GAME LENGTH: Fixed (6 turns)

This is a short game where you try to get elected President of the United States. Half the players will be Democrats and the other half will be Republicans. You spend the first three turns trying to get nominated by your party, and the last three either trying to get elected, or trying to help your party's candidate get elected.

All EY games are three weeks between turns. We may on occasion offer an "email only" game, with faster turns. To be on the list to hear about this when we offer it, send us an Email and ask to be on the pbm email mailing list. Prices: Since you can't get eliminated from the game, and it is always 6 turns long, there is no setup fee or turn fee. The cost is $25 per complete game.

You can buy a copy of the Election Year rules for $1. To order a copy of the rules, go to the Flying Buffalo Store. or you can see a free html version of the rules here. Once you have the rules, send us an email to sign up for an Election Year game. If you like, you can request to be a Democrat or a Republican. If you want to join with a friend or friends, you should all ask to be in the same party.

This page last changed Sept 13, 2010

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