Lost Worlds Gold Piece Price List

New Information:We had a lot of plans for using these "gold piece" cards, which were going to be given away by four different game companies. But the other three companies have all gone out of business or been bought up by someone who decided not to do this, and the gold piece promotion never really got going. If you have any of these gold pieces, you may redeem them as below, or you may use them for a discount on any FBI product. Any gold piece card of 100 gold pieces or less may be used for $1 off on any Flying Buffalo Product of $5 or more (only one discount per item, not for products on sale), and any gold piece card more than 100 gold pieces can be used for a discount of one cent per gold piece. (No more than 20% of the retail price of any item may be paid for with "gold pieces".)

We plan to give away "gold piece" cards as bonuses at tournaments, conventions, and in products. Players who receive tournament victory points will also receive free "gold piece" cards at various times. You may redeem Gold Piece cards for the following Lost Worlds Fantasy Cards. Some are available in books or in card sets, some are only available as special bonus items. Some are better bargains than others. Change will be given if necessary.

5Tree Ring Ring Add +1 to Hand to Hand attacks.
15Healing Herb Potion Restore 5 body points on any extended range page.
20Tin Man's Axe Axe Add +1 to Blue weapon attacks, and -1 to Red Weapon attacks
35Mace of MourningMace Add +1 to all mace attacks made on flying creatures
40TaggetBoots When worn, subtract -2 from all leg wounds.
40Khazad Cleaver Axe Add +2 to Thrust axe attacks.
45Beauzax Sword Add +2 to Fakes and -2 to Orange for sword attacks.
47Feredon's BifferMace Unbreakable mace except by magic
50Lora's Broach Amulet Restore 2 body points when on page 1.
55Tlad's Basher Mace Add +1 to all Orange mace attacks
60Phisto Kuff GauntletsAdd +1 to all Red attacks. Double with 2 gauntlets.
60Castlebar ShieldShieldAdd +1 to Orange Protected or Shielded attacks
64Bonker di GismoMace Add +2 to Extended Range mace attacks.
65EspereRing Add +3 to your body points. (double if you also hold Kalouran)
75Death Dust Snuff Subtract 4 from your body points, & add +1 to Red & Orange attacks
80Golden FalchionSwordAdd +1 to sword attacks against metal armor.
119Mall-Um SwordAdd +1 to Extended Range sword attacks.
120Bando AxeWhen using, add +2 to all parries.
150Kalouran RingOpponents cannot regenerate during this combat.
150Better Than Gold DustPowderAdd Blue, when directed to do "only green or yellow"
154 Painsong Elven AxeAdd +1 to Down Swing axe attacks.
200Frondrak Axe Add +1 to all axe attacks
200Khan Troll StaffMage StaffReduces cost of casting spells by one point.
355The Joad StoneAmulet Add +2 to your Spell points (any color).
415Kin Strae's CloakCape When Knocked off balance, disregard your restrictions (for elves & unarmored humans)

You may also redeem "gold piece" cards for the following prizes:
200 - One of the Lost Worlds books published by Flying Buffalo (specify which) autographed by Alfred Leonardi
200 - A years subscription(6 issues) to Lost Manuscripts Newsletter
300 - Any available FBI tshirt (size XL)
350 - Any available FBI tshirt (size XXL)

Other prizes to be added later. Send your name & address & gold pieces & the names of the prizes you want to: Flying Buffalo Inc PO Box 8467, Scottsdale AZ 85252. Include one unused first class postage stamp or one International Reply Coupon.
(Legal fine print: Items offered & prices charged may be changed at any time; while supplies last. Not responsible for lost mail, lost combats, lost tempers, or suitability of card for your character.)

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