Unfortunately it is very easy to overlook important typographical errors while putting together a solitaire adventure. We proofread them several times, but somehow they always seem to creep in and get overlooked. Even more unfortunately, in order to keep the printing cost per book down to a reasonable level so we don't have to charge you $20 for a single solo adventure, it is necessary to print enough copies in the beginning to last for several years. This means that any errors we make the first time around linger for years...

Sadly, it is not financially possible for us to either throw away the remaining copies after we find a typo, or to take pen in hand and fix them all. If you would take a few moments to make the following corrections to your books, it will make us both happier. (If you find any other errors, please write us, and I will tear out what remains of my hair and produce a new errata sheet! --Rick Loomis, President)

DEATHTRAP EQUALIZER (new Deluxe Edition)
23F Your spell causes the demon bat to momentarily forget that it is trying to kill you, and it's momentum crashes it into the floor nearby. The impact breaks a wing, reducing its monster rating to 40. (5D6 + 20). It recovers quickly and attacks. You might be able to snap off a Take That You Fiend! spell before it's on you. If you want to try that, make a L1SR on SPD. If you make the saving roll, turn to 22B; if you fail it, take 35 hits of combat damage--if that kills you, close the book. If you take damage and are still alive, then fight for your life with physical weapons. If you're not trying a spell, then you must fight to the death against the bat. It cannot fly, but is at least as big as you are, and is determined to kill you. If you win the fight, your ring will start to glow--go to 2C. If you lose the fight, and your CON is reduced to zero or less, go to 2B.

Paragraphs 1B, 5A, 8E, 21G, 25L, and 30C all have a reference to 13F, and it should be 37F.
Paragraphs 36B and 45C both have an option 15C that should be 15B.
Paragraph 2C has an option 13G that really should be 17F.
Paragraph 6D turns out to be somewhat confusing. It makes more sense if you rewrite it to read: 6D The figure begins to turn toward you. If you have some sort of invisibility (check the magic matrix) or can make a 1st level saving roll on luck, you pass on your way unseen to paragraph 1D. If you miss the roll, go to 8H, you have been seen. (The GOTO paragraphs are correct, but paragraph 1D seems not to connect unless you use the above wording.)
Another clarification: on page iii the Combat Chart. What it means is that you are supposed to add another point to the dice roll multiplier for each 50 points your adds exceed 100.

On the 'Glib Tongue Table' page 29, "Go to 119" should be "Go to 13F"

Paragraph 61 tells you that Sharnalene has an Arbalest which gets 8 dice, and leather armor which takes 12 hits, but doesn't tell you the rest of her stats. ST: 12 LK: 19 DX: 22 IQ:12 CN:25 CHR:12 SPD: 12 20 personal adds, 30 adds for missiles. Also has a Grand Shamsheer for 5 dice and a sax for 2d +5.

In the Flying Buffalo edition, paragraph 18F says "go to 25C". That should be "go to 26C". If you have the pocket edition printed by Corgi in the UK, paragraph 76 says "go to 98" and it should say "go to 102". (The English editors just copied the US typo!) This error reported by John Stephens.

Paragraph 247 tells you to go to paragraph 281 on a roll of 5-6. This should be 271.
Paragraph 295: the GOTO 269 should be GOTO 279.

The first printing of this book has the following two errors:
Paragraph 50: Green go to 95.
Paragraph 153: Go through it to 66
(This has been fixed on the ebook versions, and every copy after the first 50).

Paragraph 1: Go to 65 should be go to 211.
Paragraph 57: The constitution of the guards is 16 each.
Paragraph 123: Go to 5016 should be go to 84.
Paragraph 182: After you determine the "adds" of the Baron, (by rolling 6 dice) add 12 for his Constitution.
Paragraph 211: Camp is at 209 should be Camp is at 91.
Paragraph 213: Go to 4015 should be go to 89.

Paragraph 148 (page 59) "Go to 156" should be "Go to 188"

Initial introduction paragraph, first choice is supposed to be PARA 10, not PARA 2.
Paragraph 5: "if you decide to try further magic, return to the Magic Matrix for paragraph 34" not 21.

Our thanks to Christopher M Carter for many of these corrections. Anyone else who has any, please send them to us.