The 200 megaton bomb was available only in the Nuclear War Booster Packs which are currently sold out. However you can buy it (and the UFO card) separately below. Note that if you buy them from the website the price is $3 each, plus $3 (per order) for shipping. If you buy them from us at a convention, they are only $2 each.

The 200 megaton bomb kills 50 million population, and if you spin "double" or "triple" yield, the solar system blows up and everybody loses. It can be carried by the Space Platform, the MX Missile (ouch!) or by the saturn missile if you also have the UFO Technology card.

To buy the 200 megaton card for only $3

To buy the UFO card for only $3

Note: we released two NEW cards for Nuclear War at Origins. You can order them here.

Paypal will tack $5 in "shipping" onto your order. If you ONLY order some cards, I'll throw in a $2 bumper sticker for no extra charge.

To order the new Fold In Space card for only $3

To order the new Mad Scientist card for only $3

To order the new 250 megaton card for only $3
To order the new Damping Field card for only $3

The stealth bomber can be found in the Nuclear Proliferation expansion set. If you play a warhead without a missile or bomber in front of it (for whatever reason) you can pull the stealth bomber out of your hand and put it in front of the warhead (it was there all the time - just no one could see it!)

The submarine card can be very useful in launching an extra 20 megatons or so in addition to the normal card that you play every turn. It is found in the Nuclear Proliferation expansion set.

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