of a store near you which carries FBI games. To find out why we are NOT MOVING, Click here for details.

We are members of MEMBER OF GAMAand PBMA. Come visit us at Origins.

Miniflash: Read The Return from Indy Gencon (a tale of suspense and horror) if you dare! (New info added Dec 2, 2003)

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