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LOST WORLDS COMBAT PICTURE BOOKS: Many of you may remember the lost worlds books by Nova Games from years ago. These books are a DICELESS fantasy combat system. Each player has a book, and you play by giving your book to your opponent, who reciprocates. You each pick a maneuver from your list of options, and tell the other player a page number. You each turn to the specified page number, and see what the other person is doing. For instance, you may choose to lunge at me, while I choose a side swing. When I turn to your page, I see you lunging at me, and when you turn to my page, you see yourself getting a hit on me. After I take a specified number of hits, I have lost the combat. It’s very easy (the complete rules are included on each book) and very quick.

The game was created by Alfred Leonardi. And in 1983 it won the Origins Award for Best Fantasy Boardgame of the year. (for info on the origins awards click here)

NEW! BE IN YOUR OWN LOST WORLDS BOOK!If you'd like to appear in your own Lost Worlds book, compatible with all those below, go to this page.

The frequently asked questions page can be found here.

You can find free scenarios for use with the lost worlds books, on our downloads page.

All of the books below are compatible with each other, and can be used to stage combats with each other, except for the "Battle Tech" books.

Something NEW! A Japanese company is printing HARDBACK Lost Worlds books with FULL COLOR interiors based on their Queen's Blade cartoons. If you'd like to see the cover art , or even order them, go to Queen's Blade. More than 20 are available. They have also started a series called Queen's Gate. You can find them at Queen's Gate.

If you want the translations of the character card and the book pages, go to This Page.

You can get a pdf of the rules for Lost Worlds by clicking here.

New "Picture Book" Available:
Azlana Darque, Sorceress with Broadsword

To order:

To order Azlana in full color:

Checklistof all the Lost Worlds books: Checklist

Index of varieties of Lost Worlds books:
Battletech Books
Published by Chessex
Dinosaur Books
The Fantasy Cards
Knights of the Dinner Table (KODT) characters*
Original Nova Books
The 'Picture Book' series
The Runesword Books
Tunnels & Trolls Characters
Published by One Percent Inspiration

Shadis Magazine, issue #28 contained two free Lost Worlds characters that haven't been printed anywhere else, and that issue was an instant sell-out. The characters are Veltigg, the Forest Shade with Great Ax and Wolf Pack; and Mattha, Huntress of Denglade with Sword and two handed spear. Note that if you buy ONE magazine, you get TWO Lost Worlds characters, but to have them play against each other you will have to have two magazines. I have managed to lay my hands on a few copies of this magazine, but I have sold them all. Sorry, OOP.

Our first six books are based on characters from Tunnels & Trolls, and they are completely compatible with all the old Lost Worlds books by Nova Games, and any new Lost Worlds books that will be published by other companies:

To see the covers of Flying Buffalo's six T&T Lost Worlds books click here.

Umslopagaas of the shiny teeth; scorpion/man wizard with mage’s staff. Umslopagaas came from the jungle lands near the Dragon’s Claws. With ebony skin and ivory teeth, with ironwood staff which could dash the brains from man or monster, he was a fighting wizard welcome in any group of adventurers facing evil magic and long odds. Deep in Uncle Ugly’s Underground, Umslop claimed a Zodiac Gem as part of his plunder, and it claimed him - giving him a lethal scorpian’s sting growing from the base of his spine. Now, twice as deadly as before, he runs his own dungeon in Khosht - -the famed Deathtrap Equalizer Dungeon. Meet him in combat if you dare, but don’t be surprised if he vanishes in a cloud of sorcery if you’re skilled enough to wound him. A smart wizard always gives himself a way out. - $5.95

Flaming Cherry; barbarian beauty with falchion and shield. Called Flaming Cherry for the exotic color of her hair, she left the streets of Khosht to go dungeon delving and adventuring. Luck and beauty kept her alive long enough to learn the rudiments of survival. Then one day she freed a genie from an enchanted statue. The genie offered her one wish. She could have chosen wealth or safety, but all she wanted was battle luck, for she gloried in pitting her brains, speed, and skill against men and monsters. She fought her way out of that pit of horrors, and since that day she has never been beaten in single combat. Will you be the first to defeat Flaming Cherry with a sword, or will you be another of her conquests? - $5.95
(Note: To see color image of Flaming Cherry, click on image.)

