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The Fiddleback Trilogy by Michael A. Stackpole:

This trilogy of techno-horror novels by New York Times bestselling author Michael A. Stackpole is finally available in one set. These novels, which were originally written to support GDW's 'Dark Conspiracy' game line, have aptly been described as "the books that Phil Dick and H.P. Lovecraft would have produced from a collaboration" because of the combination of a dark future with terrifying monsters. Packed with action and spiced with a touch of humor, these novels can be read alone or combined into one long pulse-pounding saga of a handful of stalwart individuals fighting against ancient horrors intent on the conquest of the Earth.

Michael A. Stackpole is the award-winning game designer who is best known for novels set in the BattleTech=AE universe and his New York Times bestselling Star Wars=AE X-wing series. Fans of those books will find in the Fiddleback Trilogy Stackpole's signature fast-paced style and page-turning delivery, making these books a must!

A Gathering Evil; Evil Ascending; and Evil Triumphant (what a set of names, yes?). Originally sold by GDW for $5 each, Flying Buffalo is offering all three for $10. (Plus the usual $3 postage & handling of course). We're not going to reprint these, so get them before we sell out.

MERCENARIES, SPIES & PRIVATE EYES: Designed by Michael Stackpole.


This is contemporary role playing at its best. The name says it all: the adventurers are flinty mercenaries, suave spies, gumshoe detectives, and more. The system is easy to handle and complete, with nearly 100 skills for character development, an extensive weapons list, and a detailed section about how to run mystery & crime scenarios. Unfortunately we are out of the "boxed set" but you can get the rulebook for only $9.95

The Adventure of the JADE JAGUAR: Solitaire adventure for MSPE by Michael Stackpole. The revolutionaries stalk you through the steamy jungle, but you slip past. Then, suddenly youíre facing a jaguar - so huge it would dwarf a Bengal tiger! And if thatís not bad enough, itís a brilliant shade of green! Includes conversions to allow it to be played with the Hero System. Sorry, OOP

MUGSHOTS 2: Taking Care of Business by Michael Stackpole and Deb Wykle. A book of numerous Contemporary Charactes and 30 detailed maps of places for any modern role playing game. Also includes a short solo adventure for MSPE. $9.95.

STORMHAVEN: Gamemaster materials for contemporary role playing game adventures set on Savage Island in Lake Champlain. Stormhaven contains two booklets: one describing the buildings, people, procedures and adventures, the other of maps and floor plans. Statistics to allow use in both MSPE and Espionage! campaigns are included plus 23 Cardboard Heroes (tm) created for this package. This adventure won the 1984 HG Wells Award for Best Role Playing Adventure. Written by Michael A Stackpole. $9.95.

MSPE SPECIAL: The rulebook, Mugshots 1 and 2, Stormhaven, and a set of character sheets, everything available for MSPE, retail value $47.70 for only $39.95.


Mageís Blood & Old Bones. An anthology of short stories (not a game) about the Tunnels & Trolls world, written by the various people who created it:
Ken St Andre,
Mike Stackpole,
<> Liz Danforth,
Bear Peters, & others. $7.95


All on your lonesome and you want to play T&T? Well, how about a couple of T&T Solitaire Adventures? The book is the gamemaster, and each can be played many times. The solo adventures listed here are coded for difficulty, number & type of characters permitted within. "War" means warrior; "Wiz" means magic-user; "any" means any character class allowed (warrior, wizard, or rogue). "L1-3" means it is for 1st through 3rd level characters.

#9 City of Terrors by Michael Stackpole. The deluxe outdoor adventure in the city of Gull, on the sun-baked isle of Phoron. 1 Any, up to 275 adds. - $7.95.

#13 Sewers of Oblivion by Michael Stackpole. Adventure beneath the city of Gull! 1 Any, L1-7, up to 425 adds. (recommended: L3-5, 150-300 adds.) - OOP.
However, you can buy an official pdf version from DriveThruRPG

#21 Red Circle by Michael Stackpole. with cover by Elizabeth Danforth. The Baron makes you an offer: eliminate the raiders and heíll make you richer than you can possibly imagine. 1 Any, up to 60 personal adds. $5.95


LOST WORLDS COMBAT PICTURE BOOKS: Many of you may remember the lost worlds books by Nova Games from years ago. These books are a DICELESS fantasy combat system. Each player has a book, and you play by giving your book to your opponent, who reciprocates. You each pick a maneuver from your list of options, and tell the other player a page number. You each turn to the specified page number, and see what the other person is doing. For instance, you may choose to lunge at me, while I choose a side swing. When I turn to your page, I see you lunging at me, and when you turn to my page, you see yourself getting a hit on me. After I take a specified number of hits, I have lost the combat. Itís very easy (the complete rules are included on each book) and very quick.
Why am I telling you about Lost Worlds? Because there were some licensed "BattleTech" books done in the Lost Worlds patented system. We have what we believe is the remaining stock of these books, and when they run out, they will not be reprinted. Sadly, we are all out of all of them except the Rifleman and Locust while they last - $4 each.
You will need at least two books to play (you can play two of the same against each other). To order the Rifleman:

To order just the Locust:


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