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The below was written before paypal changed their procedures and allowed me to offer priority shipping in the shopping cart. If you are in the USA, you you can just select priority shipping from your shopping cart, and it will automatically charge you the extra. If you select that option, but we don't get it shipped by the next business day after your order, we will refund part of your shipping charge. If you need your order by a certain day, please tell me and I'll try to get it to you by then.

If you need to get your order in two or three days, you can pay us $10 extra for shipping and we will ship it by USPS Priority Mail. We cannot guarantee it will get there by a certain day, but if we don't get it mailed by the first business day after you order it, we will refund your $10. (USA Customers ONLY)

To pay for expedited shipping, click here.

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