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In 1976, Ken St Andre created a variant of the Tunnels & Trolls game called Monsters! Monsters! where you play the monsters instead of the heroes. It was originally published by Metagaming, and subsequently reprinted by Flying Buffalo. It went out of print for over 20 years, but we have recently reprinted it again. The current version is simply a reprint of the original. We plan to create and print an updated version of it sometime soon, but we had many requests to just reprint the original game.

To purchase a copy of Monsters!Monsters! for $14.95 (plus shipping):

If you would rather have it in pdf form, you can buy a copy at either one of these places:
Try or

It is also available on B&N for the Nook. Search for Monsters!Monsters! or Kenneth St Andre (author) or Flying Buffalo (publisher).

If you buy this product, you will note that it includes a sample scenario called the Woodsedge Inn, which is included as the center pages of the booklet. It is suggested that you can remove those pages from the book to use as a gamemaster's aid. If you do not wish to damage your book, or if you have purchased it as an ebook, here is the woodsedge as a pdf.

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