TOM: THE ORIGINS* METAGAME(second edition)

New info as of March 13, 2004 If you want to see a sample card, click here

We did The Origins Metagame for Origins and Gencon 2002, and I intended to do it again for 2003, but due to several personal crises I wasn't able to get it done in time to be at the Origins show. So I put it off until this year. If you ordered a card for 2003 and I haven't contacted you yet, you can have an immediate full refund, or get twice as many cards for the 2004 version, your choice. We do intend to do version II for 2004 but sadly we weren't able to start early. I plan to print it in May of 2004, and give the cards away at Origins in Columbus Ohio; Gencon in Indianapolis, IN; Gateway in Los Angeles in September; Spiel in Essen, Germany in October; and Gencon West in Anaheim in December (and any other conventions I happen to attend). I plan to print an ad in the program book of any convention where at least ten sponsors are in attendance, and if you aren't there, to give away your cards for you. This year would be a very good year to sign up.

SPECIAL OFFER! If you want to sponsor a card for a company that is defunct, or a famous game designer who is no longer in the industry or deceased, or a game that is no longer in production, give me a call. We'll only charge you $75 for that.

Important notice: I had a couple people tell me they didn't participate in the 2002 game, because they didn't understand that ANY card, no matter how weak, beats at least 1/3 of the other cards, and ANY card, no matter how powerful, loses to 1/3 of the other cards. The game itself is a variant of paper/rock/scissors. Even tho the Ral Partha card (for instance) has an Origins Awards number of 200, this only means it wins if your opponent plays a COMPANY card with a lower Awards number. If your opponent plays a GAME card, he wins even if that GAME has an Awards number of Zero.

The rules to the game are posted on this page now.

Flying Buffalo Inc released a trading card game called "TOM: The Origins* Metagame" (designed by James Ernest and Rick Loomis) at Origins 2002. The game is in booster packs only (only one pack is needed to play the game), and one pack was given away to every attendee at Origins. The SECOND edition will be given away at both Origins and Gencon in 2004, and possibly the Essen SPIEL show also. Each pack has 8 randomly selected cards. The cards will have either companies, products, or people. If you would like to "sponsor" one or more cards, you, your company, and your products can be on these cards. This is a great advertising opportunity, especially if you are exhibiting at Origins or Gencon. In addition to giving a pack to every attendee at the convention, we will print the rules to the game in the program book, and there will be an ad listing the names of all the exhibitors who are participating, along with their booth number and which cards can be found at their booth. AND the rules will be posted on our website (the URL will be printed on the back of every card) and we will provide a link from that website to every sponsor who has a website. Each "sponsor" will get 200 copies of each of his cards. As a sponsor, you get to provide the artwork on your cards, and you can include contact information, website, whatever you want. In addition, as a sponsor you can buy additional random packs for $1 each. We will produce at least 20,000 random packs, and the ones not sold to sponsors or given away to attendees at Origins and Gencon will be sold by Flying Buffalo at conventions for $2 per pack or given away to game fans.

Each of the attendees at Origins or Gencon will get 8 cards, and there are a total of 220 cards. Obviously many of these people are going to be going around trying to collect a complete set. Your booth number will be listed right there next to the rules, telling them they can get some of the cards from you.

The price is $650 for three cards, if you provide the artwork to the specifications needed. If you sponsor three cards, one should be a company, one should be a person, and one should be a product. If you want extra cards (for more people or more products) they are $200 each.

If you want only one card, the price is $250. If you are an independent game designer, this would be a great networking opportunity, and you can include your contact information, which would make your 200 copies of the card a great business card. (You can probably get extra copies of your own cards if you need more than 200, just let me know.)

If you are a retail store owner, you can buy just one company card for $250 - again a great advertising gimmick and an innovative business card.

Product cards must list what company makes the product, and the product's designer (especially if that designer is on a card). People cards should give the person's job title (designer, artist, etc) and must list which game companies the person works for or has worked for in the past. For company cards, you must tell us how many Origins Awards your company has won. (This number will be noted on your card, and make your card more "powerful".) Also for each card you sponsor, you will be allowed to place a number on your cards. For instance, if you sponsor three cards, you are allowed to put a "3" on one of them, a "2" on one of them, and a "1" on one of them. Likewise, if you sponsor 5 cards, you get to put a "5" on one, and a "4" on one. You get to decide which card gets which number. The bigger the number, the more powerful the card. Therefor if you are an independent game designer, or a retail store, it might be better to get together with a company and sponsor a large number of cards together (in addition to saving a little money, you get bigger numbers to play with, and we don't have to deal with quite so many people.)

To sponsor a card, please fill out the following space reservation form. Get it and your check to me as soon as possible, and get the artwork to me by April 1st, 2004. If you wish, we will create the artwork for you for $75. John Kovalik, Elizabeth Danforth, and Steve Crompton all agreed to do artwork for us for the 2002 game. You can give me the form at GTS (booth 1208) or fax it to me asap. (I can accept credit card payments.)(Fax to 480-994-1170)

Company name: __________________________________________________________

Contact Person:___________________________________________________________

Mailing address:_________________________________________________________


EMAIL address:____________________________________________________

Phone Number:____________________________________________________

We (are)(are not) exhibiting at Origins next year. We (are)(are not) exhibiting at Gencon.

We wish to reserve _______ (number of cards) cards in The Origins game to be given away to Origins attendees. ___ company cards ___ product cards ___ people cards In addition to the 200 of each card that I will be given, I wish to purchase ______ random packs. Enclosed is $___________.

___We will provide artwork by April 1st, 2004 ___ We want you to provide the artwork, contact us for content.

By signing this form, I assert that I have the right to use all logos, pictures, and trademarks included, and give Flying Buffalo a non-exclusive license to use them only for this card game. I agree to get the artwork to Flying Buffalo by April 1st, and understand that if I do not, I still owe the agreed upon payment for the cards, and Flying Buffalo may fill the cards however they choose.


Questions call me at 480-945-6917 or see me at booth 1208 at GTS, or email me at rick at flying buffalo dot com

Technical details: give us a tif file if possible or a jpg or bmp if necessary. 300 dpi, make it 2 1/2" by 3" in size - we'll shrink it down a bit to fit on the card. We would prefer that you make the text part of the artwork, but if you can't do that, we will add the text, send it to us as an email (not as an attachment). We are planning on having a GREEN border for the second cards. The art will be printed in full color. Each bit of art should be identified as either COMPANY, PERSON, or GAME or GAME PRODUCT.
Remember that a company card should have the name of the company on it. A game card should have the title of the game in large type, and ABOVE the name of the game, in smaller type and in parenthesis should be the company that makes the game, and BELOW the name of the game, also in smaller type and in parenthesis should be the DESIGNER OR DESIGNERS of the game (or artists if you like, especially if they are going to be on a separate card).
(flying buffalo's)
(by Doug Malewicki)
(art by Steve Crompton)

A PERSON card should list all the companies he or she works for or worked for, especially if any of those companies will have a card, and they should be listed BELOW the person's name.

Other than that, you can add any text you want (website, address, contact info, company slogan, etc) but please make sure it is all smaller than the basic name on the card.

*Note: Origins is a trademark of GAMA and used with permission. Flying Buffalo Home