Checklist: Top Secrets
Solar Flare__ Virtual People__ Alternate Reality__ Meteor crater__ Son of Supergerm__ Vaccine__

Time Warp__ Killing Tomatoes__ Sexual Harrassment__ Arms sales__ Genetically re-engineered monsters__ Health Care Policy__ Back to Nature__ Ozone Hole__ World Cup Finals__ Mutual Disarmament__ Plutonium fizzles__ Talk show host__ Exchange students__ Marshall Plan__

2 million__ 7 million__ 13 million__

15 megatons__ 40 megatons__ 75 megatons__ 200 megatons__

Nuclear Winter__ Doomsday Device__ Spin Doctor__ Censorship__ Spy (couple)__ Spy (lady)__ Spy (blonde guy)__ Disinformation__ Cyanide__ Super fallout shelters__ Faulty fallout shelters__ Mind control__ Domed cities__ Radar Jamming__ UFO Technology__ Mole__ Psychic hot line__ Black Box__ Propaganda Boomerang__

Delta Clipper__

Some of these cards are more common than others. We printed one sheet of cards. Some of them appeared on that sheet one time, others as many as four times.

Meteor Crater, Son of Supergerm, Vaccine, 200 Megatons, Doomsday Device, Spy (lady), Mind Control, UFO Technology, Mole, Black Box, Spy (blonde guy) and Propaganda Boomerang. Note that we have reprinted the 200 Megaton and UFO Technology cards, with different artwork. Those two are available any time for $3 ordered from our website or $2 at any convention I attend. The rest of the "super rare" cards are only available in very limited quantities, for $8 each.

To see the super rare cards, click here. and click then here.

13 Million Propaganda, 75 Megatons, Alternate Reality, Arms Sales, Back to Nature, Cyanide, Disinformation, Genetically Re-engineered Monsters, Health Care Policy, Killing Tomatoes, Marshall Plan, Mutual Disarmament, Nuclear Winter, Ozone Hole, Plutonium Fizzles, Psychic Hot Line, Radar Jamming, Spin Doctor, Spy (couple), Time Warp, World Cup Finals

7 Million Propaganda, Domed Cities, Exchange Students, Faulty Fallout Shelter, Sexual Harrassment, Solar Flare, Super Fallout Shelter, Talk Show Host, Virtual People.

2 Million Propaganda (sorry!), 15 Megatons, 40 Megatons, Censorship, Delta Clipper.

Please note: these cards were a "Limited Edition". Current stocks have run out and they will NOT be reprinted in this format. The next time we do a "Booster Cards" set, we will use new cards. We don't have any more complete sets left.

We can no longer sell a complete set, nor even really an "almost complete" set because we are out of too many of the rare cards. I am so low on so many, I'm not even going to specify which cards we can sell you. I will sell you a "bunch of individual booster cards" for $30. I will say only that there will be at least 20 different ones.

To purchase a bunch of booster cards (hand assembled) as described above, for $30, click here.

Also, if you have managed to get all but one or two of the cards, we will sell you any one single specified card for $3, except for the ones listed above as "Super Rare". Email me first and ask if we have the superrare ones you want. Those are $8 each. (if we have them) Click here and in "comments" tell us which card you want.

Super rare for $8:

email to games at flying buffalo dot com.

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