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This page last updated: April 16, 2019 

Hmm. I seem to be lax about posting news here. Sorry about that. Too many places to post news! I send an email to my mailing list, post it on facebook, tweet about it on twitter, send an email to our distributors and retailers, and "oops!" forgot to post it on my NEWS webpage! I do my best to keep it all up, but you should probably sign up for my mailing list!

We now have reprints of the "Marshall Plan" card from the booster packs. Marshall Plan

Also we have completed a successful kickstarter to finance a reprint of the MSPE rules. They will be going to the printer shortly. Watch this space for more news.

We also created a new pin for Grimtooth.Grimtooth Pin
. We created a new pin for Supergerm.Supergerm Pin.

The new dice are here Pizza Dice, Adventure dice, Grimtooth dice, Hit location dice available now.

T&T Japan Adventures is now available, in hard copy and in pdf.

We have been out of the pocket-sized City of Terrors (by Michael Stackpole) for some time, but we recently found a carton of them in the warehouse. COT Pocket

Elven Lords a new limited edition full color version.

You can now play our Tunnels & Trolls game on your phone or IPAD. You can play it FREE or pay a small amount to avoid the ads. Check out MetaArcade Available free from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

You can get a pdf version of "Traps Bazaar" now from DriveThruRPG

A very long time ago, (in the 1970's) John McEwan of McEwan Miniatures produced some fine T&T miniatures. He recently announced that he is going to produce them again (along with some other incredible 28mm fantasy figures. You can find them at http://tin-soldier.com/monsters.htm I'm pretty sure the Blue Beetle God is from City of Terrors. The minotaur is from Labyrinth of course. Tavashtri is from Deathtrap Equalizer. And I believe the Cave Troll is supposed to be Grimtooth himself. If you buy a set of these, and paint them up, please send me a photo!

Get a copy of Trollhammer, a short T&T solo adventure by Ken St Andre, for only five cents. You heard me, five cents. Trollhammer You can thank Karl and Kevin Pajak and Texicon (A Dallas game convention).

A long time ago, at the Essen Game Fair in Germany, a fan gave me a copy of the Nuclear War rules translated into German. I've been intending to post it on the website ever since. Here it is: German. Thank you Vinyu Dhiraket.

I have recreated and reprinted Andrew Looney's popular "ABM Chart" card. Take a look at it on this page.

Good news: Naked Doom is available again T&Tsolitaire page. .

I announced earlier that I am out of the paperback edition of Deluxe T&T. Happily I just got 500 more printed. You can get one at Gen Con 50 in two weeks. Or you can get a pdf at DriveThruRPG
You can also, now get a pdf of the classic 5th Edition rules right there. (and also 4th edition and 1st edition). Just look through all the Flying Buffalo Products on drivethru.

Did you know that up to now we did not have the Citybooks available for sale on DriveThru as pdfs? (And no, don't ask me to hum a few bars). I have just partially fixed that little problem. I've posted all seven Citybooks, plus the long-out-of-print Treasure Vault DriveThruRPG

Actually that was all part of making the Citybooks (and 4 Traps Books and Treasure Vault and MSPE) available in a special limited time "bundle of holding" offer. http://bundleofholding.com/presents/Catalyst

A fun thing: I have a friend in Indonesia who was an exchange student a couple years ago. She has translated the Nuclear War rules into Bahasa Indonesian for me. If that's your language, you can find it here: Indonesian Thank you Ika Rizky.

Mercenaries Spies & Private Eyes is now available on DriveThruRPG as a pdf.

Sadly, I am out of the paperback edition of Deluxe T&T (although you can still get a slightly damaged copy). But you can get a pdf at DriveThruRPG
You can also, now get a pdf of the classic 5th Edition rules right there. (and also 4th edition and 1st edition). Just look through all the Flying Buffalo Products on drivethru.

If you have always wanted a miniature of "Buffalorick the wizard" or "Ken St Andre the Troll" take a look at the T&T page. .

Ken St Andre has rewritten his classic solitaire adventure Arena of Khazan and it is in print again. You can buy it as a pdf now from Drive Thru DriveThruRPG for only $3.95 or buy a paper copy from our webpage Solitaire Adventure Page.

New kickstarter for Pizza Dice and More! Pizza Dice The kickstarter was successful, and the dice mold is in process. Watch this space for announcements about new dice!

Alliance Game Distributors is our biggest customer. They sell our games to retail game stores all over the country. In the fall of 2016 they had their annual Open House, and in honor of that and them, we created a NEW NUCLEAR WAR CARD called the "Forced Alliance." Take a look at it on this page.

GAMER BADGES on the Nuclear War page. And two more of the GRIMTOOTH TRAPS books have been reprinted. Traps Bazaar and Dungeon of Doom are now available on the Catalyst Page.

New Nuclear War card: Damping Field. Nuclear War page. Also glow in the dark Nuclear Misfunction dice available again.

Two (sort of) new solo adventures for Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls: Return to Goblin Lake and Agent of Death. Find them here.

We have some new bumper stickers for Nuclear War. Take a look at bumper stickers.

OK, the Nuclear War 50th Anniversary kickstarter is open for business. Nuclear War kickstarter

Three new things for NUCLEAR WAR CARD GAME. We have a new "playmat" for Nuclear War. It is a photo of an actual Titan II Missile Base control panel. We've printed them on cardstock, and making them available at conventions or on our website for $1 each. And a rubberized (neoprene?) version of it for $12. Also, a 250 Megaton warhead (yes, I know it's silly!) - it kills 60 million people, but can only be carried on the MX Missile or the Space Platform (both found in Nuclear Escalation). Buy them all on the Nuclear War page.

I have posted quite a few new English Translations for the Queen's Blade books. Sorry it's been awhile.

Note: 2015 will be the FIFTIETH anniversary of the first publication of the Nuclear War card game. Doug Malewicki first published it in 1965. I plan to do a kickstarter sometime soon to finance a special anniversary edition. If you want to hear about this kickstarter when it is announced, sign up for the mailing list above. The kickstarter will also probably finance the reprinting of the WMD expansion.