Kharis; the Royal Mummy with mace. Kharis is the guardian of the ruins of Tor Menchi, where in life his treachery brought destruction. Now in everlasting penitence, he rots away guarding the very treasure he betrayed. Beware, for this fiend of life is a noble adversary. Some say to avoid this place called Tor Menchi; go elsewhere, into the light of day. But if the prize is more precious than life, then a king’s ransom waits, glittering amidst these fallen towers. Dare you to think? Dare you to plot? - $5.95

Chiron; Centaur Guard with short axe & shield in chain mail. Chiron clambered up the craggy cliff. Few other beings had the ability to patrol the crater’s rim, and only the foolhardy dared. "But wait! Is that not an intruder? Some silly being is making his way up the treacherous pass. He answers not my hail - - then answer this!" said Chiron to himself as he hurled a persuasive spell, bathing the intruder in an engulfing flow of crimson magic. Yet onward the intruder came. Readying his axe, Chiron prepared for the inevitable. - $5.95

Praxides; Female Flying Gargoyle has a spear, and uses purple spells. I can't find the hype, but this character was created by Steve Crompton and Jason Sato, with art by Steve Crompton. $5.95

MacAber; Highland Warrior with Claymore, uses tactics cards. Character created by Jim Walker, cover art by Steven Peregrin, interior art by Gilead. $5.95

Lost Worlds "picture" books:
Amara Wintersword woman in chainmail with axe.

#8616 Lost Worlds Meresin, Dwarf with warhammer $8.95
Or Cover shot here
To order:

Or you can get Meresin with FULL COLOR interior pages for only $19.95:

#8615 Lost Worlds Mischa Redblur, Ultra Sorceress $8.95
or Cover shot
To order:

Or you can get Mischa with FULL COLOR interior pictures for $19.95

#8617 Lost Worlds Zocchi, Magician with Dice Bag $8.95
To order:

The model for the dwarf with warhammer is Michael Stackpole, best selling author and award winning game designer. The model for the sorceress is Michelle Barton, daughter of Douglas Malewicki, inventor of Nuclear War. Her long red hair will add a special attack move! The model for Zocchi Magician is Lou Zocchi, the guy who makes the 100-sided dice.

Lost Worlds KODT books:
We also have a license to print 4 Lost Worlds books based on the popular Knights of the Dinner Table (© Kenzer & Co, all rights reserved) characters, Bob (Knuckles), Dave (El Ravager), Brian (Teflon Billy), and Sara (Thorina). These books sell for $8.95. To see the covers, click
Here All four are available now.

To purchase El Ravager, click here

To purchase Teflon Billy, click here

To purchase Thorina, click here

To purchase Knuckles, click here

Note: "Knights of the Dinner Table" and these characters are trademarks of Kenzer & Co and are used with permission. All rights are reserved.

Each of the above books also comes with four semi-randomly selected "Fantasy Cards" which may be spells, items, tactics, or luck. If you don’t like the selection of cards that came with your book, you can buy extra cards:

For a list of the cards that have been printed, click here..

Lost Worlds Fantasy Cards, Set A: Red Spells & Items
(18 cards) $5

Lost Worlds Fantasy Cards, Set B: Luck Cards & Weapons
(18 cards) $5

Lost Worlds Fantasy Cards, Set C: More Luck Cards & Weapons
(17 cards) $5

Lost Worlds Fantasy Cards, Set D: Purple Spells & Tactics
(17 cards) $5

The above card sets come with 17 (or 16) identical cards, and one "Chase Card" in each set. (i.e. one card that is rarer than the others, so you might have different cards than your friends.)

Lost Worlds Fantasy Cards, Set E: 6 Yellow Spells & 7 Red Spells
(13 cards) $5

Lost Worlds Fantasy Cards Set F: 7 cards with pics of Amara Wintersword (4 items, 1 tactic, 2 yellow spells), and 6 assorted other cards not in the above sets $5
To Purchase Lost Worlds Card sets:

LW Card set

Old books previously published by Nova Games:

Man in Chainmail - oop

I am out of the man in chainmail. Not sure when I will be able to reprint it.

Man w/short sword & dagger - $5.95

Manticore - $5.95

Skeleton - $5.95

Winged Gargoyle -oop

I am out of the winged gargoyle (The blue one). Not sure when I can reprint it.

Woman w/quarterstaff - $5.95

Lost Worlds reprints:
( Watch our "news" page for updates, or sign up to be on our mailing list.)

#5014 Arafael the Angel (art by Doug Shuler)
20 body, 4 height, 12 Yellow Magic, Sword, Scepter (can fly) Currently available as a reprint for $7.50

#5001 Arcanthus the sage $7.50

Barbarian w/two-handed sword OOS
#5004 Chester the Jester
10 body, 4 height, 9 luck points, 2 tactic points, baton, lead cap $7.50

#1010 Cold Drake (dragon) $7.50

#5002 Daniel the Pirate
12 body, 4 height, 7 luck points, 2 tactic points, foil, pistol $7.50
Dwarf with axe OOS

#5015 Eilee the Sprite $7.50
Artwork. To order:

#5007 Felina the Tiger Lady $7.50
Artwork. Sorry out of Felina. Not sure when I will have more.

