Here is a list of all the LOST WORLDS items:
(Note: if a Lost Worlds item on this list is OOS, we may be planning to reprint it soon. Let us know that you want to order it.)
Amara Wintersword, woman in chainmail bikini with axe $8.95
Arafael the Angel (reprint) $7.50
Arcanthus the Sage (Reprint) $7.50
Azlana Darque, Sorceress with broadsword $8.95
Azlana Darque, in full color $20.00
Bitra, Man/spider (1%) $8.95
Brimstone the fire giant $5.95
Chester the Jester w/baton and lead cap $7.50
Chiron,centaur with axe $5.95
Cimeree, Elfin Maid $5.95
Cold Drake (dragon) (reprint) $7.50
Curse of the Tarbella (Adventure Pack) includes Wraith and Skeleton books, $15
Daniel the Pirate w/foil and pistol $7.50
Dinosaurs (series of 6) OOS but should be reprinted soon
Driataur (1%) $8.95
Eilee the Sprite 7.50
El Ravager (KODT) $8.95
Felina the Tiger Lady 7.50
Flaming Cherry $5.95
Gildersleeve the Dwarf with sword and horn (purple and yellow magic) $7.50
Gunslinger with whip and pistol (1%) $8.95
Halfling with sword and shield (reprint) $7.50
Hill Troll with Club (reprint) $7.50
Horras the Hobgoblin OOS
Kharis, Mummy with mace $5.95
Knuckles (KODT) $8.95
Lilli the Swashbuckler (two swords) $7.50
Lizard Man OOP
MacAber, highland warrior with claymore $5.95
Man in Chainmail (original) $5.95
Man in Plate with Sword and Shield $7.50
Man with Short Sword and Dagger (thief) (original) $5.95
Manticore (original) $5.95
Mattha, huntress of Denglade - see Shadis 28
Medusa $7.50
Meresin, Dwarf with warhammer $8.95
Meresin IN FULL COLOR $19.95
Mischa Redblur, Ultra Sorceress $8.95
Mischa IN FULL COLOR $19.95
Mutant Hill Giant (with 3 arms) (1%) $8.95
Ninja with Ninjato $7.50
Oowell the Ghoul OOS
Othere, Djinn of distinction $5.95
Praxides,female gargoyle with spear $5.95
Runesword (Bith, Cal, Endril, Hathor)each $4.00
Runesword Bonus Pack (includes the 4 Runesword books plus 2 Spell cards and 2 Gimmick cards) $14
Samurai with Katana $7.50
Shadis 28 (Veltigg, forest shade with great axe and wolfpack, and Mattha, huntress of Denglade with sword and spear) OOP
Sir Percival, Mounted Knight $5.95
Sylvestra the Wood Elf (reprint) $7.50
Skeleton (original) $5.95
Teflon Billy (KODT) $8.95
Thorina (KODT) $8.95
Tome of Red Magic
Treasure Hoard of the Cold Drake (Adventure pack. Scenario for miniatures and the Cold Drake LW book. Does not include a Cold Drake) $4.00
Umslopagaas,scorpion man/mage $5.95
Unicorn (reprint) $7.50
Ursa the Bugbear w/morningstar and shield $7.50
Veltigg - See "Shadis 28"
Winged Gargoyle with sword (original) $5.95
Woman in scale w/sword and shield (reprint) $7.50
Woman with Quarterstaff (original) $5.95
Wraith with sickle (reprint) $7.50
Zocchi the Magician with dice bag $8.95
ZZZZ the Zombie $7.50
Lost Worlds Fantasy Cards, set A, B, C, D, E, F each $5.00
Set A=Red Spells & Items
Set B=Luck Cards & Weapons
Set C=More Luck & Weapons
Set D=Purple Spells & Tactics
Set E= Yellow Spells & Red Spells
Set F= 7 Amara cards (4 items, 1 tactic, 2 yellow spells) plus 6 assorted cards not in the other sets

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