Instructions for formatting turns to be sent by electronic mail

--> *** IMPORTANT *** <---
EMail is not always instant, and in rare cases does not arrive at all. CompuServe EMail usually takes about 20 minutes, but can take several hours. INTERNET mail has occasionally taken 3 or 4 DAYS to get here! If your turn does not ARRIVE HERE on time, you will miss the turn. (And the fact that you sent it by EMail on time doesn't help). If it is an important turn, or if there is any doubt, give us a phone call on the due date and we will check to see if your turn has arrived. Or you can subscribe to our PHONE ALERT service where we will call you or send you an EMail message if your turn is not here by the due date. (Ask for info on phone alert). Note: we ALWAYS send an email receipt when we receive an email turn. Receipts are sent every morning, usually shortly before noon. If you do not get a receipt, SEND YOUR TURN AGAIN. Do not send an email saying "Did you get my turn?" It does not cost any extra to send a second or third copy of your turn. If we are ready to run your game, and the only thing we have received from you is a message saying "Did you get my turn yet" it is too late for us to email you and say "No we did not get it - send it again."

1> Head your turn with the following information:

  1. The full game-number.
  2. The turn number.
  3. Your player-number and/or code-name as appropriate.
  4. Your real name.
  5. Your Flying Buffalo account number.
  6. Your Security Code.
Sample heading:

HF-179 T-68 [17] Walford W Blunder, #1068

(Note: The above should be the first line of your email. The SUBJECT of your email can also be the above, but if you want it can be just the game number and the turn number.)

2) Type your orders. Lines are limited to 78 characters. Don't forget to RETURN or ENTER at the end of each line. If you fail to do so because your terminal starts a new line when you type past the right edge of the screen, the EMail system will still consider your turn to be all on one long line.

The formats for various games follow:

  1. Comments, questions, etc.
  2. The word ORDERS on a line by itself.
  3. Your orders, separated by one or more spaces or carriage returns. Periods within orders are OK, but not spaces.
  4. Diplomatic messages (no more than one to each other player). Each message consists of the following:
  5. Change the sign on your ships. Each sign begins with the word SIGN on a line by itself. The following one or two lines are the lines that will appear on your sign when someone sees you. Lines are limited to 78 characters in length. If you're playing in a multi- position game and you don't want the sign to apply to all of your positions; on the line following SIGN, put an equal sign, =, as the first character in the line followed by the code names you want the sign to apply to, separated by spaces. Unless you're playing in a multi-position game, SIGN can be used only once per turn.
  6. The word END on a line by itself.
Sample EMail SW turn.
SW-SAMPLE  T-10  [ARCTURUS]  Waldorf W Blunder #1068


W123B4F56 W123B7F65 F56U F65U I123T8F234 A=HAULER
L=HAULER F145L F145W123 F75L F75W108W123 N=GANYMEDE
W12X W14X W19X W24X W32X W44X W58X W67X W98X W102X
W117X W131X W147X W149X W151X W158X W171X W188X W218X
W220X W231X W244X W245X W248X W253X F117G=HAULER
F218AH F224AH F109AF214 I177AF214 W50G=EMPIRE W104B1P
Z104 V60F117 V80F117 V90F117 V1W V2W V3W V4W V5W
My home world is W123. Please load F117 and move it
F117W209W123. I'll give you another Fleet next turn.
Can you give me any information about GANYMEDE?  He
fired at one of my Fleets last turn.

Let's cooperate. I'll shoot at you, and you die.

You outer planets are a bunch of backstabbing thieves.

Hello everyone! I'm a standby player for ARCTURUS
the Pirate. Does anyone want to trade plunderable
worlds for ships and artifacts?

I'm peaceful.
Please don't kill me.


Number of orders = 54
The words ORDERS, MSG, AMSG, SIGN, and END must be on lines by themselves. NO PUNCTUATION ALLOWED. ORDERS and END can only be used one time each; ORDERS before your first order and END after your last diplomatic message or sign. Orders on the same line must be separated by spaces. Maximum length of any line is 78 characters. Maximum length of a diplomatic message is 16 lines (not counting the lines containing MSG or AMSG and the list of addressees). The list of addressees must all be on the line following MSG or AMSG, separated by spaces. You can put periods within your orders to make them easier for you to read. Example: F123W209W4W75 could be entered as F123.W209.W4.W75. This is for your convenience only. Our program ignores periods within orders. Do not use any other type of punctuation within orders. Do not use any punctuation between orders; only spaces are allowed. You can't send more than one message to each player, but the message to EVERYONE doesn't count against this limit. You can't send more than one message to EVERYONE. Blank lines within messages are ignored. Only orders, messages, and signs should appear between ORDERS and END. Comments, questions, and order count should before ORDERS or after END.