If you want to give someone a copy of Ace of AcesHandy Rotary Series for Christmas, note that if you order one in December, I will send it to you by Priority Mail. If you are in the USA you will get it in two days. I can also send it directly to the lucky recipient.

A small game company called "One Per Cent Inspiration Games" published four Lost Worlds books under license. I have been selling those books from my webpage, but I recently sold the last of them, and tried to order more. The fellow who published them wrote back and told me that all remaining copies have "been recycled". Sadly, he was not selling enough of them to keep them in print.

Some time ago, I announced that we had run out of the double solo adventure book, Amulet of the Salkti/Arena of Khazan. Then I found a box of them behind some other boxes in the storeroom, and announced it was available again. Recently we sold the last of that box, and I marked it OOP again. Then we had that big rainstorm, and our offsite warehouse got flooded. While Bill and I were sorting through the damage, throwing away all the soaked merchandise, and rescuing that which had been higher up on top of other things, we found yet another box of them. So it is available again. Take advantage and buy all five of the pocket book sized solo adventures in our weekly special.

Now available, Adventurers Compendium- 9 solo adventures and 3 GM adventurers from the pages of the long out of print Sorcerer's Apprentice magazine. 88 pages, $14.95

I have a restock of the ENGLISH versions of four Queen's Blade Books. Also I got a couple more of the Menace and Risty original Queen's Blade books. Buy them now before I run out again! And there is a new QB Grimoire book available, Gretel, witchslayer and pastry chef and shortly a new Queen's Blade Rebellion Werbellia the Swamp Witch.

The Nuclear War card game is in stock again.

We now have updated versions of Buffalo Castle, Deathtrap Equalizer, and City of Terrors, all available at the solo adventure page. We also have an updated version of Dungeon of the Bear at the gamemaster adventure page. Hmm. That's a switch. I announced the new version of Dungeon of the Bear here on the news page, and then forgot to post the link on how to buy it on our Gamemaster Adventures page! Well it is there now - go take a look!

Hobby Japan has released three new books in the Queen's Blade Grimoire series: Goldy Golden Axe; Tina, Mermaid Princess; and a new photo version (with DVD) of the Alicia Dark Master of Wonderland featuring Vanessa Pan (who I am told is a famous Taiwanese cosplayer). Find them for sale at the Queen's Blade page.

Ken St Andre has written a new solitaire adventure for Tunnels & Trolls called Four Jars of Mead which you can buy for $4.95.

We are hard at work trying to create the "Deluxe Tunnels & Trolls" rules. Steve Crompton has created a "teaser video" advertising it. It is the first video uploaded to my youtube page. take a look. Our kickstarter was a huge success and now the five of us are working on getting it done.

Great news: the GLOW IN THE DARK Nuclear Misfunction die is available again! Check out Glow Dice.

Ken St Andre has written a new GM adventure for Tunnels & Trolls called Seven Challenges of Kartejan which you can buy for $4.95. Hobby Japan has published two more Queens Blade books in a new series called Queen's Blade Grimoire. Plus we have made available the old T&T Version 4 rules from 1977 as a pdf at DriveThruRPG
or from E23. You can get it there for the old price of $4!

Traps Ate is now available again. See our Catalyst page for ordering information and new pictures.
Also our Ace of Aces reprint project is 85% funded with 3 days to go. Join us!

Go to our Ace of Aces page to see the news about our kickstarter project to reprint the books. Things are looking good!

There is a new "Queens Gate " book called "Suchie-Pai" (from Idol Janshi Suchie-Pai). See a picture, and order at Queen's Gate

I have created a checklist for the many Lost Worlds books.

FINALLY AVAILABLE FOR IPHONE (still available for droid)
We have created an app for iPhone and droid. It is the SPINNER from Nuclear War. You swipe your finger across the screen to start it spinning, and when it stops, the voice of Claudia Christian tells you the result (in a Russian accent!). Really cool stuff. For now, it is just the spinner. When we can, we will put the whole game on smartphone. It is available for purchase on www.flyingbuffalo.com/radio-app-tive.htm.

One reason we (Ken, Steve, and I) want to create a "deluxe" edition of T&T is because our friend Patrice Geille has created a new FRENCH version of the rules, and it really looks great. If you can read French, we recommend you buy this book!

Bad news: I seem to have run out of the Tunnels & Trolls 5.5 rulebooks. So I don't have rulebooks, box sets, or Summer Special #1. I thought I had another box of them out back, but I can't find it. So.... Ken and I (and Steve Crompton) are hard at work coming up with a new "deluxe" edition. Meanwhile if you need the rules you can go to the T&T solos page and buy one of the pocket sized double adventure books, or the past Free RPG Day adventure booklets. Each has a short version of the rules in front, sufficient to play all the solitaire adventures.

Ken St Andre has written a new solitaire adventure for Tunnels & Trolls 7.5 called "Dragon's Blood". Buy it at the T&T Solo page.. You can get a pdf version of "Dragon's Blood" from DriveThruRPG
or from E23.
And it is available on amazon.com for your Kindle, or Barnes & Noble for your Nook. As a matter of fact, we are making all our books available for Kindle and Nook. Search in the store for "Flying Buffalo" as the publisher, or the individual author. If you buy one, and like it, please take the time to give us a favorable rating.

There is a new "Queens Gate " book called "Kanu" (from Shinkoihimemuso). See a picture, and order at Queen's Gate

Ken St Andre has written a new Gamemaster adventure for Tunnels & Trolls 7.5 called "Dwarf World". Buy it atthe T&T GM page.. You can get a pdf version of "Dwarf World" from DriveThruRPG
or from E23.
And it is available on amazon.com for your Kindle, or Barnes & Noble for your Nook. As a matter of fact, we are making all our books available for Kindle and Nook. Search in the store for "Flying Buffalo" as the publisher, or the individual author. If you buy one, and like it, please take the time to give us a favorable rating. For example, you can now buy two of the Grimtooth books for your Kindle:

Two new things:
(1) I have been asked to be the US Distributor for a German miniatures game called TF22 - it's a game about strip mining planets and you can read about it at my TF22 page.
(2) Three new Catalyst products: (well, one new one and two reprints). Read about them at the catalyst page. The new one is City of the Gods Map Pack and is an impressive new product by Steve Crompton. The other two are reprints of the original Grimtooth's Traps, and Traps Fore. We will eventually reprint all 7 of those popular books.

