TOM: The Origins Metagame

(by James Ernest and Rick Loomis) To see the rules for this game, click here.

The Origins Metagame was a great success at Origins 2002. Many cards were given away, and many players had fun trying to collect a complete set. If you did not manage to complete your set, you can buy the cards from Flying Buffalo, for as long as they last.

We don't have any complete sets for sale anymore, but if you want to buy a big stack of most of the cards, I'll sell it to you for $25.

If you want to buy packs, they are $1 for a pack of 8 random cards. (Note, there is no “starter deck”. All the cards are in random packs of 8). And sadly, there are no more packs. We've given away or sold them all.

If you want to buy an individual card, they are fifty cents each. Please order by number. (Note there are no “rare” cards. An equal number of each card was printed, although some were distributed better than others). And we've run out of some cards for some reason, so I don't guarantee I will have the one you want.

There are only about 2000 of each card in existence and we will NOT be reprinting the first edition.

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