Here is a list of the "countries" and their powers, that are included in the Nuclear Proliferation game. There are 13:
Asguard: The power to recruit the fallen. Anytime he kills any population by warheads, secrets, top secrets, or special cards, he gets 1 million of these people added to his own population.
Bagmad: The terrorist. Can turn up a 10 or 20 megaton warhead during peace, and set it off in someone else's country. Kills population as if dropped from a bomber or satellite, but does not "start war". Can, however, start final retaliation of course.
Bananaland: has the power to tie up and mire other powers in massive amounts of Red Tape. As part of Bananaland's turn, its people may decide to flee the country as refugees, boat people, etc. The Bananaland player gives 2 million people to any other player. That player then misses his next turn as he tries to assimilate the refugees. Bananalanders are a fickle bunch. They never flee in the same direction twice in a row. Bananaland may use this odd ability as long as he has people to flee.
Bermuda Triangland: The ability to confuse attackers. Anytime anyone sends a bomber, cruise missile, space platform or submarine against the Trianglanders, there is a 1 in 6 chance that it will miss the target entirely (i.e. a dud warhead). Of course this power does not work against missiles or atomic cannons.
Great Bigland:: Bigland rules the waves. Once per turn, as part of his turn, he can burn a propaganda card to "spy the location" of a submarine belonging to any one other player.
Han: Gets two more population cards than everyone else, when the population is dealt out
Hinja: Can demand foreign aid. Each turn just before he draws a card, he can give any player one of the cards in his hand, and that player must give back a different card.
Hurria: Gets one extra million people each time he plays a propaganda card on anyone.
Little Bittyland: Has the power to declare peace. At any time during war, before he draws a card, if he has 3 propaganda cards, he may play 3 propaganda cards out of his hand (not any of the two cards face down in front of him). Peace is immediately declared, all players may pick up their two face down cards, Little Bittyland then draws enough cards to fill his hand again, and it is his turn.
Nippyo: Instead of drawing a card on his turn, can start a trading session instead (see Trading Session rules)
Popula: A prolific population. During war, each time he plays a propaganda card (as a discard) he gets to take 2 million population from the discard pile and add it to his population.
Radonia: Uses dirty bombs. Every missile or warhead that successfully hits another player kills one additional million more than it is supposed to.
Visalia: Once per turn, can use a propaganda card as if it were a spy card. At any point in a round, can use the "spy" and puts the propaganda card face up in front of himself to indicate that a spy has been used that turn. The next time it is his turn to draw a card, he also throws away this card to indicate that he can once more use a propaganda as a spy.

Here is a list of the 9 additional countries that are included in the Nuclear War Bonus Pack #1:
Mizzou: You don't believe everything you hear. Any propaganda played on you is only HALF effective (round fractions up). (i.e. 5 million propaganda costs you 3 million.)
Mars Colony: You are out of reach of bombers and atomic cannons; they cannot be used against you. Unfortunately you cannot use them either. Nor can you use submarines (there isn't any water on mars). However, supervirus skips right over you with no effect.
Bashnia: the fighter. On your turn, instead of drawing and playing a card, you may launch an infantry attack on your immediate neighbor on either side. You lose one die roll minus one of population (i.e. 0 to 5) and he loses one die roll plus one of population (i.e. 2-7). (You each roll separately.) You may aim your attack at an atomic cannon, in which case you lose one die roll minus one of population, and he loses his atomic cannon but no population.
Litigation Land: Has the power to sue others. Whenever it is your turn, INSTEAD of taking your usual turn and drawing cards, you may "sue" any player who fired a missile at you or dropped a warhead of any kind on you last turn. He or she misses his next turn, plus you roll a 6-sided die. If you roll a 4, 5, or 6 he must give you 2 million population.
Foolja: You didn't really launch a missile! Anytime you have a missile or bomber face up in front of you at the start of your turn, you may, instead of drawing a card, just take it and put it back in your hand.
Recycleland: You can recycle dud missiles. Anytime a player gets a dud warhead on you, you may take it into your hand (and discard something from your hand to keep it even). If it was carried by a missile, you can take the missile too. If a bomber gets "runs out of fuel" you get the warhead and the bomber.
Eugenia: Loses fewer population. Advanced techniques in genetic engineering make your people very resiliant and highly resistant to radiation. Whenever you lose population due to a warhead, you lose 1 million fewer than you are supposed to.
Uforia: Ability to overload missiles. Your country has been taken over by little green people who know how to pack more stuff on those missiles of yours. You may at any time put a bigger warhead on a missile (up to twice its carrying capacity), but if you do, you must roll the Nuclear Misfunction Die TWICE. If either roll is a misfunction, then you must roll a misfunction as usual.
Magpie: Has the power to copy others. Whenever it is your turn, before you draw any cards, you may trade powers with any other player. He is now the Magpie, and you have whatever power he used to have. Limitation: if you are the new Magpie, and you wish to have your old power back, you must wait at least one turn before taking it back.

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