Loren Wiseman, one of the notable game designers from the '70's and currently writer for Steve Jackson Games, has recently had a quadruple bypass operation. He is doing well, and you can read about it here: Loren
Sadly, as a freelancer, he has no health insurance, so we are asking his friends and fans of his game designs to donate money to help defray the enormous hospital bills. Send a donation via paypal to

And if you send at least $10, I'd like to reward you with a gift. As you may or may not know, I have for the last three years created poker card decks, where the four kings are four famous game designers. The 2010 deck includes Loren Wiseman as the king of clubs. There are two mostly identical versions of this deck, one with black backs, and one with orange backs. (The other three kings are Rich Banner, Frank Chadwick, and Marc Miller). If you tell me you donated $10 or more, and send me $5 for postage, I will send you BOTH decks (which sell for $5 each).
Click on the link below to send me the postage:
(The link is for two cents. Paypal will tack on a $5 "shipping charge" so the total will end up $5.02)

(This offer good until I run out of decks, or Loren tells me his medical bills are paid!)

Sample cards from the 2010 deck:

You can read more about the "Origins Poker Decks" at this link. Rick Loomis

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