to include Nuclear Escalation and Nuclear Proliferation

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With any order, there is the usual $5 postage and handling fee.

Note that these are PARTS that are included in one or more of the games. (Except for the blank deck, tshirts, tattoo, and bumper stickers.) You don't need to buy these in order to play -- they are listed here in case you lose or damage the originals, or for some reason want extras.

Rules sheet for any one game: $1


Nuclear War Spinner: $4

"Radioactive Fallout" die: (Also known as "Nuclear Misfunction Die", the one in full-color with pictures on all six sides is temporarily out of print, sorry. Not sure when or if we will be able to get more. But we have found a new source for the old style ones which are an ordinary six sided die with a nuclear cloud instead of the "one" pip. The first batch are ruby red. You can order one now for $1.75 (the red ones):

We also have a limited number of the "Glow in the Dark" ones. You can get one for only $2.

Deck of population cards (2 sheets, to be cut apart by customer- this is the old style): $3

New Style (WMD) Deck of population cards: $10

Missile & warhead cards for Nuclear War: $20

Missile & warhead cards for Nuclear Escalation $20

Missile & warhead cards for Nuclear Proliferation $20

Note that there are two decks: each game has it's own individual missile deck, and each game contains a warhead & propaganda deck that is the same as the warhead deck in the other games. If you buy all three sets above, you will end up with three different missile decks, and three identical warhead decks. JUST the warhead deck or any one single missile deck is $10
One individually specified card from above decks IF we have one: $3 (If you want to get the new "mars probe" card and the "advanced recycling" card, you will have to buy the Nuclear War Missile deck for $10.00. We don't have those two cards separately, sorry)

200 megaton warhead or Doomsday Device or UFO Technology from the booster packs: $3 (state in "comments" which card you want)
You can also order the "Mad Scientist" or "Fold in Space" cards here.

Nuclear War Blank Deck (make your own cards) $10

Set of 4 strategy mats for Nuclear War: $3

Set of 4 strategy mats for Nuclear Escalation: $3

Set of 13 strategy mats for Nuclear Proliferation: $7

Supergerm tshirt (specify size L, XL): $14.95


Supergerm tshirt XXL: $16.95

Supergerm shirt XXXL: $18.95

(note: tshirt sizes are mens sizes)
Picture of shirt can be seen here.

Nuclear War bumper sticker (specify which): $2.00


Nuclear War bumper stickers: assorted slogans, availability may vary, $2 each, specify whether substitution is ok:
Nuclear War: It's a Blast
I (heart) Nuclear War
Have you found WMD?
The following bumper stickers are out of stock, but we will list them here when available again: Got change for 10,000,000 people?
Nuclear War: I won
They can have my Nuclear Bomb when they pry it from my cold, dead fingers!

Also: Supergerm temporary transfer tattoo: 75 cents each.

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