Some big-box store has started advertising that "layaway is back". Sounds so good, I've decided to offer layaway for our Queen's blade books. See This Week's Special for details. You can pay us $25 a month (or a week, or every three weeks) for 4 payments, and get four QB books at a discount.

We have started a contest where you create a new game by combining the Nuclear War card game with any other game. See this page for details.

There is a new "Queens Gate " book called "Taki" (from Soul Calibur). See a picture, and order at Queen's Gate

New T&T solo by Ken St Andre, DewDrop Inn now available at the T&T solo page. Intended for any humanoid character less than ten feet tall.

I have picked up a few copies of the games by Studio 9: Treasures & Traps, and Villagers and Villains. I have played and enjoyed the former, haven't yet had a chance to play the latter. Buy them from us at Studio 9 or read about them on their own page at studio9inc.com/games.

There are two new "Queens Blade " books called "Laila - Celestial Punisher" and "Noel Vermillion (from BLAZBLUE)". See a picture, and order them at Queen's Blade Rebellion and Queen's Gate

New T&T solo by Ken St Andre, Tavern By The Sea now available at the T&T solo page.

We have created an app for iPhone and droid. It is the SPINNER from Nuclear War. You swipe your finger across the screen to start it spinning, and when it stops, the voice of Claudia Christian tells you the result (in a Russian accent!). Really cool stuff. For now, it is just the spinner. When we can, we will put the whole game on smartphone. We still have a few technical details to take care of before it is actually purchaseable, but keep an eye out for it! When it is available for purchase, I will announce it on www.flyingbuffalo.com/radio-app-tive.htm.

BIG CHANGE: The Flying Buffalo PBM Convention and T&T Convention has been moved to a new location, the Arizona Golf Resort. It's a really nice resort with a real restaurant and bar on site. Check out the details at the convention page.

There are two new "Queens Blade Rebellion" books called "Dragon Warrior Branwen" and "Great Pirate Captain Liliana". See a picture, and order them both, at Queen's Blade Rebellion.

Several of our products are now available at Barnes & Noble as ebooks for the Nook. Check their website and do a search for Flying Buffalo as the publisher. Many are also available as pdf downloads from Steve Jackson Games' E23, and DriveThruRPG. Also, we were out of the BOXES for Nuclear Proliferation for about two months, but they are available again.

I meant to tell you about this several months ago, but the good folks at Games-In have printed Traps Ate in German. To see a pdf of the cover, click here.

We now offer expedited shipping, in case you need your game in time for a special event such as a birthday.

The Nuclear Misfunction Die (the six sided die with a nuclear cloud for the "one" pip.) is available again. Initially available in ruby red, you can order one now. Misfunction Die.

We have created a Java App to play Lost Worlds vs a computer opponent. Go to lostwapp.htm and let me know how you like it!

There is a new "Queens Gate" book now available called Yagyu Jubei from Hyakkaryoran. It is available now.

There is a new "Queens Blade Rebellion" book called "Summoner Aldra". There already is a book called "Aldra the Queen", but I am told "She was reborn as a summoner after she lost her battle". See a picture, and order this book, at Summoner Aldra.

We have reprinted the original Monsters!Monsters! game by Ken St Andre. It's a variation of Tunnels & Trolls where you play the monsters instead of the heroes. Cover and interior art by Liz Danforth.

The Nuclear War card game is back in print.

Queen's Blade books in ENGLISH. Hobby Japan has printed four of the popular Queens Blade books in English and I have them on hand. Order from this page

Two more Queen's Blade books are available: "Queens Gate" Queens Gate Katja from the Qwaser of Stigmata and Junko Hattori from Demon King Daimao.

The Decision Die is now available. This is a D6 you roll to determine who plays first, in whatever game you are playing. It comes in 6 different colors.

Our internet service provider moved our website to a new server, and interrupted service briefly. In addition, our secure order form where you can send us a credit card number hasn't worked in a couple weeks. On monday they told me it would be fixed "in 48 to 72 hours" but it still isn't working. Sorry about that. Until it is fixed, if you don't want to pay with paypal, you can phone me your order and credit card number, or just email it to me. For awhile it was working again, but I just found out it isn't working now. I have no idea why, and apparently neither does Earthlink. ((Latest update, it is working again. If you try it and it doesn't work, please give me a call and let me know!))

I had earlier announced that we were sold out of the Corgi Pocket solo version of Mike Stackpole's "City of Terror. But I found a few more copies. They are available on our webpage at the Solo Adventure page for $5.95 each.

Two more Queen's Blade books are here and available for shipment. Another "Queens Blade Rebellion" book - Gemstone Princess Eilin and Iron Advisor Ymir and another "Queens Gate" Lili from Tekken

We now have a 40th Anniversary tshirt - you can buy it at our tshirt page or you can go to this page of pictures of Dundracon 2010 showing all the dealers wearing our tshirt! If YOU buy one of these shirts, wear it at any game convention I am attending, and walk up to my booth/table and ask me for a free D6!

New releases announced: Two more Queen's Gate books will be released at the end of February: Kasumi (from Dead or Alive) and Cham Cham (from Samurai Shodown).

Also we will be releasing Decision Dice at the Origins game convention July 24th in Columbus, Ohio. This is a D6 you roll to determine who plays first, in whatever game you are playing.

Another "Queens Blade Rebellion" book by Hobby Japan has arrived- LunaLuna, Moon Shadow Dancer available now. Also note that I have rearranged the pages with the Hobby Japan anime Queens Blade books. The newest one is now at the top of the page. And now there are three pages, one for Queen's Blade, one for Queen's Blade Rebellion, and one for Queen's Gate.

For a long time, fans have been able to play an authorized version of our Nuclear War card game online at gametableonline. Now they've set it up so you can play it by clicking on this link:

Another "Queens Blade Rebellion" book has been announced by Hobby Japan - Sigui, Inquisitor and another "Queens Gate" book - Mina Majikina (from Samurai Spirits). Both to be available at the end of November.