Fighter Mage (red magic user) OOS
Giant Goblin with mace OOS
#5021 Gildersleeve the Dwarf 16 body, 3 height, 2 luck points, 6 red spell points, Sword, Horn $7.50

#1011 Halfling w/sword and shield $7.50

#60106 Hill Troll with Club $7.50

#5019 Horras the Hobgoblin14 body, 4 height, 2 luck points, 5 tactic points, Katana, Scimitar OOS
#5030 Lilli The Swashbuckler 11 body, 4 height, 10 tactics points, sword & dagger $7.50
#1013 Man in Plate w/sword & shield $7.50
#5020 Medusa 10 body, 4 height, 3 luck points, Shield of Malocia, Scimitar $7.50

#1402 Ninja with Ninjato $7.50

#5022 Oowell the Ghoul 12 body, 4 height, 3 luck, a large bone (OOS)

#1401 Samurai with Katana $7.50

#5017 Sylvestra the Wood Elf 12 body, 4 height, 5 luck, 7 tactics, quarterstaff, bolas  $7.50

#5005 Thorgal the Wyrm Slayer 12 body, 4 height, 5 luck points, 7 tactic points, Hammer, Armor OOS

#1304 Unicorn $7.50

Ursa the Bugbear18 body, 4 height, 3 luck points, 3 tactic points, morningstar, shield oop

#1005 Woman in scale with sword & shield $7.50

#1009 Wraith with sickle$7.50

#5006 Wyrm the Dragon 45 body, 5 (7) height, 5 luck points, Breath, Claws. OOS
#5016 ZZZZ the zombie 9 body, 4 height, disease, rock $7.50

Six Dinosaurs
Note: the dinosaurs ARE compatible with the other books, the same way the Cold Drake is compatible: tough to beat, and you probably have to attack with several characters simultaneously. But these books individually are a match for the Cold Drake. We will be selling them as a package, all 6 for $35. Unfortunately, Out of Print at the moment.

IMPORTANT: The difference between the old original books, and the reprints is that the reprints have the word "reprint" on the cover.

The following "Runesword" books also by Nova Games are also compatible with all the Lost Worlds books:

Bith, Female Mage- $4
Cal, Fighter Hero - $4
Endril, Elf Bowman - $4
Hathor, Troll - $4


Runesword special: all four Runesword books as above. Ask for the LOST WORLDS BONUS PACK. $14.00

Brimstone: Fire Giant

#60152 Sir Percival: Mounted Knight

#60150 Othere: Djinn of Distinction

60153 Cimeree, Elven Maiden

CHESSEX SPECIAL: All four of the above books for only $14.00

We used to have the 4 books released by "One Percent Inspiration Games" but we sold them all, and are now unable to get more, sorry.

BITRA: the Man/spider with sword and crossbow

GUNSLINGER: with whip and pistol

MUTANT HILL GIANT with two clubs (and three arms!)

DRIATAUR with battle axe (a kind of minotaur)

And: we have a few of the "BattleTech" picture combat books that work the same way as the Lost Worlds fantasy books. Two of the old BattleTech books are $4 each. The 2 books are: Locust; Rifleman.


Originally there were also a Griffin, a Warhammer, a Wasp, and a Shadowhawk. Unfortunately we are out of these, and are not allowed to reprint them, sorry.

To see the covers of the BattleTech books, click here

(Remember, you need at least two books to play, and the "BattleTech" books are not compatible with the other Lost Worlds books)

LOST MANUSCRIPTS: A short newsletter published on rare occasions for Lost Worlds, giving strategy hints, new release information, convention and tournament listings, and announcing winners of past tournaments. - $8 for 6 issues.

Sadly we have not had occasion to publish this newsletter for years. I'm not sure if/when we ever will.

LOST WORLDS NOTES: Click here for a complete list of the Rules for Running a Lost Worlds Tournament. Reporting forms and sample tournament types are available by postal request or email to Flying Buffalo games at flying buffalo dot com.

If a store or convention will tell us in advance that they are running a tournament, we will announce it in Lost Manuscripts, plus we will announce it on our "convention dates" page. In addition, if the results are reported to us, we will print the winner’s name on our "winners" page, plus we will award permanent "Tournament Points" to every participant. We will be awarding prizes to players as they reach various levels of tournament points.

A local store in the Phoenix area ran a lost worlds tournament and we have scanned in some photos of the event.

Among the prizes we will be awarding at conventions and tournament are some special gold piece cards that can be saved, accumulated, and later turned in for other prizes including special cards that are otherwise hard to find.

To see the current Lost Worlds Tournament Points awarded, click here.

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