Mobius-I is a unique combination of science fiction, grand strategy, diplomacy, exploration, and role-playing. As overlord of a starfaring race you will be competing with up to 11 other players in the exploration and colonization of a newly discovered star cluster.

The stars in the cluster will range in size and color; from Red Dwarfs to Blue-white Super-giants, each encircled by up to 5 planets. Each planet will be classified as to its type (Asteroidal to Super-Jovian), its environment and its natural resources, and may be named and exploited by the player who owns it.

Each player in the game will control a number of "characters" each with its own skills, rating and name. A number of different jobs may be assigned to your characters, each having a direct affect on the game. Your planetary governors will affect your people (morale and loyalty) and battles may be drastically affected by the presence of a single general or admiral. Your characters expertise will grow with their success and their collective skills will directly affect your ultimate standing in the game. In addition to all of the above, characters from one game may be used in future games as you are allowed to"save" a number of your favorite characters at the end of the game.

Each player is allowed to design the type of ship that his or her race will use and the use of "standing" orders (orders which are automatically executed every turn) will allow you to minimize the risk of missed turns and to automate your lines of supply.

Each turn you will receive a printed report listing all of your planets, colonies, characters, and forces as well as combat reports and a wealth of information on your empire's health and welfare. This printout will generally be many pages in length - we had to buy special envelopes to mail these suckers out.

Mobius I was nominated at Origins 1989 for best pbm game of the year.

SLOW MOBIUS I (moves once a month).
If you wish to play by postal mail, you must join the slow game. If you will send and receive your turns by email, you can join the email game. The slow game will have 60 stars on the map. The email game will have 88 stars on the map. Price: Rules $3.
Setup $5.
The postal game is 10 cents per order, standing orders free, minimum $8/turn, maximum $12/turn. Maps are 50 cents per page (individual for each game).
The email game is a flat $7 per turn if you use email both ways. If you fax or postally mail your turn, there is an extra fee of 5 cents per order. If you want us to postally mail a hard copy of your printout, there is an extra fee of $5 (for the email game).

To read strategy articles about Mobius I, see FBQ.

You can download a pdf copy of the Mobius I rules at the downloads page.

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