I have available now copies of a fun new card game called Obama Nation. A political satire, it's only $7.99. Click on the link to order.

Fiery Dragon produces our licensed version of T&T 7.5, and have now released more new items in the T&T Delvers Pack.

One more "Queens Blade Rebellion" book is available now and called Twin Taimashi: Tarnyang & Sainyang. Also something entirely new: A Queen's Blade PHOTO book. (Similar to my Amara Wintersword book). This one is a new version of Airi, the lady in the maid's outfit with a sickle. It has several extra pages of photos, in addition to the game, AND it has a DVD included as part of the package.

Two reprinted Lost Worlds books available now:
Samurai with Katana and Ninja with Ninjato. $7.50 each.

Plus we have a limited quantity available of the Graysea editions: Chester the Jester, Daniel the Pirate, Gildersleeve the dwarf, Lilli the Swashbuckler, Man in Plate w/sword & shield, Medusa, Ursa the Bugbear and ZZZ the zombie all for $7.50 each. While they last. Ninjas and Pirates

New Queens Gate character available now: Dizzy (from GuiltygearXXA Core).
Also, the second "Queens Blade Rebellion" book is available now and called Mirim (ultra vibration Valkyrie).

And Hobby Japan has announced a third "Queens Blade Rebellion" book called Huit & Vingt. It is available.

Sad news: Dave Arneson has passed on. We will miss him greatly.

We no longer have a separate fax phone number. Virtually no one was using it, and we'll save $24 a month. If you MUST send us a fax, call Rick at our regular number of 480-945-6917 and we'll discuss how you can fax it to us.

J-List has started an affiliate program. They sell the Queens Blade books based on our Lost Worlds game books (as do we) and they also sell plastic statues of the characters, and even bubble gum trading cards! (Along with lots of cool Anime and other Japanese imports. And if you click on this link and buy something from them, we get a commission. Take a look!

You've got a friend in Japan at J-List -- click now!
Click for J-List

The nice folks at Hobby Japan, who publish those Queens Blade books have given me a few pvc and resin statues of some of the characters. I'm going to keep the one of Menace (The Egyptian Princess), but I don't really have a place to keep the rest of them. I've got one of each, and I'm going to sell them to the first person who offers me $50 (each) for the 1/8 size ones, and $100 (each) for the 1/6 size ones. The 1/8 size ones are called "cast off" which I think means that some more of their clothes are detachable. (If they aren't already riske enough for you!) I'm only going to post pictures of a couple of them, since I only have one of each, and don't have time to photograph them all. Here are some pictures of Nanael the Angel.

Here is a picture of Leina.

I also have figures of Airi, Mellona, Nowa, and Ymir in similar style for $75.

Here are some pictures of the 1/6 size Resin & Cold Cast statue of Airi, which is $150. I've found this for sale on the internet for $173.

I also have a 1/6 size Resin & Cold Cast statue of Leina also for $150.

I'm going to be taking these statues to Kublacon to show them off. If you want to buy them from me, tell me as soon as you can, as if anyone offers to buy them at Kublacon I'm going to sell them for the stated prices. Note that the price does not include postage. We can negotiate for how I'll send them.

We've started using Cafe Press. Go there and buy popular Flying Buffalo art on a mug or a tshirt or a clock or a button. You can get Grimtooth, or Supergerm, or Chainmail Girl on any of those items. Cafe Press

New Queens Gate character available now: Mai Shiranui (from The King of Fighters).
Also, Hobby Japan has started a new series called "Queens Blade Rebellion". The first book is available now and called Annelotte, Princess Knight.

Flying Buffalo has been named the USA distributor for games from Gottick Games of Sweden. Go to our Swedish Games page to read about them and purchase them.

Latest Issue of Flying Buffalo Quarterly mailed: 79
Issue #79 was mailed June 21, 1999 (argh. Will try to mail #80 in December)

Latest Issue of Wargamers Information mailed:56
I hope to mail issue 57 before the end of December.
Issue #56 was mailed late December, 1998

Latest Issue of Lost Manuscripts mailed: 4
Issue #4 was mailed late December, 1998

(Last issue of WI and LM was a "double issue", half WI and half LM)

Latest solo T&T adventure released: #24, When the Cat's Away

How would you like to see YOURSELF in a Lost Worlds book (compatible with all the other Lost Worlds books)? Go to the Be Your Own Lost Worldspage.

To see "The Adventures of Ken St Andre's Hat" go to tntkenshat.htm

Origins Poker Deck! We will be producing a special "Origins" Commemorative Poker Deck for the Origins Game Fest in June 2008. Go to pokerdeck.htmto read the details and/or to order one.

We have inked a deal with DriveThruRPG to put all of our out of print products for sale on their website as pdf books. As I write this, there is a free short version of the T&T rules, plus Naked Doom (not out of print, but shortly to be), Mistywood, and Weirdworld (Weirdworld has been out of print for over twenty years!) and soon there will be lots more. Prices are good and we get a nice royalty, especially if you follow the link immediately below:

The Japanese company that is producing the "Queens Blade" Lost Worlds book (hardback, full color, manga versions of Lost Worlds) is producing a new series called "Queens Gate". It's just like the Queen's Blade books, but they are using characters from other companies tv games and animation. To see and/or order the first two go to queensgate.htm. There will be a third one available April 18. (You can preorder it now.)

And there are two new Queen's Blade characters coming soon: Alleyne Elfin Fighting Master and Aldra the Queen. You can order them from www.flyingbuffalo.com/japanlw.htm. See a picture here.or here.

Due to unprecedented demand by T&T fans, FBI is going to hold the first annual "T&T Convention" in conjunction with our regular pbm convention the first weekend of August, 2008. Click here: Click TnT Convention for details and to sign up.

We have on hand a few copies of an imported card game called "Comrade Koba" from Gottick Games of Sweden. Take a look here.

We have received two more of the Queen's Blade Lost Worlds books: Claudette: Lord of Thunder, and Melona: Shapeshifter. Remember the interiors are in FULL COLOR. (Note: this is typical manga-style artwork.) There are sixteen available now. (I guess the Japanese publishers don't realize that it should be "Mistress" of Thunder or perhaps "Lady" of Thunder?)

