Umslopagaas of the shiny teeth; scorpion/man wizard with mageís staff. Umslopagaas came from the jungle lands near the Dragonís Claws. With ebony skin and ivory teeth, with ironwood staff which could dash the brains from man or monster, he was a fighting wizard welcome in any group of adventurers facing evil magic and long odds. Deep in Uncle Uglyís Underground, Umslop claimed a Zodiac Gem as part of his plunder, and it claimed him - giving him a lethal scorpianís sting growing from the base of his spine. Now, twice as deadly as before, he runs his own dungeon in Khosht - -the famed Deathtrap Equalizer Dungeon. Meet him in combat if you dare, but donít be surprised if he vanishes in a cloud of sorcery if youíre skilled enough to wound him. A smart wizard always gives himself a way out. - $5.95

Flaming Cherry; barbarian beauty with falchion and shield. Called Flaming Cherry for the exotic color of her hair, she left the streets of Khosht to go dungeon delving and adventuring. Luck and beauty kept her alive long enough to learn the rudiments of survival. Then one day she freed a genie from an enchanted statue. The genie offered her one wish. She could have chosen wealth or safety, but all she wanted was battle luck, for she gloried in pitting her brains, speed, and skill against men and monsters. She fought her way out of that pit of horrors, and since that day she has never been beaten in single combat. Will you be the first to defeat Flaming Cherry with a sword, or will you be another of her conquests? - $5.95
(Note: To see color image of Flaming Cherry, click on image.)

Kharis; the Royal Mummy with mace. Kharis is the guardian of the ruins of Tor Menchi, where in life his treachery brought destruction. Now in everlasting penitence, he rots away guarding the very treasure he betrayed. Beware, for this fiend of life is a noble adversary. Some say to avoid this place called Tor Menchi; go elsewhere, into the light of day. But if the prize is more precious than life, then a kingís ransom waits, glittering amidst these fallen towers. Dare you to think? Dare you to plot? - $5.95

Chiron; Centaur Guard with short axe & shield in chain mail. Chiron clambered up the craggy cliff. Few other beings had the ability to patrol the craterís rim, and only the foolhardy dared. "But wait! Is that not an intruder? Some silly being is making his way up the treacherous pass. He answers not my hail - - then answer this!" said Chiron to himself as he hurled a persuasive spell, bathing the intruder in an engulfing flow of crimson magic. Yet onward the intruder came. Readying his axe, Chiron prepared for the inevitable. - $5.95

Praxides; Female Flying Gargoyle has a spear, and uses purple spells. I can't find the hype, but this character was created by Steve Crompton and Jason Sato, with art by Steve Crompton. $5.95

MacAber; Highland Warrior with Claymore, uses tactics cards. Character created by Jim Walker, cover art by Steven Peregrin, interior art by Gilead. $5.95

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