Here follows the text of Issue #1, dated November,1995. Contents 1995 Flying Buffalo Inc. If you would like to subscribe to the newsletter hardcopy by mail, it is $8 for 6 issues, published every two months.


Good news: the old Nova Games Lost Worlds picture combat books are back! Flying Buffalo and Chessex Manufacturing (and hopefully several other companies soon) are producing new "Lost Worlds" books that are fully compatible with all the old Lost Worlds books that were so popular a few years ago. Alfred Leonardi, the original inventor and designer of the books, is doing the design work on these books. This will be the "official" newsletter of the Lost Worlds. Here we will announce new releases, rule clarifications, future tournaments, tournament winners, and anything else we think will be of interest to Lost Worlds fans.

The new books all come with "Fantasy Cards", a little bonus to make the books even more interesting. The cards can be spell cards for magic users, or luck cards for fighters, or items such as different weapons, armor, potions, or amulets. The cards will be inserted semi-randomly. For instance, Flaming Cherry comes with 3 "luck" cards and a random card. There are 8 different luck cards that might be included in the 3, and the random card might be any one of about 20 other cards. Thus if two different people buy the same book, they will probably end up with different Fantasy Cards. You can also buy extra fantasy cards. So far, Flying Buffalo has published two sets of Fantasy Cards. These sets are not random. You get 17 cards that are the same in every "Set A" that you buy, but each set will have one "bonus card" that is rarer than the others, and it will be different from set to set.

In the back pages of this first newsletter, you will find the official tournament rules, plus the form for reporting the winners to us. Flying Buffalo will be awarding permanent "Tournament Points" to participants in all sanctioned tournaments and demonstration games that are reported to us. Then we will be offering free prizes when people reach various levels of points.

A player is assigned an "account number" the first time we get his name and address, and afterwards, he can just turn in his name and his "account number".

Everyone gets one point for participating in a demo or tournament. Winner gets two points for each player participating in the tournament. 2nd place gets 1 point for each. 3rd place gets a half point for each. The person running the tournament gets one point for each player participating as a reward for running the tournament for us.

To get your tournament "sanctioned" contact Rick Loomis at least a month ahead of time (preferably 3 months ahead, so we can mention you in this newsletter). I need to know the date, time, and location, and the name & phone number & mailing address of the Tournament Master. You can fax me this information at 480-994-1170 or email it to me at FBINC@aol.com.

Here is the prize schedule so far. (Notes: prize schedule may be altered at any time. Substitute prizes may be offered if something offered is no longer available. "Gold Pieces" are special bonus cards redeemable for other prizes. The price list for items that can be purchased with these "Gold Pieces" will be announced later.)

When you first reach: You are given:
1 point Membership card to the "Lost Legions"
10 points Year's subcription to Lost Manuscripts
15 points 10 gold pieces
25 points Special lost worlds fantasy card available no other way.(Medal)
30 points 10 gold pieces
50 points Special certificate (deed to a fief in the Lost Worlds)
60 points 10 gold pieces
75 points Lost worlds tshirt
85 points 10 gold pieces
100 points Fancy enamel pin
125 points 25 gold pieces
135 points 25 gold pieces
150 points Another special card
160 points 25 gold pieces
175 points 25 gold pieces
200 points For every hundred points, player is given a guard to add to his enamel pin that says "200" "300" etc.
225 points 50 gold pieces
250 points Wall plaque

After that, every even hundy hundred points from 250 (350, 450, 550, etc) he gets 100 gold pieces.

Also, every year, the three players with the highest total points, and the three players with the biggest point increase for the year are given a free years resub to the newsletter, plus the one with the highest total points is given the chance to either design a character for LW, or have his picture put on a "card". The one with the highest increase for the year is also given a chance to have his picture put on a card, or to design a card.

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