At Origins 2007, an attractive lady who calls herself "Azlana Dark" agreed to be in the next "Lost Worlds Combat Picture Book". You can see her picture, or buy an advance copy of the book, by going to www.flyingbuffalo.com/azlana.htm.

We have received two more of the Queen's Blade Lost Worlds books: Nyx, Master of Flame, and Melpha: Priestess. Remember the interiors are in FULL COLOR. (Note: this is typical manga-style artwork.) There are fourteen available now. Nyx is quite impressive. (I guess the Japanese publishers don't realize that it should be "Mistress" of Flame?)

Flying Buffalo participated in "Free RPG Day" on June 23, 2007
You could have visited any one of the more than 300 gamestores on that day, and picked up a FREE copy (short version) of the Tunnels & Trolls rules, plus a solo adventure that will allow you to play the game by yourself, or with friends. To see the cover of our free product click here. We also plan to be giving this away at Origins and Gencon with any purchase. If you would like to run a T&T "event" anytime, send me an email and let me know. I'll send you some of the free items. If you won't be attending a convention, and don't want to run an event for us, you can purchase one of the pamphlets for $2. To do so go to the T&T page.

T&T fans: A friend of mine was cleaning out his garage and found a stash of old out-of-print Sorcerers Apprentice magazines which he gave to me to sell. I now have one copy of #4, and a couple copies each of #5, #9/10, and #13. I think #4 is worth about $25, and the others are worth about $10 each. First person to offer me that much for one can have it (plus postage of course.) Remember issue #5 is the one that has an original Roger Zelazny story in it. These are all in very good shape, maybe a little shopworn but otherwise complete.

ZOCCHI THE MAGICIAN is now available for $8.95. From our "celebrity game designer" series! Character is Lou Zocchi, the guy who makes the 100-sided dice! To purchase this book go to the Lost Worlds page.

Available Now from Flying Buffalo

GRIMTOOTH IS HERE.  The reprint of Grimtooth's Traps Too is available now for $14.95. It has all the material from the original version, plus 16 pages of new material, including a Grimtooth comic, and notes on using the traps in the "Fudge" system. You can purchase it from the  Catalyst Page.

We are reprinting this week two of the old Nova Lost Worlds books:

Hill Troll with Club, and Sylvestra, Wood Elf. 
Reprints of Halfling w/sword & shield and Woman in scale w/sword and shield are also available now. Plus you can preorder the two newest Japanese Queens Blade Lost Worlds books. 

To purchase these books go to the Lost Worlds page.

NEW NUCLEAR WAR CARDS: We have created two new "bonus" Nuclear War cards, a "Special" (mad scientist) and a "Secret" (fold in space). These cards were available to the public for the first time at the Origins National Game Convention, where we gave one to every entrant in the Nuclear War tournament. Anyone not playing in the tournament will be able to purchase them for $2 each at conventions, or $3 each from our webpage.  Check out the Nuclear War FAQ page for possible alternate rules regarding the "Fold in Space" card.

We have a licensed boardgame based on Fred Saberhagen's "Berserker" stories. (Berserker is a registered trademark of Fred Saberhagen). Several years after we published it, we came out with a second edition of the rules. If you have the game, but never got the second edition rules, you can find them here. You can also go there to buy extra counters and mapsheets in order to recreate "The Stone Place" scenario as described in one of the early books.

EIGHT (!) NEW LOST WORLDS BOOKS: We have picked up some copies of the four books produced by "1 per cent Inspiration Games"; the Driataur, Gunslinger, Mutant Hill Giant, and Man-Spider. These are $8.95 each, and you can order them from the Lost Worlds page.

Plus there were several HARDBACK Lost Worlds books released in Japan, and we purchased a limited number of them. See the cover art at the Queen's Blade page. The interiors are in FULL COLOR. (Note, although there is no actual nudity, the art is a bit, umm, racy.) They are printed in Japanese, of course and we have posted translations on this page. .

While cleaning out the back of the garage today, I discovered a stash of the T&T solo adventure RED CIRCLE, which had previously been announced as "out of print". It is available again, should you want to order a copy! Just go to the T and T page

GRIMTOOTH'S BACK! We have licensed another company to do a best of....er...Wurst of Grimtooth. This book is a compilation of some of the evilest traps from the seven original traps books. It is a hardback, and includes D20 conversions. Infohere.

The rulebooks are here. We have mailed all the preorders. Sorry for all the delay. Origins convention kind of got in the way! This new version includes the complete Buffalo Castle solo adventure, plus Ken St Andre's "Chronology of Trollworld". Artwork.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: I recently found about 140 sets of the Flying Machine books in our warehouse while moving boxes around, and put together 140 Flying Machines games. I reprinted the charts that (I thought) go with that game. Unfortunately it turns out I got the wrong charts! If you recently purchased the Flying Buffalo version of the Ace of Aces Flying Machines, you can't really play it until you get the right charts. As soon as I get a set of the correct charts, I am going to put a pdf of them for download on our website, and of course will mail a copy to anyone who asks for them. If you bought your set directly from us, I have your mailing address and I will mail you a hard copy set. If you bought your set from your favorite local game store you will have to download the pdf, or tell me your postal mailing address so I can mail you the correct charts. I apologize for the inconvenience. The last time I actually played Ace of Aces was more than 15 years ago, and I didn't have a complete set to compare the charts. Rick June (Origins) releases from Flying Buffalo
(These games were initially released at the ORIGINS game show in Columbus Ohio June 30-July 3)
#6006 Nuclear War Card Game Special Limited 40th Anniversary Edition $60. The year 2005 is the 40th Anniversary of the first release of the Nuclear War Card Game, and in honor of that milestone, we are putting out this special signed and numbered limited edition. There will only be 1000 copies of this special edition, and each will be signed by the inventor and the artist. Because this is a LIMITED EDITION, we may not be able to fill all initial orders. We are doing 500 copies now, and another 500 copies in two or three months. Includes Nuclear War, plus the deluxe population deck, and some of the booster cards. (Out of print now, of course. We will probably do another Anniversary Edition in 2015.)

