But what does that mean?

By SS Crompton

An amazing thing happened a few months ago at Flying Buffalo. Rick Loomis decided it was time to reissue Nuclear Escalation after being out of print for many years. I remembered that when we first did the art for the game in 1983, that the black & white art for the cards had been filed away somewhere in case we needed them.

After some poking around, Rick found the orginals in a big envelope that had been put up and forgotten. As I looked at the drawing I had done over 20 years ago, I struck me, that I was about to do something that few artists ever get the chance to do; have the opportunity to revisit ones own work and redo it to make it better than ever.

At the time, we had copied the art onto cardstock and hand painted them with water colors. It was the first time Flying buffalo had done full-color cards. The results were mixed. Many of the bold colors I had painted in and the sharp inking I had done looked faded and fuzzy. The cards were serviceable, but lacked the punch I had hoped they would have once they got printed.

Flash forward 20 plus years - with the original black & white art in hand, I can now scan it all in and do all the coloring in the computer, keeping all the details and making the colors bold and beautiful. Not to mention adding special effects, toning and other nice touches.

Lots of people have asked me what is means to digitally remaster a piece of card art. Now you can see the difference for yourself by seeing a side to side comparison of an original piece of art from Nuclear Escalation and what the new version looks like. This is the way I wanted to look like over 20 years ago - and now it will be.

Nuclear Escalation, with the new art on the cards, is now the only version available. If you'd like to order a copy for $29.95, click this button and we'll send you one right away.

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