This page last updated: Jan 28, 1997.

A local store in the Phoenix area ran a lost worlds tournament and we have scanned in some photos of the event.

This store included a costume contest, and here are some pictures of the first and second place winners, Matt Baum dressed up as Kharis the mummy, and Tara Walker dressed as Flaming Cherry the female barbarian.

And here is a picture of the winner of that tournament, Jason Sato.(That's Jason on the right, and store owner Jim "Bear" Peters on the left.)

LOST WORLDS NOTES: Click here for a complete list of the Rules for Running a Lost Worlds Tournament. Reporting forms and sample tournament types are available by postal request or email to Flying Buffalo.

If a store or convention will tell us in advance that they are running a tournament, we will announce it in Lost Manuscripts. In addition, if the results are reported to us, we will print the winnerís name, plus we will award permanent "Tournament Points" to every participant. We will be awarding prizes to players as they reach various levels of tournament points.

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