#8616 Lost Worlds Meresin, Dwarf with warhammer $8.95 and
To order:

Also available with FULL COLOR INTERIORS for $19.95:

#8615 Lost Worlds Mischa Redblur, Ultra Sorceress $8.95
Artwork. To order:

Also available with FULL COLOR interiors for $19.95:

These will be two more in the "photograph" series of Lost Worlds books. The model for the dwarf with warhammer is Michael Stackpole, best selling author and award winning game designer. The model for the sorceress is Michelle Barton, daughter of Douglas Malewicki, inventor of Nuclear War. Her long red hair will add a special attack move!

#5007 Felina the Tiger Lady $7.50
Artwork. To order:

#5015 Eilee the Sprite $7.50
Artwork. To order:

Reprints of these two popular Lost Worlds characters by Greysea. They've been out of print for several years, and are the most asked for of the out of print characters.

Note: we just discovered three more boxes of RAID ON RAJALLAPOR, a MSPE gamemaster adventure. I had thought we were completely out of this product. $4.95 each. You can find them on the MSPE page.

HIT LOCATION DICE. Click here to read about our new "hit location" dice (which are sadly, out of print).

New colors of "Death Dice". (Our famous dice with a skull instead of the "one" pip.) Black with yellow dots, and white with red dots. In addition, the following are now back in stock:
Black with white dots
Black with red dots
White with black dots
Ivory (with black dots)
Only $1.50 per pair. Click here for dice.

The WMD games (other than the ones we had at Origins) didn't actually get here until Thursday, July 8th. We shipped out all the orders on the 8th and 9th. If you preordered, you should have it by now. If you are looking for the combined rules for NW and WMD, click here. You can also read on that page where WMD won TWO AWARDS at the Origins convention.

New Nuclear War Expansion!: We released the newest Nuclear War Card Game expansion, Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) at the Origins Game Convention in June. You can order it now for $19.95 plus shipping.

New Cards for Lost Worlds: When we made the woman in chainmail Lost Worlds book (see below) we had some extra photos, so we used some of them to make 7 new cards for the Lost Worlds system. You can buy all 7 by ordering Lost Worlds card set F (product #8706) for $5 plus shipping.

THORINA AND KNUCKLES NOW AVAILABLE! You can now order the other two Lost Worlds KODT books - Sara and Bob. Previously available are Teflon Billy with Fireball (Brian) and El Ravager with Hackmaster +12 (Dave). All are $8.95 each. You can see the cover art here.

Gametable online announces free games day on the 13th of every month. Go there on the 13th and play Nuclear War online for free.

Flying Buffalo has obtained a license from Alfred Leonardi to reprint all the old Lost Worlds books. Send an email to rick@flyingbuffalo.com and let me know which books you want to see reprinted first. The Wraith has been reprinted so you can use it in the free scenario that can be downloaded from our downloads page.. You can also buy The Curse of the Tarbella scenario, complete with a skeleton book and a wraith book, for $15. (available in the next couple of days)

We are also announcing the newest Lost Worlds book: Amara Wintersword, female barbarian in chainmail bikini with battle axe. (#8609, $8.95). With this book we are trying something new: instead of artwork we are using photographs. Calye Calhoun agreed to be the model for Amara. Available now.

For the final report on our Gencon Stockmarket Game, click here.
To read "The Return From Indy Gencon (A tale of suspense and horror)" click here. .

We have recently added to the Nuclear War FAQ page at nwfaq.htm

TOM: The Origins Metagame nominated for Origins Award for best trading card game of 2002. See the rules and complete cardlist at www.flyingbuffalo.com/ogamer.htm . See the details of the Origins Awards at <"http://www.originsawards.com">http://www.originsawards.com.

Available now!

DICE OF WRATH NOW AVAILABLE: The dice game by Rick Loomis, using the Knights of the Dinner Table dice mentioned below, has been shipped to the distributors. You get five of the FULL COLOR dice, plus a score pad and the rules for $14.95. SPECIAL BONUS CONTEST: there are FIVE glow in the dark KODT dice, which have been randomly inserted into five of the games. If you receive one of these five dice, bring it to us at Origins or Gencon or any other convention (or mail it back to us) and we will give you a special prize!
UPDATE: No one ever found the flow in the dark KODT Dice. Now I'd kind of like to have them back. If you have purchased the Dice of Wrath game from us, or individual KODT dice, check them to see if they glow. I will give you a nice prize if you send them back to me!

TUNNELS & TROLLS RULES PREORDER We are totally out of the T&T rules right now (however you can purchase a copy of the City of Terror pocket sized solo adventure for $3, and it has a short (quickstart) version of the rules in it.) but we are planning to reprint it with the Buffalo Castle solo adventure added as part of the book. I intend to have this available by April, but you never know for sure. We will be charging at least $15 for this new book (instead of the old $9.95). But if you want to preorder it, and pay for it now, you can have it for $10. (plus the usual shipping fee). Note that you pay for it now, and may not get it for a couple of months. But your book will be shipped the day after we get it back from the printer, and you get a 33% discount. (And if the reprint is delayed for any reason you can at any time ask for your money back.)

The online Nuclear War card game site is now open for business. You can go online and nuke away to your heart's content. The game will allow 2 to 6 people to join in the radiationfest, all for a low monthly fee of $10 per month. (Plus for the same price you get a lot of other cool games.) Click on this banner to go to the webpage and join in the fun: www.gametableonline.com Note that we plan to start holding online Nuclear War tournaments again, probably this coming June, and in order to participate you will need to be a member of Gametable Online.

We have some back issues of the popular Knights of the Dinner Table comic available, including some really old ones. A list of those available can be found here.

We have received some Villians and Vigilantes games & supplements. A list of those available can be found here.

TOM: The Origins Metagame. This is a trading card game based on game companies, game designers, and games. This was released at Origins (every attendee got one free pack), and attendees had a great time trying to get a complete set. The rules and a complete cardlist can be found at http://www.flyingbuffalo.com/ogamer.htmYou can buy these cards from us at $2 a pack (plus shipping). See the details here.

