There have been several foreign language editions of T&T, Citybooks, and Traps Books. As part of the licensing deal, we had the franchisees send us 20 copies of the book for our amusement. I'm going to make a limited number of these available to my email customers. We are unlikely to get more of these, so if you are interested, order now!


The following are $20 each:
Grimmzahns Fallen (Traps One - German)
Fallen Zwooh (Traps Two - German)
Grimmzahns Fallen II (Traps Two - different German printing)
Katakomben des BarenKults (Catacombs of the Bear Cult - German)
Labyrinth (German)
Taverne Zum Blauen Frosch (Blue Frog Tavern - German)
Meer Der Ratsel (Sea of Mystery - German)
Pieges de Grimtooth (Traps One - French)
Tunnels & Trolls Rules (French)(sorry, out of print)
Sword for Hire/Blue Frog Tavern (Japanese)
Arena of Khazan and the original Sorcerer Solitaire by Walker Vaning (Japanese)

And the following are $30 each:
Jeerjacken Und Landratten (Citybook 2: Port of Call - German)
Todliches Al' Anfa (Citybook 3: Deadly Nightside - German)
Citybook I (Japanese)
T&T Rulebook (Japanese)(sorry sold out)

We now have version 7.0 of the T&T rules in Japanese, plus a new Japanese version of Sword For Hire. While they last, $20 each.

There will soon be a French version of T&T 7.0. You can learn about it here.

You can order any of the above by clicking on the "store" button below.

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