Sample SIGN for a multi-position game:

Please get in touch with me at
or I will open fire next turn.
This would change the sign on your VENUS and MARS positions. Any signs on other positions you control would be unchanged.

The format for Battle Plan is similar to the format for StarWeb. Put the word ORDERS on a line by itself, then your orders and space change codes separated by spaces. To send a diplomatic message, put the word MSG (or AMSG for an anonymous message) on a line by itself. On the following line, list the addressees by player number. If you want the message to go to all of your allies, use the letter A as an addressee. Use N if you want it to go to all neutrals and E if you want it to go to all enemies. You cannot use the word EVERYONE as an addressee in Battle Plan. If you want to send a message to all of the other players in the game, use the letters A N E as addressees. Since a player must be an ally, an enemy, or neutral; the message will go to everyone. You can't use a player number or the letters A, E, or N as addressees more than once per turn. A player can receive two messages from you in the same turn if you address one to him by player number and one by using A, E, or N. As in StarWeb, the words ORDERS, END, MSG, and AMSG must be on lines by themselves with no punctuation; and ORDERS and END can be used only once each. The addressees of a message must all be on the same line separated by spaces. No line can be more than 76 characters long. A message cannot be more than 16 lines long.

Sample BP orders:

@    RI20 RA40 P20FR P20LY S1GB S1PD

A 1 9
Help! Player 4 is going to wipe me out! Please
attack him and send me lots of AirForce and cash.

The diplomatic message in the above example will go to all of your allies plus players 1 and 9.
Sample Heroic Fantasy orders:
Comment  Char  Orders

Joe      17    ATTACK,10,M  REVEAL,0
Willie   26    ATTACK,5,M  TAKE,1,P38
               :I'll take the prize.

Total orders: 5

For Galactic Conflict, we would like you to enter one order per line.



For Mobius, put the word ORDERS on a line by itself before your orders. Do not put more than one order on a line. After your orders, enter your order count as follows: TOTAL=##, where ## is your order count. Then put the words END OF ORDERS on a line by themselves. Example:

Sample Feudal Lords orders:
 1>  1 25
 2>  22 1000 15
 3>  10 400 199
 4>  9 45
 5>  11 18

For Illuminati, we don't yet have preferred format. Just make up your own. If we have trouble with it we'll let you know. One order per line is an acceptable format. Example:
  236  World Bank
         1 Guard     236  30   30
        10 L Corrupt 236   5    5
   18  Martians
         1 - Income   18   8  300
         2 + Wealth  236   1 9999
        20 Destroy    15 800  800

For Lizards, you don't have to duplicate the turn sheet. You can type one order per line. Example:
 1>  MO 22A NE SE
 2>  BF 22B
 3>  SP 25C SW 30,Red 20,Grn
 4>  CH 25D SW SW Eyes
 5>  SP 27A NW 1,Red

For Rift Lords, just tell us what you want to do. Give us your orders in the same order as they're listed on your turn sheet. Example:
Position #150, The Hindenburg
  Sell 200 Hydrogen
  Sell 5 Shields
  Buy a Cargo Pod
  Buy 300 Helium
  Move to Betelgeuse
  View prices at Algol
  Practice Smuggling
For all games, be sure to put the game number, turn number, player number or code name, your account number, and your security code in the heading.

For other games try to make your turn look something like a regular turn sheet.

If you're submitting a turn for a play by U.S.Mail game and you have diplo- matic messages for any game except StarWeb and Battle Plan, enter them as follows:

  1. Separate the orders from the messages with a line of slashes (at least 41 of them). The line may begin with a space.
  2. Each message should have a heading that gives the game-number, turn-number, who the message is to, and who it is from.
  3. The text of the message should be exactly sixteen lines of up to 76 characters per line, followed by a row of minus signs. (This lets us cut them apart into 3-inch slips of paper.)
Our EMail address is Games at flying buffalo dot com

There is no extra charge if you send us your orders by EMail. If you want copies of your printouts sent to you by EMail, we charge an extra $1.50 per turn for World Wide Battle Plan, $1.00 per turn for StarWeb and Galactic Confict, and 50 cents per turn for Heroic Fantasy, Battle Plan, and Feudal Lords. If you're in an EMail-only game (no printed copies mailed) then there is no extra charge for EMail printouts. If you're in a game with no diplomatic messages (Heroic Fantasy, Feudal Lords, or any anonymous game) and don't need a printed copy mailed then we won't mail a printed copy and we won't charge you anything extra for EMail.

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