Knights of the Dinner Table dice! $2 each. The six sides show BA, Bob, Dave, Sara, Brian, and "Hoody Hoo" (all these terms including KODT are trademarks of Kenzer & Co, and used with permission). See the artwork here, and buy them from your local store, or order direct from Flying Buffalo.
FLASH! These dice were nominated for "Best Game Accessory of 2001" for the Origins Awards. You can vote for the Origins Awards every year at http://www.originsawards.com (note that you do not have to vote in every category - just vote for the ones you are familiar with

The Nuclear War and Nuclear Proliferation cards are back from the printer, so both games are now back in print, at $29.95 each. (Sadly, Escalation is now out of print and probably will remain out for a couple months). Note that the new decks have all new, FULL COLOR artwork. And the Nuclear War game has two NEW cards. (Sorry, you cannot buy the two new cards separately. But you can buy a "Missile deck" (just the missiles, secrets, and new cards) for $7.50. PLUS we have something new: blank Nuclear War cards. You can buy a deck of 56 blank cards, all with the Nuclear War logo on the back so you can shuffle them in with your regular cards. Make up your own secrets! Create odd-ball warhead sizes! Replace missing cards. Only $10 for a deck of 56 cards.

ATTENTION: We can now accept DINERS CLUB credit cards along with American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa. Just put your Diners Club card number in the space on the order form.

NUCLEAR WAR and NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION now have NEW ART on the cards. The backs are still the same as all the other cards, but there is new art on the faces, and we are including TWO NEW optional cards for Nuclear War. You can see them on This PageThe price is now $29.95

Lost Worlds Fans: Shadis Magazine, issue #28 contained two free Lost Worlds characters that haven't been printed anywhere else, and that issue was an instant sell-out. The characters are Veltigg, the Forest Shade with Great Ax and Wolf Pack; and Mattha, Huntress of Denglade with Sword and two handed spear. Note that if you buy ONE magazine, you get TWO Lost Worlds characters, but to have them play against each other you will have to have two magazines. I have managed to lay my hands on a few copies of this magazine, and will sell them to you for $15 each.

Also: News Flash! The Nuclear Misfunction dice in Nuclear Escalation and Nuclear Proliferation will be "glow in the dark" again. Not only that, they will be printed in FULL COLOR. This is something you've just got to see to believe. Starting now, one of these dice will be included with each NE and NP game, but if you've already got the games, you should buy one of these dice for your personal collection! $2 each.

At 1133 AM on December 7, 2000 (a date fraught with dire implications!) UPS delivered the print run of the two KODT Lost Worlds books (El Ravager and Teflon Billy.) We are shipping them to the distributors on Dec 8 (friday) and all the distributors should have them by Dec 15th. If you are a retailer, be sure your order is in. If you ordered them directly from us, you should already have them by now as we shipped individual orders a long time ago.

We just ran out of one of the back issues of Sorcerers Apprentice that had been included in the "SA 5-pack" (issue #16 is no longer available) so now it is the "SA-4pack" for $4.

We have also run out of the T&T Rulebooks 8 1/2 x 11" size, which means we are also out of the T&T box set. But we do plan to reprint that rulebook soon (perhaps in March). We are out of the pocket sized rulebook and do not plan to reprint that.


We have been selling some of the leftover Nova Games products from a few years back, for Alfred Leonardi. Among them have been licensed "BattleTech" books (Rifleman, Wasp, Locust, Griffin and Warhammer). The first three are $4 each. We only have a few left of the Griffin books and they are all autographed by Doug Schuler, so we are charging $10 for those. When they are gone, they will most likely NEVER be reprinted. We are already totally out of the Warhammer books.

We have several different special offers (discounts for purchases) located in various places on our webpages. I have put a single listing of them all in one place at: The Bargain Page.

Lost Worlds Yellow Spells! Available now: Lost Worlds Spell Cards set E: 6 Yellow Spells and 7 Red Spells. $5. Order today.

Two KODT Lost Worlds now available Sorry, fans, we've been having some trouble getting the artwork right, and we were in the middle of not moving. (See NOT MOVING for details!) We have two of the KODT Books done - we'll send out an email to everyone on our mailing list when the other two are available. It's just been a series of disasters, misunderstandings, delays, and mistakes. (Sigh). Available now for purchase are Teflon Billy with Fireball (Brian) and El Ravager with Hackmaster +12 (Dave). They are $8.95 each. You can see the cover art here.

LOST WORLDS FANS: Marvel Comics and Crusade comics came out with something called "Battle Books". They are all designed by our Alfred Leonardi and work just like Lost Worlds with one exception: they are NOT compatible with the other (our) books! (Drat) This of course means that you cannot fight Spiderman against Flaming Cherry. These came out in what effectively was limited edition, and I don't think they are making them anymore. Sorry, I'm all out of them.

INDIA PAKISTAN WAR: New bonus pack for Nuclear War Card Game.

This is the rules for combining our NUCLEAR WAR CARD GAME and Mayfair Games' INDIA RAILS. You play India Rails, but whenever you draw a 'load' card, you may draw a special card (provided in the bonus pack) that allows you to draw a Nuclear War card. If you end up with a combination of Nuke War cards that fits (missile and warhead) you can Nuke a city that will delay your opponents. Included in the bonus pack is an orange china marker so you can mark the radioactive areas on the board (no one can build rails there). For $5 you get the rules, 15 cards, the china marker, (and an extra set of population cards, which you don't need to play this variant, but you can always use a fresh deck of population cards). It's available NOW from Flying Buffalo Inc for $5 (plus the usual $2 per order for shipping).

LOST WORLDS FLASH! Flying Buffalo has obtained a license to print 4 new Lost Worlds books based on the popular Knights of the Dinner Table (c Kenzer & Co, all rights reserved) characters, Bob (Knuckles), Dave (El Ravager), Brian (Teflon Billy), and Sara (Thorina). These books will sell for $8.95 and we hope to release them around Oct 15, 1999. To see the covers, click Here

We have added some new questions (and answers) to the Nuclear War FAQ page. We have also added a new CARDLIST to list all the cards in the various Nuclear War games & expansions.

INew Product Releases: Someone reminded me that the T&T computer game comes with a color map of the Dragon Continent (the world of T&T), and that some people might buy it for that alone. If you are a T&T fan, and haven't bought the computer game, but would like this map, we will sell you one for $10. For that matter, if you are a T&T Fan, perhaps you should know that we can sell you a package of 25 computer generated T&T characters for $2. Order as many as you like, each package is printed out individually and is unique.

FLASH!!! The NUCLEAR WAR CARD GAME won the Origins Awards HALL OF FAME July 4, 1998 at the Origins National Game Convention in Columbus Ohio, as one of the best games of all time.

Flying Buffalo released at Origins a new product for Tunnels & Trolls: the T&T Bonus Pack. This package will contain a reprint of the long out of print solo adventure ABYSS by Paul Creelman (a solo adventure that will let you get a dead character back to life), plus the "Survival Kit" from the old (also long out of print) T&T Gamemasters screen (charts for the gamemaster), plus a NEW short gamemaster adventure by James Walker "Tomb of the Mummy King", plus an expanded treasure generater chart, a random monster encounter chart AND a pack of T&T character sheets. All this for only $9.95

This product is intended for direct sales to consumers at conventions and through the internet, so it is packaged in a zip lock bag with black & white artwork. However, we will make it available to distributors and retailers at their normal discounts. Product #8406

If you are looking for the DRUG TAX STAMPS that were mentioned on the Associated Press, click here.

Foreign Language Traps, Citybooks & T&T: (Sprechen Sie Deutsch?) If you are interested in German, French, or Japanese editions of some of our books, click here

T & T CLUEBOOK: We have had many people ask us for a cluebook for the Tunnels & Trolls Computer Game. Unfortunately this book is out of print at present, but as an interim solution, we are going to provide a page where players of the computer game can leave clues and comments for each other. We may eventually compile these into a cluebook of our own. .

ORIGINS CONVENTION: Flying Buffalo has had a booth at every Origins since the first one in 1975. Unfortunately I never thought to save the "programs" from these shows, and now I wish I had. If anyone has an old "Origins" game convention program from previous years, and doesn't really care about keeping it, how about sending it to me, Rick Loomis? I'll trade you a Flying Buffalo Phone Card for it, if it's one I don't already have. Email me (rick at flying buffalo dot com) and tell me which year it is from, and I'll let you know if it's one I need. (And if you aren't willing to part with it in return for a collectable long distance phone card, let me know what else you would like instead.)

ACE OF ACES We now have some cover art available online for one of the aces of aces sets. For more details click Here.

Some of the items, we don't have in big quantities. We will be able to offer them to individuals on the web, or at conventions, or through our catalog, at the full retail price, plus $3 shipping per order (in the USA). First come, first served, these probably won't be reprinted.

For Lost Worlds: We have a few of the old "In The Ruins of the Ancients" box set. This is an expansion set of items and scenarios and includes the Man in Chain and the Skeleton books, and a 3-d plastic map. It does NOT include the miniatures that originally came with this set. $14.95

We also have some of the "Treasure Hoard of the Cold Drake" scenario sets. This also contains a 3d map, with magic items and scenarios. It does NOT include the Cold Drake book. $4

The following items, we have enough quantities to sell to retailers and distributors. You can order from us at your normal discounts.

For Lost Worlds:
Ninja fans: we have a bunch of NINJA GIMMICK SETS. Product #1411. $4 each. As I understand it, the original Ninja books came with 4 "gimmicks". Three were the same for everyone, and the fourth one was a "rare one". These are the rare ones. You get the sleeping powder, kusari-fundo, itching powder, and poison blade. Alfred is going to be reprinting the Ninja shortly, so it will be available again.

LOST WORLDS BONUS PACK: Product #60205. $14.00 We will be putting together a special package deal containing the four Runesword Lost Worlds books (Bith, female mage; Cal, fighter hero; Endril, elf bowman; and Hathor, troll) plus two extra Red Spell cards for Bith, and 2 of the Ninja Gimmick cards for Cal, plus instructions for how to let Cal use Gimmick cards. This is a great starter set to introduce someone to the Lost Worlds dueling system, and the characters are great for tournaments. The gimmick cards that will be included in this set are some of the ones in the GIMMICK SET, plus you may get "Blinding Powder".

New as of Halloween: Grimtooth's Dice of Doom! This set of five dice includes a Grimtooth Die, a Trap Die, and three Death Dice (glow in dark, clear, and orange) plus a set of rules for ways you can use this odd bunch of dice. Only $5.95.

We also now have the Nuclear Destruction pbm rules online in html format at ndrules.htm. Plus we have the Galactic Conflict rules and the Election Year rules available.

And we have a copy of the Heroic Fantasy rules in html so you can look at them with your browser. Take a look..

We have added an online MAP and star INDEX for Riftlords
Riftlords is our introductory play by mail game, where the rules, and the first three turns are free.

. There are now two new reasons to join a Starweb game. [1] We have new "Starweb Victory" pins that are given to winners of Starweb games. If you won one or more of the old pins, you probably would like to get one of the new versions. But they are not sold: they are given to winners of a Starweb game. The old pins are all gone, so winners of current games will get the new pin. [2] We have introduced a new rule. Now players may select a "sign" or "greeting" that will be displayed on opponent's printouts on the turn they meet. Thus you can tell potential new allies your address, phone number, email address, etc the instant you meet in a game. Rules for the new "signs" will be sent to players on the first turn of any new game. Join up now. It only costs $5 to get into a game, and $4.50 a turn (every two weeks) for the first ten turns.

4-Way Rubber Bands! What are they? A convenient way to hold your game box together, especially if it is crammed with supplements, notes or other stuff too big for the box. See a picture.

In order to see a color rendition of the new Citybook 7 cover, click here
This book is finally here. $14.95 plus $2 shipping and you can have it for your very own!

Lost Worlds News!
We have some pictures of a Lost Worlds tournament on the web now, including a picture of Tara Walker as "Flaming Cherry", and a picture of that famous T&T personality, Jim "Bear" Peters.

I have added a page describing some really unusual stamps for sale.

Convention Help Needed: Please check out this page.

You can email us at games at flying buffalo dot com

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